Standard Tractor Price & features in India 2023 – TractorGyan


Under Standard Corporation India Ltd., standard tractors are manufactured. In India, a standard tractor will cost between Rs. 4.80 lakhs* and Rs. 9.78 lakhs* in 2023. In India, Standard Tractor is a top producer of various agricultural tools such as harvesters, tractors, hydraulic mobile cranes ranging from 9 to 20 tonnes, and straw churns. Standard DI 490 is the most well-liked standard tractor in 2023. In India, Standard Tractors provides a range of tractors with engines from 35 HP to 75 HP. Farmers can increase their productivity with the help of standard tractors, which are of higher quality. In 2023, Standard DI 345, Standard DI 460, Standard DI 355, and other models are the best Standard Tractor models available in India.


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