21 Best Relationship Advice for a Newlywed Couple


Being a newlywed is so exciting, isn’t it? So, how about some relationship advice for the newlywed couples?

I still remember how I felt when I was newly married. The first few days of marriage was so fun and full of excitement.

It’s an entirely new phase of life, promise to spend my whole life with the person whom I love the most, to be with him always and to love him.

I am sure all newlywed couples feel the same. I am now happily married for 3 years, and you can say that I am sufficiently experienced in advising all the newlywed couples relationship goals.

I have learned so many things in my marriage until now and even more to learn. Marriage is a
sacred institution where you commit to giving
your 100% to keep your relationship happy and secure.

As I said at the very first sentence, “Being newlywed is so exciting. But as a newlywed couple, you will also face challenges in your relationship.

There will be differences in opinion and choices, you both will come to know new things about each other, you will have an argument, there will be tough times when you have to lean on each other.”

Marriage can be full of unpredictable challenges.

My intention isn’t to scare you but to guide all the young and energetic married couples who are yet to explore their marriage by giving some simple yet essential relationship advice.

You might think why do you need relationship advice from a
stranger like me?

You can always learn about the relationship from other married couples. Being married, I can give
you some tips that helped me, and those
advice/tips might be helpful for your relationship too.

Let’s, have a look on the list below and please don’t skip without reading. All the tips that I am going to give, I can assure you they will make your relationship stronger.

Relationship Advice for a Newlywed Couple

Communication in relationship/marriage

Communication is key to any relationship. When you are a
newlywed, it is essential to know each
other well, and through communication, you can achieve this.

As a newlywed couple, you will want to know each other’s secrets, past, everything. You can start communicating with each other’s likes and dislikes, about their college days or it, could be anything.

So, I have written an article on how and why communication is important and can improve your marriage. If you read the article, you will know that 80% of the problem will get solved if couples maintain the interaction between them.

Learn to understand each other, not compromise

Compromise is a part of every marriage/relationship. Ask your
mom or your married friends, they have also compromised in their marriage/relationship.

Now, you may think about
why you should compromise?

It would be wrong to say, the bigger the compromise will be
the happier you will be in your life.

By compromising, I mean to say, both of you (husband and wife)
has to adjust with each other. If you truly understand each other, then
whatever you do for her/his’s happiness, you won’t
think it as compromising.

Instead of compromise (which brings negativity in a
relationship), try to understand what’s necessary
for each other. Always remember, do something which brings happiness for both
and maintain peace between both.

Once again, communication plays a vital role here.

relationship advice for a newlywed couple

Cultivate your friendship

As a newlywed couple, both individuals have entered into a new phase of life. Be each other’s best friend and supporter for life.

Cultivate your beautiful relationship into friendship first, where there will be complete freedom and trust for each other.

Remember, how you shared everything with your best friend in
school and college. You don’t hide anything from each other.

Likewise, you have to be each other’s best friend for life
where each will share everything and hide nothing.

You will see gradually, the trust
will begin to grow, and your relationship
will get stronger than before.

Do the things that make you like each other more. Talk about everything and be a patient listener.

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Do the things that both likes

This is one of the most fun things to do as a newlywed couple.

This is the time when you both are madly in love. You will
enjoy doing things together the most. It could be anything like watching a
movie together, reading or playing video games, sometimes cooking.

Let me share my experience. After marrying my husband, I moved with him to another city, and we used to travel to places every weekend nearby, loved watching movies. It used to be so much fun, especially because we were a newlywed couple.

It will make you fall in love more as you love spending time together.

two women looking in front of wall painting

Never take your relationship for granted

Always be grateful to each other. Never make a mistake to
take your partner/relationship for granted.

I have seen married couples after a few days of marrying, either of the ones takes their relationship for granted. They don’t spend enough time with each other either show loving gestures. As it continues for days and months, they become emotionally disconnected resulting in ‘failed marriage.’

Why the percentage of divorce has risen over the years?

‘Taking each other for granted’ is one of the many reasons. Each has to show their love and let them know how much you are proud of them.

By allowing them to show your love and generous gesture, newlywed couples can make their relationship easily happy.

Note: A relationship where each expresses their love and gratitude freely and consistently, will help to make their relationship strong and genuine.

Stop fighting, give each other time

We all struggle, argue
and have differences in opinion but that doesn’t mean to give up on our

If you read my article on how can you stop fighting in a relationship with zero effort, you will get an overall idea of how to deal with this kind of situation when you are newly married.

Newly married couples fight more often mostly because of differences
in opinions and choice as I mentioned above. By giving a short amount of time
and space to each other during a fight, will help
bring peace.

Space will calm each other’s minds, and then the best possible way to resolve the issue would be to ‘talk.’

Young couple gets angry quickly and says something rude during an argument that hurts the other. Why hurt each other, when you can resolve by

Giving you an example, suppose you and your husband had a bad argument, and you both are hurt.

Both aren’t talking to each other for some time which is good but don’t expect he/she will come first to speak. Instead, you go first and try to communicate calmly and discuss the problem.

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Respect each other’s profession in your relationship

Respecting each other’s profession is crucial. Suppose, you are married for a month but your husband remains busy at work or your wife works in a UK shift and comes home late at night.

What will be your approach in this regard?

When you are newlywed, it’s natural that you wish to spend more time together, but either of the one’s profession isn’t allowing you to do that.

Instead of complaining or getting annoyed, try to respect his/her profession and adjust accordingly.

Make sure to spend as much possible time together during the
weekends. You can do anything watch movies, go for a walk, enjoy a bath together or cooking. There are tons of
things that you can do together on the weekends.

Deal with your finances together

Money causes trouble in the marriage.
With the lifestyle that we want to live in, we need money but sometimes with
insufficient money when we can’t do the things that we dream of it creates
tension between couples.

Now, how to handle the money matter when you are newly
married. This is the thing I could tell you very well based on my personal

You all know how expensive living in the city can be. My husband and I faced little money trouble
during our newlywed period. With all the expenses on marriage and housing, it
left us with little savings.

But I am proud to say that we did manage exceptionally well. We
never had any fight related to finances. We were very specific about where and on what to spend our money.

I used to write all our expenses on a small dairy. It really helped me find out where I am more and
where I can save. Being newlyweds, we had
unlimited fun, we traveled with our
limited budget too.

So, you can also deal with your finances as a newly married couple. Set a monthly budget as per your income and learn to enjoy limited things.

100 us dollar bill

Enjoy in doing small things together

Like I always believe, you can enjoy the most when you are
doing little things together. You don’t
have to go big or do something grand to let each other know your love.

You will find pure happiness in doing small things like doing the chores together, cooking something together, just an evening walk or read her your favorite book.

Relationship goal - couples enjoying a walk together

Don’t Stop date night even after getting married

Yes, go for a date night once or twice a week with no distraction. Often couples stop going on fun and romantic date after a few years of marriage. People think it’s boring.

I say it can be boring if two individuals aren’t involved in a conversation stuck with their phones instead.

The purpose of dating is always to engage yourself in a romantic conversation. If you turn your dating night into a habit from the very beginning of your marriage, you will always be that couple who is leading a happy and romantic married life even after 10 years.

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Travel together frequently

Traveling together frequently strengthens a relationship. It will increase understanding and intimacy between couples. Traveling will give an opportunity to know each other better.

Isn’t it a fantastic
feeling to explore the new places together?

The entire traveling experience will create memories for both that will be forever cherished.

Image of a young couple enjoying their relationship

Listen to each other patiently

Marriage is a long commitment in which you need to make an
effort to make it successful. Listening to each other plays a crucial role in this

Don’t think why your spouse didn’t do or that, don’t be judgmental.
This will provoke negativity in your relationship.

I have said it earlier in several points that communicate
with each other and LISTEN to what you
both have to say. Don’t react or put your decision without listening.

Another thing I would like to add on my list of relationship advice here, YOU CAN STOP FIGHTING/ARGUING IF YOU LISTEN TO EACH OTHER PATIENTLY AND COMMUNICATE.

listen to each other

Spice up your marriage

When you are a newlywed couple, you will have the desire to
do and stay close to each other. As it is a new phase of your life, you will love to get romantically involved frequently.

What I am trying to say is ‘try to make an effort to spice up
your marriage when you feel you are losing it.’

In this progressive and digitally advanced world, we live a life
of dullness and repetitiveness which impact our marriage. As a couple both have
to bring freshness and warmth in your relationship.

Like traveling, a sudden plan for an outing, playing indoor games or try crafts. These are the small things that break the tediousness of life and make you live a happy married life.

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Prioritize each other

Is your partner your first priority?

Your spouse is the most important person in the world to let them know that.

Don’t let any third person coming between you two. Always remember you are two bodies but one soul. Your spouse’s happiness and comfort come first then the rest of the world.

It’s no secret that newlywed couples often face challenges in their relationship. One of the best pieces of advice for a newlywed couple is to prioritize each other.

When you are married, your spouse should be your number one priority. Make time for each other every day, even if it’s just a few minutes. Talk about your day, your goals, your dreams, and anything else that is important to you.

According to Gottman method of relationship theory, ‘building love maps’ is one of the seven principles of maintaining a good relationship/marriage. It is a process or you can say an awareness to know your spouse’s world.

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Make millions of memories together

A newlywed couple must keep in mind that both have to live along a long life so with each experience you create memories and stories that are worth remembering.

Enjoy and love each other to the most and keep creating memories that both can cherish in the later years to come.

Have a realistic marriage expectation

It is important to have realistic expectations for your marriage. No relationship is perfect, and there will be up and downs in any marriage. It’s important to be patient and to work through the tough times together. 

Do not expect your spouse to always agree with you. It is okay to disagree on things, but it is important to respect each other’s opinions and beliefs.


Forgiving is important

It is easy to hold on to resentments and let minor arguments fester. But if you want your marriage to last, it is important to learn how to forgive your partner and yourself. Forgiving does not mean forgetting; it just means letting go of the anger and hurt that can poison your relationship.

It is inevitable you will hurt each other throughout your marriage – sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.

What is important is that you forgive each other when it happens. Forgiving is important because it shows that you are willing to move on from the hurt and move forward in your relationship.

When your spouse hurts you, do your best to forgive them. It is not always easy, but look for is it is worth or not.

Learn how to forgive someone you love.

Embrace changes in your marriage

Change is inevitable in any relationship. The key is to embrace it and work together as a team. Learn to adapt to them. 

Here are some tips for embracing changes in your marriage:

  1. Changes can be scary, so it’s important to communicate openly with your spouse about how you’re each feeling. This will help you understand and support each other through whatever comes your way.
  2. It is important to lean on each other for support. Whether it is a small change or a major life event, your spouse should be your go-to person for comfort and reassurance.
  3. Despite the changes in your lives, make sure you still find time to connect with each other.
marriage unites

Resolve your conflicts together

The best way to resolve conflicts is to do it together. This means communicating openly and honestly with each other, listening to each other’s points of view, and working together to find a solution that works for both of you. 

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is simply let go of the issue and move on. If it’s something minor and not worth arguing about, it’s not worth ruining your relationship over. Letting go shows that you are willing to put your relationship first, and that is always a good thing.

Work together to find a solution that satisfies both of you.

Give each other space to grow

It’s important to give each other space to grow in a relationship, both emotionally and physically.

It can be easy to want to be together all the time when you’re newlywed, but it’s important to respect each other’s need for alone time and personal space. This doesn’t mean you don’t love each other; it just means that you’re both independent individuals who need time apart to recharge. 

Maybe you have different hobbies or friends that you like to spend time with. Or maybe you just need some time alone to relax and rejuvenate. Whatever it is, make sure you communicate with your spouse about your needs.

marriage advice to be together

Practice Empathy

Empathy is a crucial ingredient in any successful relationship. It’s the ability to understand and share the feelings of your partner, putting yourself in their shoes and connecting on a deeper level.

Practicing empathy can help you build emotional intimacy, foster trust, improve communication, and promote mutual respect.

When we empathize with someone, we show them that we care about them and value their emotions. This creates a safe space for both parties to share their feelings openly without fear of judgment or rejection.

It can lead to better decision making, as thoughts are considered from another person’s perspective, too.

If you want to elevate your connection with a loved one by working on shared life goals, then incorporating empathy practice is essential.


I wish all the newlywed couples a happy journey and keep each other happy. I hope you all have enjoyed reading this post on the relationship advice specifically for the newlywed.

Please do write back to me if you have anything to share or ask. I would be delighted to connect with you.


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