30 Empathy Statements that Make Purchaser Service Shine 


Empathy statements take consumer provider to a new, far more personal amount. They handle and validate customers’ feelings. They assist customer support agents remain out of judgment. And they assistance communicate an psychological response to customers’ inquiries. Empathy produces a one of a kind human relationship concerning the shopper and the enterprise. Empathy statements provide as automobiles to supply the concept of that connection. 

How Empathy Results in Human Connections

Empathy is the potential to recognize the thoughts of a different individual. Cultivating this strategy builds psychological bridges amongst shoppers and assistance groups. Analysis exhibits that bigger stages of empathy direct to a lot more beneficial habits. It permits men and women to reply correctly to how other folks are sensation. Empathy assists in building more robust relationships. It reduces anxiety and boosts psychological consciousness. 

Fewer anxiety and a lot more psychological consciousness in consumer guidance groups generate a lot more favourable shopper interactions. These ordeals assistance customers truly feel linked to the purchaser support agents who aid them. 

And when consumers really feel connected, they are a lot more probably to grow to be faithful supporters of a brand name. 

Empathy fuels link. Sympathy drives disconnection. (Brene Brown)

In get to cultivate empathy correctly, it is necessary to fully grasp the difference between empathy and sympathy. As stated, empathy is feeling with people today. Sympathy, on the other hand, is experience pity for someone’s misfortune. The former provides men and women on the exact psychological level, nearer together. The latter will involve judgment and destinations just one man or woman previously mentioned one more.  

In this article is a beneficial video clip that demonstrates the difference: 

Empathy Statements to Join to Customers 

When it will come to applying psychological intelligence competencies into actual-everyday living practice, issues can get tough. Most points are a lot easier claimed than done. How can brokers cultivate and talk empathy to customers?

Dr. Brene Brown cites 4 attributes of empathy: 

  • Recognition of the person’s real truth and being familiar with his/her viewpoint. 
  • Remaining out of judgment.
  • Recognizing the emotion in other persons.
  • Speaking that recognition. 

Wondering of just about every consumer interaction with these 4 pillars in mind can help just take points from principle to observe. 

Empathy Statements for Each and every Customer Inquiry

Of class, various client assistance cases connect with for distinctive empathy statements. Down below are some sample phrases consumer assistance groups can place into exercise.  

Speaking Understanding 

  1. If X took place to me, I would sense Y as well
  2. I have experienced a similar practical experience
  3. I respect you bringing this to my interest …
  4. I comprehend how intricate it is…
  5. I see you’ve been with [Company Name] for X many years. That’s a prolonged time.
  6. I’m sorry you have had to deal with this…
  7. That would frustrate me, too.
  8. I would be asking the very same issues as you are.
  9. I would appear to the exact same conclusion.
  10. I’m truly sorry to hear about your knowledge.
  11. I recognize how disheartening that ought to have been.
  12. I’m sorry you are obtaining this challenge.
  13. I realize that this has been inconvenient for you and how bothersome that will have to be.
  14. I’m positive there is anything else you’d fairly be undertaking so many thanks for remaining client with me.

Reassuring the Buyer

  1. I appreciate your endurance.
  2. Thank you for remaining so positive.
  3. Your business enterprise signifies a large amount to us.
  4. I want to thank you for taking the time to discuss with me now
  5. If I’m comprehending you correctly…
  6. Enable me know if I’m getting the tale right…

Working with Tricky or Indignant Prospects

  1. I think about how upsetting it would be…
  2. You’re ideal.
  3. What can I do to make your experience with us far better?
  4. I comprehend how upsetting this must be for you.
  5. You’re absolutely proper.

Providing Solutions 

  1. What would be the greatest-scenario circumstance for you?
  2. Is there anything else, massive or smaller, that I can help you with nowadays?
  3. How do you feel about X?
  4. Are your X requires getting fulfilled with our merchandise/assistance?
  5. Going ahead, we can concentration on X to guarantee this does not transpire once again. 

How to Audio Sencere When Utilizing Empathy Statements

A single significant point to note is that while purchaser company brokers can cultivate empathy, they can not phony it. The means to empathize does not arrive prepackaged in a canned reaction in a dwell chat. And a consumer can definitely place insincerity in an agent’s voice in a telephone phone. 

To genuinely talk empathy, customer guidance brokers will have to sense it. Empathy statements in customer assistance communications must arrive from the heart. 

Below are six tips to seem far more honest in purchaser communications. (Connected Ladies)

  • Don’t use clichés. “We’re sorry we allow the cat out of the bag,” vs. “We apologize for accidentally releasing sensitive data. ”
  • Do not use the word ‘sincere’ except it provides authentic indicating. “We hope to do business enterprise with you yet again.” vs. “We sincerely hope to do enterprise with you once more.”
  • Really do not be much too official. “We appreciate you speaking to our shopper service office and alerting us to the difficulty in a fast manner” vs. “Thank you for permitting us know about the difficulty.”
  • Say what you signify without having weasel terms. “I feel most quality promoting procedures are most likely built to make persons really feel really linked,” vs. “I believe high-quality marketing tactics are created to hook up individuals emotionally.”
  • Use appropriate grammar, spelling, and punctuation. “Were glad you preferred the product,” vs. ‘We’re happy you appreciated the product.”
  • Believe that what you are saying. “The book’s a fantastic go through, or so everybody suggests,” vs. ‘I can individually vouch that the e book is a good read.”

Simply just applying the empathy statements earlier mentioned is not adequate to connect sincerity. Definitely knowledge the customers is important. To reach that knowing, making use of listening capabilities is critical. 

The Art of Listening to Customers 

A person of the most common will cause of client disappointment comes from agents not listening. Only waiting for a buyer to end speaking and then featuring a ready reaction does not depend. Listening is an artwork and a skill. It’s a single of the ideal tactics of purchaser company

Pay attention diligently and intently to not just what the clients are stating, but the way they are stating it. Clarify that you completely understand and do this with endurance. Buyers despise repeating by themselves. So make guaranteed you make it clear that you’re asking for clarification. 

By analyzing the phrases that a shopper has chosen, we can establish the very likely emotion that a shopper is experience. You need to appear out for indicator terms to display you how a buyer is experience. Pay back individual awareness to this sort of conditions as frustrated, aggravated, discouraged, cross, angry appalled, irate and so on. It aids to be mindful of any possible synonyms of these text as well.

As we pointed out, it is also the way that customers say these words or produce them. In composed interaction, seem out for lock capitals and a ton of punctuation. Shorter sentences illustrate annoyance or annoyance. Lengthier sentences have a tendency to demonstrate that the buyer is in a calmer psychological point out.


In brief, empathy is the finest way to exhibit prospects that you treatment, regardless of the interaction channel. Empathy may perhaps not address the customer’s issue. Even so, by demonstrating an knowing of the customer’s inner thoughts, agents can start out the path to a successful resolution. 

A person of our most important tasks in shopper service is ensuring customers keep on being shoppers for as very long as feasible. Building an extraordinary purchaser knowledge increases the chance of that. Communicating with the use of empathy statements and listening abilities can help. 



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