30 Entertainment article ideas to woo the masses

Oct22,2023 #turbo blogs

First things first, understanding what “entertainment” actually means. The term encompasses a variety of industries that would be considered within it. So, our entertainment article ideas take this into account. 

For example, celebrities, movies, video games, books, and tons more are classed as entertainment. With that being said, the ideas we’ve listed below are our top picks to share with you, with the aim of giving you some inspiration when writing. 

Top 50 Entertainment Article Ideas for You to Use

  1. 10 Best Comedies for You to Watch This Summer

Watching a comedy while drinking fresh lemonade during summer is one of the best experiences that life has to offer. But what are the 10 best? Let your audience know with this fun list-based article idea. 

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  1. Top 10 video games to look out for in (Year)

If you like the idea of writing about up-and-coming video games, then this is a good topic. However, if this doesn’t interest you then it may be better to write about something else.

  1. Best Books to Read While Lounging by the Pool

Everyone loves reading a great book while chilling by a pool on a hot day. Why not list some of your favourites, whether they’ve come out this year or are 200-year-old classics that never go out of style? 

  1. What (Celebrity name) is up to now 

Are you keeping up with the Kardashians? If so, share the latest stories to inform and entertain readers who have been living under a rock. Feel free to use any celebrity you like here.

  1. Top 5 Comedy Specials on Netflix

Netflix has some of the funniest comedy specials around. Let your readers know which ones to add to their watchlist by writing this article. We all love a good laugh now and then!

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  1. Best Oscar Winners You Can Watch Right Now

The Oscars have given awards to some of the best movies ever made. But what are the best ones? And which ones can you easily watch on streaming platforms/TV? This is a great article to write to bring more movie fanatics to your site.

  1. Upcoming Disney+ shows

With streaming services being all the rage, find out what’s being released on Disney+ and get writing about it.

  1. Nobel Prize in Literature Predictions: Who We Think Will Win

The Nobel Prize in Literature is always a massive award to showcase some of the best authors to ever exist. Everyone wants to know who will win. List your personal predictions and interest your readers.  

  1. All-time favourite movie quotes

“I’ve got a jar of dirt!” Does that sound familiar? Try compiling all the best movie quotes (in your opinion) and sharing them with the rest of the world to see if they agree.

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  1. An honest Review of (insert TV show here)

Whether you loved or were thoroughly disappointed with a certain TV show, now is the time to share your thoughts with others.

  1. Top 5 Concerts To Get Tickets To

The atmosphere! The music! Concerts are some of the best experiences ever. List some of the best ones coming up to get your readers excited. 

  1. Funniest Memes of (year)

We all love a good meme. But what are the best ones of the year? Include some of the most belly-aching memes to make sure everyone is laughing to get your readers giggling. 

  1. The Super Bowl: What You Need to Know

The Super Bowl is one of America’s biggest events of the year. But when is it? Where is it taking place? Who’s playing? Let your audience know the answers to all these questions with this article idea. 

  1. The best apps for (Year)

New apps are released all the time making it hard to keep track. Help others find which ones are best to use with various entertainment article ideas talking about apps in different industries. 

  1. 5 Best Theatre Shows in New York

New York hosts some of the best theatre plays and performances in the world. But which ones are must-sees? Help your viewers out with this blog.  

  1. I sat down with (name of interviewee) and this is what they had to say

If you have the resources to secure an interview with someone of interest, then this topic can be a good one to add to the list. 

  1. Who’s Going to Win Wimbledon This Summer?

Wimbledon is always the biggest event on the tennis calendar. But who’s going to win it? Is it Nadal? Djokovic? Is Federer making a comeback? Find out in this article. 

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  1. Life advice for young adults 

Being a young adult is often like being thrown into the deep end of a pool without knowing how to swim. To help young adults navigate better, share what you know.

  1. Top 5 Sci-Fi Books to Read This Year

This is one of the best entertainment article ideas. There have been many riveting science fiction books released this year. But what are the best ones? Talk about the top 5, as well as some honorable mentions to give your viewers some ideas as to what books to read.

  1. The greatest Oscars moments

A lot of controversial things seem to happen at the Oscars. Why not talk about them to excite readers?

  1. New albums coming out 

If you’re like many of us who need music to get through the day, then informing readers about the new albums by popular artists that are due soon is an ideal subject to talk about. The beauty of this one is that many entertainment article ideas can come from it. 

  1. Who’s Winning the Grammys This Year?

The Grammys are always a big event in the music world. Give your predictions on who you think the winners will be in the various categories to get your readers excited about this event. 

  1. Summer festivals to look out for in (Year)

Many different festivals draw enormous crowds. To provide the scoop of what artists are performing at which ones, add this to your entertainment article ideas.

  1. The 5 Worst Movies of Recent Years

Although we’ve all seen some great movies recently, there’s also been quite a few stinkers too. Let your readers know the worst ones by writing this fun article. 

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  1. The best magazines to follow

If you’re an avid magazine reader, then share the best ones with your readers. Talk about the pros and cons of those mentioned to inform those reading.

  1. Best Karaoke Bars in (location)

Karaoke is always a fun time for everyone involved (apart from those who have to hear it!). Write about some of the best karaoke bars in a certain area to let more people know about some great spots for a fantastic night of entertainment. 

  1. Big Sports events taking place this year

You can either discuss a variety of sports or talk about one that you’re an expert in. Obviously, this is a big topic to cover so you should be able to receive many entertainment article ideas as a result. 

  1. What’s going on with the (Insert newspaper here)

From a little bit of research, it won’t take long to find a scandal that’s unfolding with a particular newspaper company. So, dedicating an article talking about the recent ones is likely to be popular.

   29.   Greatest Podcasts on Spotify

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There’s nothing better than listening to a great podcast on your way to work. There are many fantastic ones for you to listen to, from the more popular ones to the lesser-known ones.  

30.  Most Subscribed YouTubers in (year)

Everyone loves watching great YouTube videos now and then. But who are the most popular YouTubers? This is an interesting and very popular topic that is sure to get more people to view your blog. 

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