35+ Best Contact Us Pages To Steal From

35+ Best Contact Us Pages To Steal From

Having an effective contact page on your website is essential for improving your customer service and building relationships. But with so many potential design options, it can be difficult to know which contact page examples are best. Here are 35 of the best contact us page design and copywriting examples to inspire you.

1. Slack – Simple & Minimalist

The contact page on Slack is simple, minimal, and to the point. They offer customers a few different ways to get in touch, from creating a discussion in the community forums to sending direct contact form inquiries.

2. Bolt – Charming & Personal

The contact page on Bolt is charming and highly personal. We love the illustration and how the company has personalized the experience by including a note and even a selfie.

3. Lyft – Comprehensive &organized

The contact page on Lyft is comprehensive and organized. Their contact page has everything customers need, from routine FAQs to detailed contact info, a blog, and even a range of additional resources.

4. Adobe – Innovative & Interactive

The contact page on Adobe is both innovative and interactive. The page has an interactive chatbot that guides customers in the right direction and helps them identify what type of help they need.

5. MailChimp – Straight-Forward & Informative

MailChimp’s contact page is both straight-forward and informative. It includes everything a customer needs to know about how to contact the company and also provides helpful links to other resources.

6. Post – Intuitive & Engaging

Post’s contact page is intuitive and engaging. The design of the page has fun animation and playful illustrations, while still providing customers with the help they need.

7. Dropbox – Comprehensive & Thoughtful

Dropbox’s contact page is both comprehensive and thoughtful. It has detailed contact info, helpful FAQs and self-serve help topics. Additionally, customers are given the option of contacting Dropbox’s support team.

8. GitHub – Clean & Functional

GitHub’s contact page is clean and highly functional. It offers customers a range of help topics, from troubleshooting issues to technical support. Plus, customers have the option of contacting the support team.

9. Amazon – Streamlined & Easy To Use

Amazon’s contact page is streamlined and easy to use. Customers can request help through a contact form, search for FAQs, or even use the live chat option to get help as quickly as possible.

10. YouTube – Clear & Comprehensive

The contact page on YouTube is both clear and comprehensive. It includes everything customers need to know, from how to contact the company to how to report a bug or copyright violation.


These are just a few of the many great contact us page designs and copywriting examples out there. Making sure your contact page is well designed, organized, and informative is key to improving your customer service and building relationships.

Make sure to also check out:

  • 11. Unsplash – Sleek & Informative
  • 12. Untappd – Creative & Approachable
  • 13. Asana – Professional & Easy To Use
  • 14. Reddit – Engaging & Convenient
  • 15. Zoom – Comprehensive & Intuitive
  • 16. Shopify – Simplified & Personal
  • 17. Basecamp – Direct & Engaging
  • 18. Trello – Fun & Functional
  • 19. Google – Definitive & Accessible
  • 20. DoJiggy – Concise & Attention Grabbing
  • 21. Evernote – Professional & Assuring
  • 22. Stripe – Focused & Educational
  • 23. Wix – Clear & Supportive
  • 24. Realtor – Intuitive & Inviting
  • 25. Microsoft – Detailed & Direct
  • 26. YouTube – Clear & Comprehensive
  • 27. Airbnb – Comprehensive & Supportive
  • 28. Kajabi – Streamlined & Inventive
  • 29. Netflix – Personal & Helpful
  • 30. Snapchat – Fun & Creative
  • 31. Pinterest – Informative & Engaging
  • 32. WordPress – Accessible & Comprehensive
  • 33. Squarespace – Innovative & Straightforward
  • 34. Squarespace – Innovative & Straightforward
  • 35. Weebly – Direct & User-Friendly
  • 36. Todoist – Clear & Organized

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