22 Best Free Movie streaming Sites in 2023 (Safe)


Did I just mention 22 absolutely safe and best free movie streaming sites?

You read it correctly. On today’s blog post, I shall share 22 such best sites to watch movies online.

You can now stream full-length movies from these websites for free.

So, why do we need free movies? Are they good enough to watch? The most important question, are they safe for your device, and you?

Do you stream movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Hotstar?

I consider these four, the top streaming services and are the best. But none are offering you free services. There are charging from you a small reasonable amount, which, of course, is justifiable because they are the best in the market.

Although you enjoy watching original movies and TV shows and you are delighted with getting a wide array of options to choose from.

Still, we humans tend to get attracted to any services or products that are free to get. Where you don’t have to pay a penny, but you are happily getting the service.

Likewise, the internet has tons of such websites that offer you to watch free movies and series. You will be tempted to use those links to get access to watch free movies. If you browse you will find an unlimited list of movie streaming sites.

For example, apart from the popular and most known movie streaming sites, if you want to save money on entertainment, you can browse allmovieland, bolly4u, flixtor. They are user-friendly and the best part what I experienced is you won’t have to wait for the latest movies to watch.

Let me tell you that not all sites are safe and secure to use. There are a few movie-watching sites that got banned by Google due to security issues.

It is always wise to use those sites that are protected and legal to watch movies. So, just because it is free doesn’t mean they are good.

Not always I enjoy Netflix or other paid streaming platforms. Sometimes I also look for sites that offer free movies to watch. However, some sites are a little shady, blocking with a lot of advertisement but a few are truly gold.

Safe & Free Movie Streaming Sites – Our Top Picks


One of the best free movie streaming sites is YouTube. YouTube offers free online movies in various genres, like comedy, action, animated, romance, documentary, classics, and suspense-thriller.

You will find a ton of full-length free movies in different languages like English, Hindi, Spanish, Tamil, Telegu, etc. They have a massive collection of free movies and some with HD quality too. But mostly, the free movies on YouTube are available within 480p.

I am sure you have a Google account, you can easily sign up on YouTube, although it isn’t required. You can watch videos without even registering.

This platform is one of the most secure and best free movies streaming sites with no sign-up.

I enjoy watching free regional movies with English subtitle, or Hindi dubbed on YouTube.

Youtube - best free streaming sites


Popcornflix is my second favorite top free movie streaming site that I am using for years. It doesn’t have any subscription fee. This site is a great frugal way to watch online movies.

They are providing free movies and TV shows without making you pay, but in exchange, they have inserted advertisements as their revenue model.

If you are looking for new releases, unfortunately, you won’t get that in Popcornflix.

Signup is optional. Even if you don’t sign up, you can pretty much enjoy free access to watching movies.

free streaming sites 2020


Crackle is yet another fantastic secure and legally free movie streaming service that I enjoyed when I was staying in Seattle, US, for three years.

It is produced by the giant entertainment industry Sony, and in 2019 it collaborated with Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Crackle is a movie streaming site with no sign up required, but if you do create an account, you will be able to save a movie or show from being watched later.

Also, those who reside in the United States; for them, it is a free movie watching service. But in India, it is not yet available.

Crackle movie streaming site


Have you heard of the Vudu streaming service?

Vudu is a Walmart owned video streaming service that offers free content, rental contents, and movie deals. Although they charge for most of their content, but there are also free movies to watch.

To get access, you have to register and create an account using Walmart or Facebook login. They don’t have their original content like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

But once you sign up, you can browse several free classic movies.

legal and free streaming sites 2020

Top Documentary Films

Do you like watching documentary films?

Documentary films are a motion picture that documents reality for keeping a record and educating others. There are a few great documentary films that you can watch on Netflix too. They are great. But you need to take a subscription.

If you are really into watching documentary films, you can watch tons under different categories on Top Documentary Films, and the great thing is these are all free.

Once you open the site, you don’t require any sign up; you may add your email id to subscribe to get email updates. Under categories, you will see a lot of keywords like Nature, Philosophy, crime, Politics, Sports, Environment, History, Technology, and many more.

I often love watching documentary films on the environment and nature; I find this site amazing.

Top documentary films - streaming site


Here is another free movie streaming site that offers thousands of classic films and TV shows to watch. If you are looking for some great old classic movies to watch, SnagFilms offer high-quality movies that are worth considering.

You can create a free account for getting a benefit, like you can add a movie to the list to watch later. Unlike other sites, SnagFilms does have advertisements, but they are minimal. It feels annoying when there is an advertisement playing several times while watching movies.

If you watch free movies on SnagFilms, with only a few advertisements to display, it won’t distract you much.

SnagFilms - best free movie streaming sites

MX Player

I love streaming movies and series on MX Player, which is now one of the top free movie streaming sites in India. As per the reports, soon it will be launched in the global market US and Canada.

When the OTT service industry is booming in India, MX Player has made its place amid them all.

If you open the website, you will see there are contents on 11 languages of India. There are web shows, TV shows, and movies of different categories. Not only this, but MX Player also offers music videos to watch.

I enjoy this safe and free streaming site where I can browse a ton of content without even paying a penny.

MX Player

Free Movies Cinemas

If you are still not pleased with the above free movie watching sites, here is another that I can suggest, ‘Free Movies Cinema’ that has a handful of free videos of all types.

Once you open the website, you will see all the categories in the ‘All Movies’ section.

One disappointment that I would mention is you won’t find any new releases movies or shows on this website.

I wouldn’t recommend this website, but having said that, it is a safe one to use.

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Roku Channel

We had Roku TV when I was in US. It is an amazing digital media platform that offers thousands of free movies and TV shows to stream.

The best thing about Roku Channel, it is free, only the premium channels will cost you. They have live broadcast channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, etc.

It allows you to watch both free and paid content from several streaming services. You can also add other channels to Roku from the channel store.

It is very popular in US but unfortunately, India doesn’t have Roku Channel and I terribly miss that.

the Roku Channel


If you are looking for free movies and TV streaming website, this is certainly for you.

Is it a legal and a safe website?

That’s questionable. If you use FMovies your device may get attacked by viruses. Well, it doesn’t cost you any penny and you can watch unlimited free movies and series.

FMovies - free streaming service


Yidio is a safe, and legal platform that collects content from several subscriptions based streaming services and lets you watch them at their platform.

You can watch content from Netflix, Amazon, HULU, HBO, etc at one platform. You don’t have to take the subscription of all the streaming services.

You can watch both free and paid content. For free content, you just have to go to the ‘Free’ section of their home page.


Gostream Movies

It is yet another website that allows you to watch all old and new movie content. They have a massive collection of movies that you can enjoy watching.

If you have the same question, is it safe and legal?

I would say, you all these websites that allow you to watch free movies and series, their safety is a big question. They are primarily movie piracy sites.


Kanopy is one of the best on-demand video streaming platform where you can find numbers of docuseries, movies, series, classic, foreign movies, etc.

The canopy app is available for IOS, Android and Roku. This video streaming platform is available in the western parts of the globe.



For the Indian audience, I have Yuppflix for you, which I think you have already heard of. It is a quite popular movie-watching platform.

There are quite a great number of Tamil, Telegu, and Bollywood content. Furthermore, it also offers TV shows, reality shows, and live TV.

So, I would highly recommend you this only if you are fond of watching South Indian movies.

Yuppflix streaming site


I found this incredible free movie streaming site, which has a vast collection of movies. On their website, you will find genres and countries so you can filter your category.

I would recommend you stream this website for watching free movies online.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a free and 100% legal streaming site. All the contents are free to watch here, and the best part about using Tubi TV is it is safe, won’t harm your device.

When you are paying monthly to Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu, Tubi TV is providing you to watch free content. This is an ad-supported streaming video service that has a wide array of movies and TV shows.

There is no original content or recent releases that is a disappointment. Of course, when it is free, you won’t get everything on your plate.

Tubi TV won’t offer you what other paid streaming services have to offer, but if you are looking for a frugal way of entertainment, then Tubi tv it is.

Tubi - free online movie streaming site


ZEE5 is an excellent streaming service in India that is being widely used by the Indian audience. There are tons of great movies, web series, and TV shows in different languages. They upload new content on their platform frequently.

I have watched several good Zee5 original web series that are worth watching, although the app is a bit slow in response, unlike other streaming services.

It has premium content as well as free content to watch. Apart from movies and shows, it does offer regional news and music too.

To get access, you need to sign up free; then, you can enjoy watching free content. And if you like it, you can take a monthly subscription.



SonyLIV is yet another video streaming service that has come into the limelight in India. You can watch a lot of Sony content that are available in free and premium service. The free service is ad-supported, whereas the premium is ad-free and letting you enjoy complete access to watch all the content.

I don’t use SonyLiv, so I can’t tell anything more in detail. But this is certain that you can watch free movies that are safe to stream.


We check movie ratings in IMDB. IMDB has ratings and movie reviews of every movie in the world. Recently, they have also stepped up into the video-streaming services. Unfortunately, they are only available to US customers.

I am sure they are thinking of expanding their business model in other countries too.


Hotstar is one of the widely used best video streaming services in India. Also, they have more paid subscribers than Netflix and Amazon Prime in India.

People love Hotstar because of its high-quality content with sports, regional news channels too.

Now, it has merged with Disney and became Disney + Hotstar, where you can get to watch a whole lot of Disney, Pixar animated movies, and original series.

I am already enjoying the Disney + Hotstar more than before. I have a paid monthly subscription that allows me to watch everything available on their platform.

But those who are looking for saving bucks, even they can enjoy watching free movies on Hotstar too. There is no doubt limitation, but if you are okay to watch with whatever they are offering in their free version, then it is cool.

22 Best Free Movie streaming Sites in 2023 (Safe) 1


Plex is an interesting streaming service where you can watch live TV streaming. Anyone having an account can access the free live TV streaming. They don’t have a massive collection though but it let you watch free of cost.


I got to know about Cineb while researching. It is relatively a new free streaming site. The user experience is clean and there are a lot of latest release movies that you can watch. With the intense competition, they are trying to hook the new audience by providing a moderate quality of video and low ad intrusions.

However, since they don’t own distribution rights for its content, is considered an illegal streaming site to watch movies.


So, above is my list of 22 safe, legal and best free movies streaming sites 2021 for you. I believe this has helped you. All the 22 streaming sites are 100% legal to use, which means it won’t cause any harm to you or your device that you are using.

If you want to know about more free streaming sites, then you can check out Collider.

Lastly, I want to say that let’s fight for COVID-19, pledge to stay at home, and protect ourselves.


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