18 Surefire Signs Someone Loves You With All Their Heart


Life is finite but love is infinite. Love outlives us all. It lives on in the past even when two people have moved on. When someone loves you, their world revolves around you. They will want to fetch the stars for you, they will effortlessly bring out the best in you and themselves.

According to research, hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin are the reason that you feel a surge of positive emotions when you are attracted to someone. That’s why your happiness knows no bounds when you are around them. They make you feel stronger. They make you feel like you could achieve anything you desire in this world. But how do you know someone loves you genuinely? We bring you all the signs someone is in love with you to add more clarity to your love life. 

18 Surefire Signs Someone Loves You With All Their Heart 

If you are wondering whether the person you are seeing loves you or is just faking it, you have come to the right place. We have listed below all the signs someone loves you deeply.

1. Notice how they look at you 

One of the first things that happens when you fall in love with someone is that you want to keep gazing at them. You want to notice how their lips twitch when they are listening to their favorite songs. You want to notice how their body language changes when they talk about the things they love. You just want to keep looking at them.

Eye contact attraction is very real. The way someone looks at you when they love you will be completely different from the gaze of someone who doesn’t love you. Here are some of the things the former will do differently:

  • They will lock their eyes with you for a longer period of time
  • They will stare at you when you aren’t looking. And when you catch them staring at you, they won’t look away
  • Their eyes will smile when they look at you

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2. Their body language is different around you 

Body language is yet another sign that will let you know about a person’s feelings and intentions. Even if their lips hesitate to confess their feelings, their body language will speak volumes:

  • They will give you longer hugs. According to a study, longer hugs were found to give people an immediate pleasure boost as compared to shorter ones lasting for a second
  • They will mirror you 
  • They will angle their body toward you
  • They will maintain eye contact 
  • They will constantly smile even when you aren’t talking to them
  • If it’s a shy person, then they will act a little nervous and jittery around you

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3. They will be protective of you 

How to know if someone loves you secretly? They will be protective of you. But there is a thin line between being protective and controlling. A person who is protective of you will hold your hand when you are trying to cross a busy road. However, a person who is controlling will go crazy when somebody else tries to touch you or talk to you. 

Jenna, a 27-year-old tarot card reader from Manhattan, says, “I knew he was the one for me when I noticed how protective he got. He would advise me on what’s right and wrong but would never expect me to comply. He never once asked me to stop talking to one of my guy friends whom I used to date. He is so secure in our relationship and makes me feel the same. I’ve never felt love like this before and I’ve never been happier.”

4. They compromise equally 

One of the signs someone loves you deeply is when they compromise equally. It’s one of the most essential keys to a healthy and peaceful relationship. It’s one of the indirect ways your partner is showing you respect. So, how do you know someone loves you? When they won’t let you go out of your way to sacrifice yourself for the betterment of the relationship.

Your desire will be as important as theirs. If you purchase movie tickets, then they will buy popcorn. If you travel to the place you always wanted to visit, then let them select the hotel you both will be staying at. If you spent Thanksgiving with their family this year, the next year will be spent with yours. These are some basic yet meaningful ways you can compromise to keep each other happy.

5. You feel safe with them

What does it feel like to have someone love you truly? You feel safe with them. Both emotionally and physically. You feel relaxed around them. You don’t have to hide your insecurities and pretend to be perfect. You will put your guard down and be your authentic self. 

Feeling safe in a relationship means not being with someone who constantly criticizes you and puts you down. Emotional safety in a relationship is where your concerns will be heard and addressed. If you are with someone who makes you feel secure, you are with the right person. 

6. They prioritize your needs

When someone is crazy about you, they will make you and your needs their priority. They will take quality time out of their schedule to spend with you. They will make sure you fit into their world as well as they fit into yours. Their individual needs will align, or compromise in a healthy way, with yours.

Some of the signs that show they prioritize your needs include:

  • They will check in with you to see if they are able to fulfill your emotional needs  
  • They’ll ask you if your sexual needs are being met
  • They will not treat you like a last resort

7. They care for you 

One of the clear signs someone loves you deeply is when they care for you. They won’t just look after you when you are sick but they will also care for you when you are in good health. Here are some things that will prove they care for you:

  • Cooking for you 
  • Helping you with chores
  • Asking how your day went
  • Showing up at your door when you are feeling low 
  • Trying to make you laugh when you are down
  • Not damaging your self-esteem and self-worth
  • Driving safely and responsibly when you are with them 

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8. They value your opinions 

One of the physical signs someone is in love with you is when they value your opinions, perspectives, and judgments as much as they value their own. They won’t make fun of your flawed judgment and they will make sure your perspective is seen and understood even if not implemented.

Dominic, a 32-year-old anthropologist from Boston, says, “I have never felt love the way I feel it with my current partner. He values my opinions and has never tried to disregard them or made me feel invalidated. I am going to propose to him soon, as I can see myself spending the rest of my life with him.”

9. They listen to you properly

When someone has fallen head over heels in love with you, they will listen to you intently. A good listener won’t try to cut you off when you are speaking your heart out or trying to influence you. You will feel content after sharing your woes with them, and your world will seem less burdened. They will accept you on your good and bad days. 

Even research backs this theory. It was found that attentive listening while the other partner expressed stress was significantly linked with better dyadic coping behaviors and higher relationship satisfaction. When a person displays less attentive listening when their partner is expressing their woes and worries, it resulted in a negative interaction between them.  

infographic on surefire signs someone likes you
Surefire signs someone likes you with all their heart

10. They offer the last bite of a delicious meal 

How to know if someone loves you secretly? They will offer you the last slice of pizza or the last bite of that heavenly chocolate cake. This is a little silly but trust me, this is one of the sweetest ways a person shows love. You can see it on their face that they love you when they let you have the last bite of a meal they were drooling over a second ago. 

A Reddit user shares what makes them feel loved, “It could just be that he’s full, and it really may not be that deep, but food is the way to just about anyone’s heart. Thus, it shows he’s always thinking of you and cares if he offers you the last bite. I know love is multifaceted and I’m not that shallow, but it just gives me all the feels when my SO offers me the last bite off his plate. Surely I’m not alone in this thinking.” 

11. They don’t use your vulnerabilities against you 

Every person has vulnerabilities and insecurities they fight with on a daily basis. When you share them with someone, it’s because you love this person enough to trust them with your vulnerabilities. When someone has fallen for you sincerely, they will never try to use those aspects to hurt you.

They will help you embrace your weaknesses. Research supports this theory and says people who self-disclose and become vulnerable with a romantic partner and perceive their partner’s response as supportive, tend to experience increased intimacy with their partner.

12. They support your dreams

A person who loves you will encourage you to chase your dreams. They know you have the potential to achieve your end goal. This is the way someone looks at you when they love you. Some more signs of a supportive partner include:

  • They understand your schedule and won’t force you to hang out with them
  • They celebrate your big and small accomplishments alike
  • They offer advice when required, and don’t expect you to follow it
  • They are your biggest cheerleader

13. You can communicate with them freely without any hesitation 

Research has found that communication is the bedrock or the “heart” in supporting and promoting relationship satisfaction. When communication deteriorates, a couple enters into an inevitable decline.

What does it feel like to have someone love you? You will feel like you can talk your heart out without the fear of being judged. You can talk to them about the fight you had with your friend even when you were the one at fault. You can talk to them about your family situation if things have turned sour between you and your sibling. You know you are being heard and you won’t worry about the conversation leaving the room. 

The more you talk to them, the more easygoing the relationship becomes. Furthermore, better communication in relationships helps two people understand each other. It strengthens their bond because it gives more clarity into one another’s thought process. When you communicate clearly and freely, there is less room for assumptions, conjectures, and misunderstandings. 

14. They respect you 

A study was conducted to find out how the presence or absence of respect affects intimate relationships. It was found that in relationships where respect was present, the results correlated with several love and sexual attitudes, relationship satisfaction, commitment, and self-disclosure, as hypothesized. 

A lack of respect in relationships will eventually create problems between partners. The way someone looks at you when they love you is with the utmost respect. It’s not just about talking to you with a gentle voice or opening the door for you. Respect can also look like this:

  • They will show up on time and respect your time in other ways as well
  • They will respect your physical boundaries. If you don’t want to be touched, they will respect that and maintain a safe distance
  • They will be proud of you and won’t make you feel as if you are inferior to them even if you earn less than them. They will be proud of you no matter what
  • They will be honest with you
  • Being loyal is another sign of their love and respect

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15. You overcome problems together 

Adversities are a part of life. When this person doesn’t leave your side at your lowest, it’s one of the clear signs they are serious about you and that they see a future with you. For example, you just got fired from your job and you don’t know how you are going to get back on your feet.

A true partner who loves you will make sure you don’t lose hope. They will help you find a new job or whatever it is that your heart wants. They won’t dump you just because you are going through a financial crisis. 

16. They will try to take an interest in your interests

It’s a rare thing to be in a relationship with someone where your interests match. It’s great if you are with someone who likes the same things as you do. However, if you are in a relationship with someone who is your polar opposite, then you might have a tough time trying to find a common ground in which you can connect with your partner on a deeper level and collaborate.

Some people end their relationships based on such incompatibility. On the other hand, some try to take an interest in your likes. If you like baking, then they will try to learn a thing or two about baking as well. 

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17. They fight to resolve 

You will have conflicts because you are two different people with different personalities. However, you will know they are the one for you when they fight to resolve, not to win. Some of the ‘fighting fair in a relationship‘ rules include:

  • When they are mad about you, they won’t say mean things just to hurt you when they are angry
  • They will make sure you both are on the same team and are fighting a problem
  • If you start to blame them, they will remind you that you are a team and you need to work this out together
  • One of the signs that someone is in love with you is that they won’t bully you during the conflict
  • They won’t stonewall you or give you the silent treatment after or instead of the conflict 

18. Your gut tells you they love you 

Intuition is one of the biggest tools that help you make the right decision. When your gut tells you that this person loves you sincerely, go with it because your gut works based on intuition, logic, and information available at your disposal. It’s one of the physical signs you experience when you suspect someone of having a romantic interest in you. If you have enough evidence to suggest that this person loves you truly, then your instincts will let you know. Even your friends will tell you that you’ve been looking and behaving differently. 

Key Pointers

  • One of the signs someone loves you is when they give you all their attention when you’re speaking to them
  • Some other signs of true love include prioritizing each other’s needs, communicating openly, and overcoming relationship challenges and problems together
  • A person who truly loves you will make sure your opinions and feelings are heard and validated

When someone loves you deeply, they won’t keep you in the dark. They will introduce you to their friends and family. They will make you feel validated and never try to change you. They will acknowledge your differences and instead of mocking them, they will respect and accept you. 


1. Can you feel that someone loves you?

Yes. You can feel that someone adores you when they put their phone down while you are talking to them. They won’t be able to keep their eyes off you. They will be considerate, compassionate, and empathetic, especially on your bad days. 

2. How long does it take to feel true love?

There is no time frame for this. Each relationship has a different pace. Some fall in love after 3 months of being in a relationship and some do as soon as they start dating. 

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