53 Simple Ways to Say “I Love You” To Your Date


Do you want to know 50 simple ways to say ‘I Love You’ to your partner? Then you are in the right place.

Love is one of the most important emotions that you should always express to your loved ones. But it’s not necessary to utter these magical three words every time.

Saying “I Love
is more comfortable and sounds romantic. Who doesn’t want to hear
this every day but is this all?

When your relationship is young and new, saying “I Love You” is all that
matters but as it matures and with years passing by, life gets so busy that
sometimes we forget to convey our love for our partner.

There are tons of ways by which you can express your love and
how much that person is special to you.

People may have different ways to express their feelings.
Some are introvert like my husband; they don’t really say “I Love You” 100 times, instead, convey their love
through various small ways.

So, the next 50 points of this article will describe how can you show your love to your spouse/love partner, without even saying the three words.

Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ to Your Partner

  • Let’s start with, playing your beloved’s favorite song at home in the evening and approach her/him to dance with you. It will bring a fun moment in your relationship and also a way to say ‘I enjoy dancing with you.
  • Pay attention to what your partner has to say. You can always lend your ears and listen. The more you will give your undivided attention, the more they will understand their importance and feel that you are not ignoring her/his opinion.
  • You
    are the most precious person for them, always
    be their side
    when they are sick.
    Nurture her, make her/him feel better and special.
  • You
    can lend your hands in helping your
    in cooking or anything. Your partner won’t always ask for help, but
    inside they want you to accompany them. 
  • You needn’t do much to express your feelings for your partner, after a long busy day if you give a goodnight kiss to each other, this gesture will say everything.
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  • When
    you are in a relationship, you are open to each other. You can be flirtatious with each other. It’s
    fun and brings excitement in both.
  • Being positive is very important in a relationship.
    A relationship goes through many ups and downs; by being positive, it will hold
    your beautiful relationship strongly and never let each other down.
  • By showing how much, you appreciate, and respect will automatically improve your relationship. You can say simple things like “you have done a great job” or “I respect your decision.” These are little things if you continue to show your partner; it’s more valuable than just saying “I LOVE YOU.”

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  • I
    can’t deny the fact, that life is super busy nowadays, but take out time from your busy schedule and spend that with her/him
    doing something good or even just talking by staying at home will make them
  • Texting each other keeps you
    . You can
    send your partner simple text like “reached safely, love you” or
    “Have you done your lunch?” These simple 4-5 words of the text are
    sometimes making you and your partner feel better. Don’t stop doing this ever.
  • You
    may be away from home for business purpose for a couple of days, don’t forget
    to stay connected over the call. If you had a super busy day then at least talk
    for once before going to bed. Tell
    her/him “I miss you,”
    or I miss being with you.”
  • Hug them whenever you feel like to and put a gentle kiss on her forehead. Notably, women love this gesture.
Couple hugging each other a way of saying I love you
  • It says by kissing frequently; it increases love and intimacy in a relationship. Also, kissing often is a beautiful and pure indication of how much you want them.
GIF Image of Cartoon love kissing each other
  • Surprise your partner with a good dinner. ‘Being a wife, I could say when your husband cooks you good food, it feels so great.’
GIF Image on a couple enjoying dinner together which is a gesture of love
  • You
    should always acknowledge and accept
    your partner
    for who they are. Don’t try to change them. Of course, you can
    support them in improving their bad habits. But try to make efforts to build
    your relationship strong.
  • Don’t
    stop to encourage your partner. If
    they are doing something good then motivate them, tell them that you are proud
    of her/him. If your partner gets motivation and encouragement from you, it will
    boost their confidence.
  • Arrange to surprise your beloved with gifts on special days like birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day.
GIF Image of Gifts
  • You
    can do many other simple things to convey your love for your partner like by making a reservation for dinner
    somewhere out, just for you two, no one else.
  • Your
    partner works hard, and you want her/him to relax. Make them feel special by giving a foot massage or head massage.
  • Watch romantic movies at home sitting together cozily on the couch on a Sunday morning. You can order food from out and spend a pleasant time happily.
Gif image of a cute cartoon couple cuddling
  • You can do more romantic things like leaving notes around the house on how lucky you are or how about ‘little appreciation’ or ‘I am thinking about your.’
GIF image of a love note
  • Amaze your partner with a sudden
    travel plan
    or any
    outdoor activity that they love.
  • Staring at your phone all the time is annoying. Put your phone aside and talk to your partner about the day, get yourself to engage in a conversation.

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  • Physical touch always brings each other close. Hold hands while walking or hold hands when crossing the road. It shows your affection and by doing this, will make your partner understand that you love him/her.
GIF Image of holding hands which is  a gesture of love
  • Show interest in their work too. Ask them about their work like
    “what is your project about” or “What is tomorrow’s
  • Do household chores together. It is tedious work to do; if you do it together, it will be fun and also a way to tell “I am there for you.”
GIF of couple cooking together
  • If
    your partner loves to explore new things accompany
    them in their happiness.
  • Take
    them to a candlelight dinner outside,
    or you can also set up the ambiance at home and surprise them when they come
    back from work.
  • Always stay beside them when they are going through a rough time. Give them your full emotional support. Be the light in the darkest of time.
GIF of couple together
  • When
    you see your partner sleeping, give a
    gentle kiss.
  • Help them carry the heavy grocery
    . Share the
    weight. It shows your love and caring for them.
  • Give
    your best oil head massage to your
    . It works really well in reducing stress.
  • Don’t shy away in saying sorry, if you have hurt them. You can leave a small, sorry note and can keep in such a place where she/he can easily find it.
GIF Image of sorry
  • While
    going out somewhere, let them choose
    what you will
    wear. It makes
    them happy when you allow them to select.
  • Make a habit of sharing a cup of tea/coffee every morning.
GIF of saying I LOVE YOU
  • Randomly surprise them with small
    , not necessary
    it has to be a special day. Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? You can bring
    home sweets, chocolate box or a wine.
  • Now
    is the age of WhatsApp and Facebook, who has time to write a letter? But writing a letter to your partner is
    much more romantic, and it’s better than mobile text. I personally, feel
    connected in writing letters.
  • You can even do more simple things that say “I Love You” like making the bed before going to sleep.
  • Play indoor games together and let them win sometimes but don’t tell them that. That will be your secret. Make them smile and happy.
GIF Image of couple cuddling which represents love
  • Love them when you see they are upset about something. Tell them, “Don’t worry; everything will be okay.”
  • Say, “I am proud of you” for their excellent work. It’s a big motivation when it comes from you.
  • Speak as much as possible if you have a long-distance relationship.
  • Forgiveness is one of the critical elements in keeping a relationship hold firm. We all make mistakes and realization is essential.
GIF of a kitty saying sorry
  • Respect their interest is one of the ways to express your love. If they are saying, they want to eat Chinese, order Chinese. If they’re going to watch a movie at home with you, respect her interest. Sometimes you need to put your interest aside.
  • Fighting is conventional in a relationship. But be the first one to reach out to your partner and solve whatever issues you both have.
  • Surprise her by gifting something that they love like if they are into reading give a book if they are nature-lover give an indoor plant.
  • When they are coming home late from the office, wait for them and do dinner together. It is also a way to say ‘I Love You.’
  • Saying “I want to grow old with you” is a profound expression of love, commitment, and devotion to your partner. It means that you see a future with them, that you are willing to work together to build a life together.
  • Tell your partner ‘“you have a special place in my heart,” it shows you’re expressing a deep emotional connection. Let her/him know that they bring comfort, joy and happiness when they are around you. Saying “you have a special place in my heart” can also imply a sense of loyalty and commitment to the person you’re speaking to. It suggests you value and cherish them deeply.
  • Tell them randomly on a date night or evening, how lucky you are to have them, it will convey a sense of love and affection. Also, make your partner feel how important they are to you for the support and companionship.

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Sometimes you can show your love in a better way by doing all these small things instead of just saying the three words. There are unlimited ways to say I Love You, you just need to find out how.

If your partner doesn’t say ‘I Love You’ frequently but do some of these things then understand what he is trying to say (without saying).

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