35+ Best Contact Us Pages To Steal From


A toll-free number, an email address, and a bunch of office addresses arranged randomly. If that’s your idea of a ‘Contact Us’ page for a business website, then you’re losing out on a lot of valuable opportunities with your contact us page.

When done right, a contact us page not only helps visitors find the information they need easily but also leads to a positive brand experience for existing and potential customers by making them know that you’re ready to listen to queries and extend the support they need. You’re making them know you care.

If you’re looking to build a stunning contact us page that enhances the customer experience you deliver, this post is for you. We’ve curated 35+ best contact us pages across diverse industries and picked actionable tips from them to get you started.

Jump to the example closest to your business using the links listed below.


  • Animalz
  • Social beat 
  • Animade 

Banking and Finance

  • Klarna 
  • Phonepe
  • HDFC Bank
  • Coinbase



  • Skillshare
  • Arizona State University 
  • Open study college
  • 360training

Food and Beverages

  • Brewdog 
  • 7-Eleven
  • Ripple Foods
  • Redbull


  • Heal 
  • Ochsner Health
  • Fortis

SaaS businesses

  • Freshworks
  • Shopify
  • Sprout Social
  • Typeform

NGOs and Non-profit organizations

  • North American mission board
  • Save The Children
  • The Lost Dog’s Home

Retail & E-commerce

  • Ikea 
  • Mous
  • Yeti 
  • Blue Nile

Travel & Hospitality

  • Virgin Atlantic
  • The Setai hotels 
  • GM tour and travel 

Before we dive in, if you’re still on the fence about including a contact us page on your website, then here are the top four reasons why you should.

Why does your website need a contact us page?

A contact us page is added to any website to host all the contact information, including email, phone number, fax, physical address, or an inquiry form on a single page that’ll help customers quickly reach out to your business.

Having a contact us page on your website allows you to –

  • Lay out the various customer communication channels, including email, phone, live chat, messaging apps, chatbot, or social media through which existing or potential customers can contact your business for support.
  • Promote self-service by strategically placing FAQs and guides for commonly asked questions to offer quick answers in fewer steps.
  • Generate sales inquiries by doubling up as a landing page for prospective buyers to know more about the services, thus helping in lead generation.
  • Collect customer feedback by giving a space for visitors to record their feedback, complaints, or grievances.

Convinced about the purpose of a contact us page? Good! 

Next, let’s see what you’ll find on a typical contact us page.

What should you say on a Contact Us page?

If you’re wondering what to include on your contact page, then start by understanding your user journey and what types of information they might be looking for on the contact us page along the journey.

You’ll usually find a combination of the following elements on a contact us page.

  • Different channels that visitors can use to contact your business. E.g., email, phone, live chat, etc.
  • Contact information for every supported channel
  • Office or store locations with corresponding addresses
  • Operational timings of your contact channels and offices
  • Contact form to gather visitor information
  • Social media handles of your business
  • Useful resources to answer common customer questions

Now that you have an overview of what goes on contact us pages, it’s time to look at some stellar contact us page examples that stand out in terms of either design or functionality or both.

Best contact us page examples


#1 Animalz

Agencies mostly expect business prospects to reach out to them via their contact us page, which is why you’ll find a contact form on most agency contact pages. 

Popular content marketing agency—Animalz, knows exactly how to gather the information required to access a business project. 

Contact us page example - Animalz

What you can steal: Customized contact form, intuitive contact fields with dropdowns and pre-populated answers to ease the form filling process.

#2 Social Beat

This Indian-based social media marketing and design agency attracts potential customers further by cleverly placing a scroll of client logos below their contact form. Additionally, Social Beat has a chatbot that gauges the intent of the website visitor through interactive questions. 

They’ve also briefly talked about the services offered and awards won to help prospects make a purchase decision.

Agency contact us page example - Social beat

What you can steal: Adding social proof while addressing prospects, using a chatbot to identify visitor intent

#3 Animade

Animade—an animation studio located in London, is a ‘characterful’ brand, and they’ve made sure to carry their personality to their contact us page. The page banner is bright and colorful with an animated banner (of course!), and their contact email and phone number are displayed boldly on the top.

Best contact us page - Animade

What you can steal: Clear and bold display of contact info, maintaining your brand tone on the contact us page

Banking and Finance

#4 Klarna

Fintech company, Klarna, has individual support contact pages for shoppers and merchants. The customer support contact page begins with a list of solutions articles for common questions and then nudges the customer to use their app for other specific concerns. They’ve also stated their 24/7 availability on chat for real-time help.

Klarna contact us page example in Finance

What you can steal: Moving customers to use an app—if applicable to your business—from the contact us page for personalized support.

#5 HDFC Bank

India’s largest private sector bank—HDFC, ensures that they place their contact phone numbers right on top of their contact us page along with links to find the nearest bank and ATM branches. They also encourage visitors to use the virtual assistant—Eva, to find answers to simple queries like available credit limits and special offers on credit cards.

Best banking contact us page example - HDFC Bank

What you can steal: Using chatbots to automate simple queries received via contact us pages.

#6 PhonePe

The Indian payments app—PhonePe understands the urgency of customers who need to raise concerns regarding payment fraud or report payment grievances and has emphasized these categories front and center on their contact page. 

Contact us page example - Phonepe

What you can steal: Addressing your customers’ primary concerns on the contact us page.

#7 Coinbase

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that has a great contact us page, designed with their user journey in mind. The page has separate sections with clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons for FAQs, chat support, email support, and also a section for live phone support—to connect directly with a support agent for critical issues regarding purchases and payments. 

Coinbase contact us page

The email support section doesn’t stop with a single email ID for all queries. Visitors are given the option to choose a product, and based on what they select, more fields appear to collect as much information as possible about the query.

Best contact us page - Coinbase

What you can steal: Gather more information about a customer’s issue right from the contact page, especially If your business offers multiple products and you have a flood of submissions coming in.


#8 Apple

The ‘Contact Apple’ page is a hub of all possible information that a potential buyer, business, or customer may require when they’re dealing with Apple products. The page starts with contact details for sales and product inquiries, followed by information about support services, listing the contact numbers for technical support, and adding links to worldwide support contact numbers. They’ve built localized contact pages by displaying local contact details based on the geolocation of the visitor.

Apple's localized contact us example

Customer feedback on contact us page

What stands out further on Apple’s contact us page is their section on gathering customer feedback. They’ve placed individual links to collect product, website, and developer feedback. 

What you can steal: Give space for customers to drop in their feedback. Create localized contact pages if you have a global consumer or customer base.

#9 Dyson

Dyson has made sure to add links to their troubleshooting guides and genuine spare parts store right on the top. They’ve then listed all their contact options, including live chat, phone, Youtube, and social media handles, and also shared their Whatsapp contact details to chat with a Dyson Expert.

Contact us page with all contact channels - Dyson

What you can steal: With conversational support on the rise, add your Whatsapp business contact details if you use Whatsapp as a support channel.

#10 Ring

Ring—the manufacturer of home security and smart home appliances—has a simple contact us page design with ample white space and a search bar at the top of the page to find help articles. They’ve then listed their contact options with the operational hours and also displayed their community forum as one of the channels to get help.

Best contact us page - Ring

What you can steal: Include a search bar if you’ve got exhaustive help resources. Add a link to your company-hosted community forum on the contact us page.

#11 Nothing

At first glance, the smartphone and earphone manufacturer—Nothing’s contact us page stands out for its unique brand style and font usage. Like Coinbase, Nothing gathers more information from customers about their nature of query via contact form fields.

Contact us form examples - Nothing company

They’ve included the days when their support specialists will be available and also let visitors know when they can expect a response after contacting the company.

Nothing's contact us page example

What you can steal: See if you can add expected response time for your support channels to keep customers informed.


#12 Skillshare

Online-learning platform—Skillshare, has rolled up the contact us page within its help center, clearly indicating its focus on self-service. Every section begins with a link to the related help resources before giving the respective contact details. They also have a list of the top five FAQs listed on the contact page. 

Best education industry contact us page example

What you can steal: Place your top FAQs and most-visited solution articles prominently on the contact us page.

Self-service sign up banner

#13 Arizona State University

Anticipating that students may want to contact the Arizona State University administration, the ASU directory and My ASU account CTAs are placed in the top fold of their contact us page. They also encourage students to use their mobile app for wayfinding and parking information to reduce the students’ dependence on the admin team for more minor queries.  

Best contact us page - Arizona

What you can steal: Understanding customer journey and designing your contact page to match user intent.

#14 Open study college

There’s so much to learn from Open study college’s contact us page. Firstly, their contact phone number is visible at the top of any page on their website, showing that they are ready to listen to the concerns of their learners.

Apart from having an inquiry form on the contact page, they’ve also embedded the contact us form within the sticky bar along the side that appears on their homepage and all other web pages on their site, making it effortless for learners to get in touch with them. Their contact information for different communication channels is also accompanied by operational hours and holiday information.

Open study contact us page example

Another interesting add-on to their contact us page is the discount offer pop-up that appears when someone tries to exit from Open Study College’s contact page. The pop-up is a gentle nudge to enroll for a course that appears after the visitor has found the contact information they’ve come searching for.

Exit-intent pop up on contact us page

What you can steal: Make it easy for customers to reach out to you, and don’t hide your contact information on a hard-to-find, fine-print page on your website. Contact pages are a great avenue to place discounts and offers strategically without being intrusive.

#15 360training

US-based online training and certification provider—360training, has done an excellent job listing each of their support channels—knowledge base, email, live chat, and phone—clearly with the respective contact information and CTA buttons.

Contact us page example with self-service options

What you can steal: Highlight every communication channel you support on your contact us page. 

Food and beverages

#16 Redbull

Unlike other brands that list all the channels available for contact, Redbull has chosen to keep their contact us page simple with just a friendly bot—the Redbull assistant, waiting to serve up the right information or connect the visitor to an agent.

They’ve also added useful resource links and a brief section about their company to indicate their ventures beyond the beverage.

Best contact us page - Redbull

What you can steal: While adding all communication channels is a best practice, if you’re confident about receiving customer queries via one or two channels, then you can double down on those support channels.

#17 7-Eleven

The contact us link on food and beverages convenience stores’ website—7-Eleven, opens to an interactive contact us form, asking if the visitor wants to submit feedback or request help.

Following a series of questions, the visitor is led to register their query in the correct category and also choose their preferred communication channel to resolve their query. 

Interactive contact form on 7-Eleven

What you can steal: Using interactive contact us forms and continuing conversations on the channel preferred by customers.

#18 Ripple Foods

Ripple Foods offers plant-based food products with a focus on sustainable living. Knowing that buyers in the niche they cater to might have questions about what goes into their products, they have a separate workflow—raising a support ticket—to handle queries related to product quality. 

They use the contact us page to also remind people about their mission of lowering carbon footprints and reducing water wastage.

Contact us page example in food and beverage industry - Ripple foods

What you can steal: Since many visitors might navigate to your contact page compared to other web pages on your site, it’s a good idea to showcase your company’s value proposition on the contact us page as well.

#19 Brewdog

The first thing you’ll notice when you enter the contact page of Scotland-based craft beer brewery—BrewDog, is the dropdown menu to select your state, which influences beer availability in your region. They’ve resolved a visitor’s hurdle right away!

BrewDog has also included their top FAQs and exact help desk business hours on the contact us page. They have also optimized for accessibility by adding a sticky icon to adjust accessibility options on the contact page.

BrewDog contact us page

What you can steal: Clearing the first question on a visitor’s mind when they reach the contact us page is a win-win for you and your customers. Adding accessibility options to your page is another best practice to learn from.


#20 Ochsner Health

Situated in Louisiana, USA, Ochsner Health has listed all important healthcare information related to appointment scheduling, medical center numbers, and location details, followed by a contact form.

Ochsner’s chatbot also pops out on the contact us page to help with patient questions or connect to a live agent.

Ochsner health contact us page

What you can steal: Displaying critical information clearly for visitors to find help easily in life-threatening situations.

#21 Heal

Heal is a primary care provider for senior citizens, offering telemedicine, doctor appointments, and remote health monitoring services. To optimize for accessibility, they have their contact phone number in a contrasting font on the top navigation bar and a straightforward contact us form. 

The contact form stands out for presenting different scenarios for which a visitor might want to contact the team at Heal and rendering customized contact form fields and information based on the selection.

Customized contact us form example

What you can steal: Customizing the contact information based on the information provided by a visitor.

#22 Fortis

Fortis Healthcare is a leading network of hospitals in India, offering multi-specialty healthcare services. Their contact us page has individual contact forms for feedback and general inquiries. 

Their contact page has a sticky menu icon towards the right with quick links to book an appointment, schedule a health check-up, or find a doctor, which makes it easy for patients and visitors to find the information they need quickly.

Fortis contact us page example

What you can steal: Place critical links in easy-to-access spots on your contact us page.

SaaS businesses

#23 Freshworks

Freshworks is a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that offers a suite of intuitive software products for sales, marketing, and customer support. Freshworks scores with the copy in the banner of their contact us page, which is warm and welcoming.

The contact us page of Freshworks has contact details and links for sales, support, partnership, and recruitment inquiries, along with a simple contact form. All the office locations are also provided with physical addresses, contact phone numbers, and availability hours.

Best contact us page example - Freshworks

What you can steal: User-friendly header copy. Keep your contact us page clutter-free and prioritize what information you want visitors to see.

#24 Shopify

Popular e-commerce platform—Shopify, has opted to keep its contact page super clean and direct with three prominent links, each leading to its community forum, help center, and other customer support options.

There’s also a link to view job openings, and the page ends with a CTA to start a free trial of their product.

What you can steal: Sometimes, less is more. Plus, adding product trial CTAs to your contact us page can help with conversions too.

#25 Sprout Social

Social management platform—Sprout Social has a ton of lessons for us on building functionally-sound contact us pages. They’ve organized their sales, support, partners, and press contact details as individual sections with clear CTAs.

The contact phone number and mail address are also visible in the top navigation bar on all their web pages. Of course, social media handles get a big chunk of space towards the bottom with a mention of their brand hashtag.

Sprout Social also has an exit-intent pop-up on their contact us page to take a free product trial without disrupting the user experience.

Exit intent pop up on contact us page

Their contact page is mobile-friendly, with bigger fonts aligned to the center for smaller screens.

Mobile-optimized contact page example

What you can steal: Including social media handles on the contact us page, and designing mobile-optimized contact pages.

#26 Typeform

Typeform is a SaaS product that helps you build beautiful contact and survey forms. You can only expect the best from them when we talk about contact forms, and they haven’t disappointed us.

The contact us link opens to a two-pane page with a video on the left and possible reasons for contacting displayed as options to choose from on the right.

Selecting an option—say support—opens another similar view with a video on the left providing suggestions and the contact links on the right. 

Video in a contact us page example

What you can steal: Inserting videos to your contact us page

NGOs and Non-profit organizations

#27 North American Mission Board

The contact page of the North American Mission Board has the contact information highlighted boldly and audience-specific help sections, including ones on giving and change in address requests.

North American Mission Board contact us page

What you can steal: As an NGO, donations and volunteering requests might be quite common. Add sections on your contact us page to address these specific requests.

#28 Save The Children

Save The Children is a humanitarian aid organization to uplift the economic, health, and educational status of children affected by wars and natural calamities. Their contact page has quick links to FAQs, email, and phone support, along with clear directions for donations.

What stands out on their contact us page is the testimonial of a child supported by the organization along with the child’s image. Powerful, isn’t it?

NGO contact us page example

What you can steal: Social proof with images persuades visitors to take the action you expect them to take when they reach out to you.

#29 The Lost Dogs Home

Australian animal shelter organization—The Lost Dogs Home, cares for abandoned, injured, and stray dogs. Their contact us page indicates the timings for processing dog adoption requests and reporting lost or found dogs. They’ve also mentioned their services and showed their center location using google maps.

best contact us page example for non profits

What you can steal: Listing your services with timings on the contact page, adding a visual map to your business location

Retail & E-commerce

#30 IKEA

Home furnishing and appliances conglomerate—IKEA, cleverly places sections to track orders, check stock availability, and details on return or exchange of products in the top fold. This is followed by a short list of FAQs and CTAs to chat, call, or find IKEA stores. 

Best contact page design - IKEA

What you can steal: Answer your visitor’s pressing questions within the first scroll of the contact us page.

#31 Mous

Mous designs and manufactures innovative protective covers for smartphones. Their contact us page doubles down on self-service by exhibiting all their resources neatly stacked under different categories, including shipping, warranty, returns, and product information. 

Mous also has an option to toggle to the tutorials page, where you can view product videos.

Mous contact us page example for SMBs

What you can steal: Encourage customer self-service via your contact page, especially if you’re a small business and have a lean customer support team that can handle only a limited number of customer requests at a time. Utilize tutorials and demo videos to answer product-related queries a customer may have.

#32 Yeti

Another brand that promotes self-serve actively on their contact us page is Yeti—manufacturers of coolers, drinkware, and bags for daily usage and outdoor enthusiasts. When you step into their contact us page, you’re greeted by the warm, blue skies and lofty mountains.

They acknowledge that queries a visitor has may have already been answered before and nudge visitors to explore the topics they’ve placed below.

best contact page design by Yeti

What you can steal: Using eye-catching images on the header of your contact page, recommending topic-wise solution articles.

#33 Blue Nile

Online diamond retailer—Blue Nile, has a prominent CTA to track order status on their contact page, knowing the criticality and value of the product they sell.

They’ve called out each communication channel, including live chat, email, phone, and Whatsapp. The Blue Nile site also has a virtual assistant that proactively lists out different types of queries for which a user might want to reach out to their business.

Retail contact us page example

What you can steal: Using a virtual assistant to sift through incoming queries. Prominent CTAs for important sections.

Travel & Hospitality

#34 The Setai Hotel

Luxury hotel—The Setai, Miami Beach, has an option to book a stay at their premises, right at the top of their contact us page. The contact details are then listed for dining, room, and spa reservations.

The page also has sticky buttons on the right that indicates agent availability and helps visitors contact an agent at the click of a button.

Travel and hospitality contact page example

What you can steal: Including ways to book stays via your hotel contact us page, inserting one-click CTAs to contact your support team.

#35 GM Tour & Travel

The Thailand-based corporate travel agency—GM Tour & Travel, has individual contact details for travel agents, online travel agents, and corporate inquiries.

They’ve split their operation hours by issue type and depicted them in an easy-to-digest tabular format.

The travel agency also has a google map visualization for their head office and branch office addresses.

best OTA contact us page

What you can steal: Experiment with different formatting options to make your contact page visually more engaging.

#36 Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic uses a cordial chatbot—Amelia, to service large volumes of customer inquiries that arrive via their contact us page. The help bot collects user information and reason for contact to assist with simple queries and connects the visitor with an agent for more complex questions.

Since the airline company operates across different countries and time zones, they’ve done a good job of consolidating all the contact information and operating hours on their contact us page.

Best contact us page example - Virgin Atlantic

What you can steal: Use well-structured bot workflows for common business scenarios to automate routine queries and information collection that arrive through your contact page.

Build exquisite contact us pages to engage and support your customers

We hope we’ve served you with enough examples of contact us pages to help you design an appealing and user-friendly contact us page. 

Your business can deliver a hassle-free experience when prospects or customers contact you by offering support across multiple channels, using self-help resources strategically, and deploying bots to automate handling easier queries.

And if you’re wondering how to handle all the queries that flow through your contact page effortlessly, then you should take a customer support software like Freshdesk for a spin.

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