25 Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Loved


How do you make your partner feel loved and important?

Every couple has their way of expressing love. It is important to make your partner feel loved, because it helps them understand their value and makes them feel they are a priority to you.

There are probably a hundred of ways you can make your partner feel secure, loved, special and important. It doesn’t require any major effort. But there are some simple gestures and efforts that could bring a massive change to your bond.

Love and relationship are a two-way street where both have to equally play the part. Love is an expression of feelings, thoughts, and emotions. So, when you love someone, it is important to show them your love and affection to make them feel good.

It also gives them enough reason to believe in themselves and want them to do better in their relationship.

My husband and I are married for seven years now. And I can proudly say that I am qualified enough to give shower some tips for a healthy and happy relationship.

It never has been a smoother journey for us. There were times when our relationship was going through a rough time. But we understood ourselves and understood our dynamics of being in love. We picked up those broken pieces and formed a strong bond of friendship.

In this article, I will provide a few points on ways to make your partner feel loved and appreciated. Simple things, if you do, can lift your relationship on a next level.

As your relationship grows, we tend to spend less time on evaluating our relationships and things can become mundane.

If you notice your relationship is lacking the motif and your partner is not happy the way the relationship is going on, you can help make your partner the opposite.

24 Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Loved

Ask Them About Their Day

Asking about their day might sound trivial, but this simple thing can make your partner think that you care for them.

Many don’t feel like talking about their day after long hours of work, but they do expect their partner will ask them.

My husband and I have always made this a routine to ask each other about our days. How it went? Was it a hectic day? Has everything gone well at work? And so on.

Why is it so impactful?

When you ask your partner about their day, it is more about how they respond and share. In the 10 minutes of what they will share about their day, you will listen and this creates a bond which further helps keeping a bond strong.

Show Interest in His Hobbies

One of the most effective ways to show your partner that you care is by being interested in what they have to say and having a little interest in their hobbies.

Psychologists say, when we share interests with our partners, the relationship becomes more meaningful and stronger.

For example, my husband and I both share common interest in traveling. We love talking about travel, watching travel documentaries, do travel planning and so on. Sharing common interests has a benefit.

But what if a couple doesn’t share any common interest?

In that case, try showing a little interest in your partner’s hobbies.

Suppose you find out that your partner has an interest in playing guitar. So what you can’t play. You can tell your partner to play something nice for you and set the ambience into a romantic one.  

Or, if he/she loves watching sports and you absolutely hate it. You never watch sports with him and sometimes he feels a little lonely about it.

How about surprise him with a match ticket and accompany him to watch? Certainly, this effort of yours will be very much appreciated by him and make him feel loved.

ways to make your partner feel loved

Compliment Them

How often do you compliment your partner?

A compliment is a way to let your partner know that they are worthy of appreciating for the things they do. Everyone deserves compliments. The best thing about complimenting is you are making them feel appreciated and seen.

It is a powerful expression of love. You don’t have to always say, I Love You, to make your partner feel loved. Sometimes a small gesture of compliment can add value to the relationship.

For example, if your partner is cleaning the kitchen counter for you, appreciate the effort. Say thank you or a hug would make them feel loved.

If your husband is changing the diaper of your baby, say thank you graciously. Tell him ‘he will be a good father and you are proud of him.’

There are many such countless things where you can compliment your partner and valued each other in relationship.

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Show Them Affection

It is believed that a constant affection for your partner can make your relationship last longer. Love is the potent ingredient in a relationship, but there are other elements too that help hold the relationship together.

Showing affection and care for your partner is one of them.

When you are in a committed relationship, it is a long journey and sometimes you get lost amidst the busy life. Sometimes work and responsibility come first. You hardly get the time to show affection, love, and care. If this continues for months and year, there comes a gap in the relationship.

That’s why showing love, care, and affection is important for a healthy relationship.

Hug your beloved. Touch them gently with love. Look them in the eye while talking. Appreciate and smile. These are a few basic things you can do to show affection to your partner.

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Pamper Them

Relationships are valuable assets that are worth investing time and effort into pampering. Many think pampering your partner is a waste of time. Pampering is a way to express your love.

When you are in love and in a relationship, it’s natural to want to take care of your partner. When you pamper, it makes them feel loved and happy.

You can give your partner a head massage, pamper them with gifts occasionally. You can cook special meals and arrange a romantic date at home. Pamper them with a lot of kisses and hugs.

Pampering brings a couple closer and glued them together.

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Tell them ‘LOVE YOU

One of the simplest way to make your partner feel loved is by telling them you love them. You should get vocal about your feelings and say I love you at least once a day.

Little Things do Matters

Usually, we don’t pay heed to the thousands of little things that we do for each other.

Once your partner will start noticing those little things that you do for them, they will understand how valuable they are in the relationship.

For example, every morning I serve my husband bed tea. I love doing that because I love him and he understands my love language. It makes him feel warm and valued.

Give them Your Undivided Attention

The quickest way to kill a relationship is by neglecting each other. In the initial couple of years of relationship, everything seems so new, fresh and romantic.

As the relationship grows, many couples stop giving each other the attention they used to.

If your partner receives your undivided attention, it will always make them feel needed and loved. By undivided attention, I am saying dedicate all your time to them.

There are various ways to show your partner that they are important and hold a special place in your heart.

Listen to them what they have to say or share, spend some quality weekend time with them, give your attention to them when they need you the most, and so on.

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Share Your Secrets

Trust is an important component in a relationship. Everybody has their secrets and there are some secrets that we tell only to them whom we have 100% faith.

If you are in a relationship with the person for a long time, trust is something that unites two an individual in a relationship. Thus, when you share secrets with your partner, it shows you trust them. It will make them feel confident.

However, before you open up about your secrets with the person, get to know them well and take your time.

You needn’t to share secrets for the sake of making your partner feel happy or secured.

Be Their Biggest Cheerleader

Relationships are hard work and so is being supportive of your partner in their personal and professional life. But it is worth the effort for a long, happy and healthy relationship.

When you support and cheer for your partner in everything, it makes them feel confident. When you support your partner in achieving their dreams and goals, it makes them feel important and they understand their value in your life.

When you put them first before your needs occasionally, it counts.

It’s so easy to put a smile on your partner’s face by just being supportive enough.

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Stand Up for Them

Standing up for your partner is important in a relationship. If there is a situation comes where your partner needs your back up, stand up for them in defending and supporting.

When you are committed to a relationship for a long time, life gives you some shocking turns and bumpers where you can’t deal with them alone. This is when you need to stand up for yourself and for your partner if they need it.

Never leave them in the mid-way.

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Listen to Them

I have almost mentioned in every article of mine how listening to each other properly and patiently can save your relationship and can make it better.

I can tell you that even in my seven years of marriage, my husband and I still struggle sometimes to listen to each other patiently, especially during an argument.

Listening can be so impactful if done right. We all want to be heard and when you don’t get that, it becomes easier to snap.

If you want to make your partner feel valued, appreciated and loved, listen to their thoughts, feelings, and what they have to say.

I know listening can be hard sometimes. You are tired or stressed and you don’t want to listen to anything. Communicate it to them, tell them you will listen to them or talk after some break or rest.

But listening can bring you both closer, solve disagreements and it’s a great thing for couples to maintain harmony.

Share Household Chores & Responsibilities

According to a study in the scientific journal Emotion, people express and experience gratitude when they receive household support from their partner.

You may feel household chores are nothing but they are a lot and can be stressful enough, especially when you have a kid at home.

Share the household chores and regular responsibilities with your partner. Lighten their work pressure by taking up a few added responsibilities. Your effort will be appreciated by them when they will see how much you care for them.

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Send Them Sweet Messages

Sometimes my husband and I hardly get the time to interact the whole day. With his busy schedule and mine, along with taking care of my baby, spending time doesn’t fit the routine.

We miss the ‘us time.’ But the perks of the digital world are it allows you to stay in touch virtually. When away from each other, traveling or sitting at the office cabin, we send each other sweet messages.

It brings a positive effect on our relationship. It gives us millions of reasons to stick to each other.

Sending messages may seem trivial or might seem childish, but anything that works to keep a relationship going is the best solution.

Let them know you are thinking about them and miss them. Let them know they are in your mind 24*7.

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Hug Them

I get so happy when I hug my husband. Hugs can be an excellent way to connect and bond with your partner. As per science, hugs release oxytocin, which is a hormone that promotes positive feelings and makes you happy naturally.

We hug our love partner, children, friends and parents to make them smile and make them feel secure.

Hug your partner anytime and every day.

how to make your partner feel loved

Surprise Them

Break the routine and surprise your partner with a romantic date, gifts, or a weekend road trip.

Happiness is the key to a healthy relationship. The ultimate moto of any relationship is to sustain happiness. Surprising your partner occasionally can add up a spark in your relationship.

Surprises can be simple within your budget. You don’t need a lot of money to surprise your partner and make them feel loved.

Say Thanks

It is important to be grateful to your partner. Though the word ‘thank you’ is small but it has the power to save a relationship.

Thanking your partner is a genuine act of kindness and showing gratitude. It makes them feel cherished.

For example, my husband has taken a great care of me during my entire pregnancy. Since it was during the Covid pandemic time, my parents couldn’t come to visit and assist me. It was my husband who did everything possible to make me feel comfortable with my pregnancy.

After I gave birth to a beautiful baby, and when we held him together at the hospital, we thanked each other softly.

It was the gratitude to God for giving us the bundle of joy. The thankfulness to each other for having each other’s back during the tough time.

Leave Them Notes

How often do you leave handwritten notes to each other?

I am not talking about leaving sticky notes on the refrigerator for paying bills and etc.

Imagine you wake up and see a note next to you saying ‘I love you sunshine,’ how would you feel?


Indeed, you will.

It is one of the easy yet a thoughtful way to make your partner feel loved. Leave a note in their wallet, tiffin box, next to their bedside, wherever you can.

What will you write in the note?

You can write anything a poem, love note, thank you note and so on.

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Help Them Achieve their Dreams

When you help your partner achieve their dreams, your partner feels more supported and less burdened. They feel more dependable on you for understanding them with empathy.

Your encouragement will boost their confidence and thus make them feel more secure in the relationship.

Don’t Criticize

It is important to stay calm, balanced and communicate to control a situation in a relationship. When a minor disagreement happens, criticizing won’t help each other. Instead, it will aggravate the situation.

We all are humans, and we are not perfect. We will make mistakes and you have to be patient enough to deal with it. Instead of complaining and criticizing, do things that make peace.

Have a better understanding from both and together try to fix the issue.

Spend Quality Time Together

Whether planning a road trip, weekend date or just be at home, always make time for your partner. In the modern day, most of the relationships are facing issues because partners don’t spend quality time with each other.

Spending time together doesn’t mean conversation, it involves everything.

Doing activities that bind both together. Establishing trust by effective communication. Involving themselves in playful romance.  

Your partner will always adore you for the maximum time you can give.

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Date Often

How often do you date?

If your partner wants to go on a pleasing and romantic date with you, support their thought. Dating is fun and it is an opportunity to be free and open with each other.

Make your partner feel loved and romantic by planning a surprise date.

Be Present in the Moment

Being present in the moment can make your partner feel loved. You may be busy, have a planned schedule in which your partner isn’t involved.

You are multitasking and barely focus on the need of your partner. This is the reality that every couple face.

The key to sustaining a relationship is to enjoy each moment with your partner. Be present, be mindful.

Be there when they need and want you. Be a part of their happiness and sorrow. Disconnect from your digital devices and any outside distractions. Your partner will feel great if you could devote at least an hour of your time.

Include Them in Your Future Plan

It’s important to give your partner the opportunity to take an active role in your future plan. Let them feel you trust them and they play an important part in your life.

Let them feel they have the stability in the relationship. They are not left out.

You can talk to them about your future plans, goals and dreams and ask them to give their valuable input.

Giving them the sense of security won’t cause uncertainty or any doubt about their place in the relationship and in your life.

Share a special memory with them

Memories are powerful things. They transport us back in time to moments we hold dear, and they remind us of the love that we share with our partners. Whether it’s a first date or a milestone moment, sharing special memories with your loved one can be incredibly meaningful.

Maybe it was the first time you said “I love you,” or a spontaneous adventure you went on together. Whatever it may be, take some time to share that memory with them and remind them of how much they mean to you.

Sharing memories can strengthen your bond as a couple and create a deeper sense of intimacy. The feelings of happiness and nostalgia associated with fond memories have been proven to boost mood and reduce stress levels.

I have too many wonderful moments with my husband, we often share our memories to each other while driving or after dinner when we sit and talk for a moment. It feels nice and warm to know how much I mean to my husband and vise-versa.

Final Words –

Making your partner feel loved and special is crucial to a successful relationship. It’s one way to tell them you care and love. They are needed, valued and appreciated.

The above I have mentioned some of the ways on how to make your partner feel loved.


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