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Since you’re asking how to get him interested again fast, I won’t beat around the bush.

If your man has lost interest and you want to regain his interest, it’s very easy and revolves around these three concepts:

  • You appeal to his sexual desire
  • Give him an ego boost; or
  • Banter with him to capture his attention

Having said that, interest from a man is nothing special, and that’s also why it’s relatively easy to get a guy interested again.

What’s hard (yet valuable for you as a woman), is to receive his emotional commitment.

Remember, interest isn’t commitment.

Of course it’s very natural for you to want to get his interest again when he has lost interest, but be aware that it’s not a huge amount of value for you to get a guy interested.

Just because a guy is interested, doesn’t mean he loves you or would ever commit to a serious relationship with you.

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But since you’re wondering how to get him interested again fast, let’s focus on getting his interest for now.

We can start with the definition of interest, for clarity. Interest is:

“The feeling of wanting to know or learn about something or someone.”

Other words for interest include attentiveness, absorption or engrossment.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Who doesn’t want a hot guy engrossed in them?

But it’s nothing great, because he could also be engrossed in any other hot girl.

As I mentioned, what’s actually valuable is his commitment to you. It’s him making you belong to him (and wanting you to be his one and only).

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However, objectively, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a man’s interest. It does offer a little short term value to you.

It can:

  • Boost your ego
  • Give you much needed attention
  • Offer you validation
  • Make you feel desirable and sexy
  • Give you some excitement; and
  • In some cases, it might be able to trigger enough intrigue that it gives you an opening to form an emotional connection

Given that a man’s interest does have something to offer you (albeit just short-term gratification), let’s get into the nitty gritty of how to get him interested again fast. 

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How to get him interested again fast

How to Get Him Interested Again Fast

Step 1: Use the Feminine Attraction Triggers

If you want to gain a man’s interest fast, there’s a super quick way, and that is through the use of the feminine attraction triggers.

There are 17 of them altogether, but here is one example:

Simply stick your tongue out playfully at him.

This is an attraction trigger that masculine men cannot ignore because:

  1. It shows your playfulness
  2. It shows your openness to intimacy; and
  3. Your openness to his masculine energy

Essentially, it invites him into your world and into the relationship again. 

Overall, there are 17 attraction triggers you can use in order to get his blood boiling for you (so that he will never look at another woman again).

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Step 2: Offer Him An Ego Boost 

The psychology behind offering him an ego boost to bring back his interest in you is this:

If you can acknowledge him and build him up as a man, you can do two important things:

  1. Polarize him into more of his masculine energy, making him feel more manly around you and increasing the chances of there being feminine/masculine polarity between you.

    Having feminine/masculine polarity between you isn’t a guarantee that he’ll always be attracted to you, but it can definitely help bring the right energy into the relationship. 

    The reason is because when he’s in his masculine, you’ll be polarized into more of your feminine, and when this happens you have a higher chance of him perceiving more value in you as a mate.

    Your authentic feminine energy is one of the things that men perceive value in, so use this ego boost to your advantage. 

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  2. Boosting his ego can make him feel appreciated as a man.

    When you appreciate him, this adds value to him as a man. All men want to feel strong, capable and worthy of a good woman’s attention and love.

    Though I don’t use the framework of the “Hero Instinct In Men”, some people also believe that appreciating a man can trigger his hero instinct.

So here are some ways to use the ego boost to get him interested again fast:

Say: “Wow, you’re so strong.”


Say:  “Wow, you’re smart.”

how to stay high value

Step 3: Be Infectiously Bubbly (Light Feminine)

If you want to know how to get him interested again fast, it’s imperative that you understand the concept of the light feminine energy.

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Light feminine energy is the opposite of dark feminine energy, and you have both light and dark feminine within you.

Your light feminine energy is very useful for attracting your man (or just any man), because it’s so endearing, pleasing and joyful to be around.

One essential key to being light feminine is being infectiously bubbly

This means you show as woman who is:

  • Happy to be alive
  • Happy to be around people
  • Smiles a lot; and
  • Has the trait of agreeableness

Why does light feminine energy work to attract a man? 

Because it expresses your:

  • Genetic fitness
  • Your sense of freedom; and
  • Your feminine energy

By the way, would you like to discover how naturally feminine you are actually? Find out yourself with our quick and easy quiz!

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QUIZ TIME: Are you truly living in your feminine energy? CLICK HERE to find out with my specially crafted 9 Question Quiz!

Step 4: Be Enticingly Devilish (Dark Feminine)

On the other side of the feminine energy spectrum is your dark feminine energy.

There’s been a lot of buzz about dark feminine energy in recent years, and a lot of people have been trying to teach this concept, but to be honest, it’s a very misunderstood topic.

To give you an accurate foundational understanding or what light Vs dark feminine energy, read my article on: Light Vs Dark Feminine Energy: A Quick Contrast.

Dark feminine energy is one of the biggest keys for how to get him interested again fast.

The dark feminine energy within you allows you to connect with the deepest parts of a man. 

If you can reach inside him and connect with the more carnal, selfish parts of him, something magical will happen.

You will ignite a passionate, broadband connection between your dark feminine energy and his dark masculine energy. 

Just by existing as your dark feminine self, you’ll bring out parts of him that other women never have.

And through that, you’ll regain his interest in a high value way.

So how do you offer your devilish, dark feminine side to him and reconnect deeply with him?

You let yourself play with desire and give him a mysterious, devilish wink and then look away. 

Obviously, you have to find an appropriate context for this. You don’t want to go around winking at him in the middle of a business meeting or a church service.

But you are the best judge of when it’s appropriate.

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Step 5: Use Some High Value Banter Lines

How to get him interested again fast?

There’s a really quick way to pique his interest, and that is through the use of high value banter.

Bantering with a man is another method of being in your dark feminine energy, and this is because bantering opens the door to connection and discussion over deeper, taboo topics.

It allows you to connect through the art of playfulness and pushing boundaries in a high value way. 

Here’s an example of high value banter:

You say: “Do you know what I love about you?”

Him: “What do you love about me?”

You: “Absolutely nothing!” [insert playful emoji here].

This may sound like you’re playing mind games or “negging” him, but let me assure you, it is only negging if you have intent to hurt someone.

When your intent is playfulness, it is not mind games, it is in fact the most value-adding thing you can do.


Because it brings playfulness to the table, and playfulness is the precursor to emotional attraction with men.

If you can make a man feel emotionally attracted to you, then you would’ve reignited his interest in you emotionally and physically. 

But not only his “interest”, you’ll be way beyond the surface stuff that is “interest.”

You’ll be in the realm of making a man fall in love, and that’s true success with men.

That’s where the real value is.

So, here’s my heartfelt advice to you:

If you’re afraid to offend men, then you’ll have trouble exhibiting mystery and bringing excitement and romantic tension to the table.

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(My husband David runs this class and I highly recommend you take it.)

Step 6: Post Mysterious And Attractive Photos On Your Social Media

…And tell a story.

How you present yourself on social media matters a lot.

If you’re always posting revealing photos that leave nothing to the imagination, try reconsidering your approach, as there’s no mystery in that.

There’s so much of that on the internet already, there’s little value in it beyond giving men a new photo to “have fun with themselves” in private with.

Plus, with all the women under 35 years of age posting more and more revealing and sexual photos or stories of themselves, you will not stand out in a positive way.

You’ll blend in as “one of many” women. 

It also runs the risk of having men seeing you as nothing more than a hookup, generally speaking.

Of course this is not always true – as you can meet men in person, and they’ll feel who you are beyond what you post on social media.

However if your goal is to get a man interested again fast, you’ll need to have real social media game. 

You need to stand out from the rest of the women on his newsfeed by giving him some value in his news feed and giving him something to connect with. 

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Remove unnecessarily revealing photos (unless tastefully done)
  2. Focus on posting to connect, not only on competing with other people in your age range, and not on getting more attention than the next sexy woman (as there’s no mystery in that)
  3. Focus on telling a story

When you focus on telling a story, here’s what happens…

You start adding value on social media. Most people post for themselves, not to connect with others.

So you want your goal to be connecting with this guy when you post.

Here’s how you can connect with a guy or tell a great story with your stories and photos on social media:

  • Poke fun at yourself. Don’t make your posts about what’s enviable and don’t brag too much (although some bragging is ok).

    Instead share a photo or video story of yourself having fun while sucking at something.

    Share that experience. It showcases how comfortable you are with your vulnerability.

  • Take a photo of yourself somewhere new and pleasing on the eye (like on a beach or at a festival), but just reveal your smiling face, no breasts or sexual stuff needed.

    Don’t just upload a story or photo of scenery (unless it’s a part of a series of stories showing your day). This is very boring.

    Also, you can include a caption but often there is no caption needed – all you need is a nice sticker to indicate that it’s a beautiful, fun or sunny and enjoyable day.

  • Take quality photos of your full, smiling face.

    Share quality photos of your smiling face (no hiding your face), enjoying the best moments of our night/day and share with him your sense of fun.

    Quality photos means: nothing out of focus and don’t keep showing the same perspective over and over again.

    Offer a different perspective by taking your photo or video from a different angle.

As you can see this differs from the usual advice on how to get him interested again fast, where people might recommend you share a smoking hot, sexy photo of yourself.

You can still do that – but we don’t want to rely on sex here, unless all you truly want is for him to want sex with you and nothing more.

learn the dark feminine art of High Value Banter here.

Step 7: Create Some Much Needed Space

If you want to get him interested again, there’s value in offering him (and you) some space.

It takes some courage to offer him this, as right now you’re probably a bit scared that he might run off with another woman.

But it’s ok, because I know you have that courage inside you.

Take this chance to be absent for a bit, so that he can feel what it’s like to not have you around.

He should start to feel the loss of the value that you offered him and start to think of you a lot more.

Unless, of course, you were highly toxic and took far more value than you added.

If that’s the case (if there were too many negative associations built up in the relationship and he wanted to leave you), you can read my article about How to Make Him Want You Back In 8 High Value Steps.

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Step 8: Become A Woman of Value to Men

The final step for how to get him interested again fast is to become a woman of value to men. 

In fact, this won’t only get him interested again fast – it will increase your chances of him wanting to make you his one and only.

But of course, that’s provided there’s not too much negative history in the relationship already.

So how do you become a woman of value to men?

You can raise your intrinsic value as a woman by:

1: Learning how to connect with men.

You do this by understanding men in general so that you feel more empowered with men.

I know the mantra out there in the real world is: “men should be working hard to understand women and making relationships work with us.”

But that’s like a man saying: “women should be the ones trying to seduce us and pick us up.”

These mantras don’t speak to men and women’s innate reproductive agendas.

In other words, you can’t always expect men to work hard for a relationship with you at the start, because they don’t search for that.

Their default state states that they should seek sex.

Thus, they have to perceive value in you for a committed relationship first.

Just like men shouldn’t expect women to just want to sleep with them right off the bat.

You have to attract the woman to you first, and make her want you first.

Anyway, the point is – by default, men will look for a woman who is willing to sleep with them. 

Men aren’t looking for committed relationships by default. Even though they do really want them.

This doesn’t mean men don’t want relationships. What I’m describing is men’s and women’s default states.


One of the best ways to get him interested again fast, is to raise your value.

There’s a massive difference between being a woman who blames a man for all her negative experiences, and a woman who can lead with her understanding.

Leading with your understanding allows you to instantly connect with men and make them feel understood and appreciated by you.

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Also, you can learn how to read a man’s mind with my most popular course, Understanding Men).

(The promise of this course is for you to discover the secrets of the masculine perspective so that you can get through to any man, connect with him heart to heart, and inspire his deepest loyalty and commitment.)

2: Develop a high value mindset towards men, life and dating.

It’s very important to have a high value mindset when dating, as your mindset comes through in every single action you take with a man.

If you have a low value mindset, it will taint your experiences when dating men.

It will also make you risk acting low value. 

So here’s an example of a low value mindset versus a high value mindset:

Low value mindset: 

“Men are selfish, insensitive humans who just want sex.”

A high value mindset could be:

“Just like me, men are doing what is best for themselves. I can inspire almost any man to feel emotional connection and emotional attraction for me just by bringing (what they perceive is value) to the table.”

Can you see how in the first example, such a mindset would make you act low value?

To be specific, that mindset will actually only make you:

  • Communicate old, irrelevant resentment towards men
  • Sabotage your relationships with men and push men away
  • Make you carry a sense of powerlessness around with you
  • Taint your actions with hatred; and
  • Perpetuate more hurt towards yourself – and men!

While the low value mindset could serve you in limited contexts, (such as when you need to process your anger in private), overall it makes you (and the man you’re seeing) suffer more.

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(Why is this important? Because men and women perceive value very differently and you don’t want to be making mistakes that would cause quality men to dismiss, abandon or alienate you.) 

Now for the second example, the high value mindset example.

Read that example again. Can you see how holding this mindset will help you:

  • Lead with your understanding with men, therefore make men feel understood by you
  • Feel knowledgeable and empowered with men; and
  • Encourage you to use your energy on effective actions (what works with men) rather than having resentment sap away your valuable energy?


Would you like to learn the secret mindsets of all high value women who easily attract and keep high value men?

Then I would like to invite you to try out our “High Value Mindsets” course.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Men Losing Interest In Women

How to get his attention back from another woman?

First, know that most attention from men is cheap. If all you want is attention from him, then offer your sensuality and sexuality to him.

See: if his attention is on another woman, that doesn’t mean she’s better than you.

Unless he’s truly in love with her romantically, then all it is is just his need for novelty kicking in.

He’s moved on to another woman because she’s new and exciting, and if you see this type of attention as worth chasing, then be prepared to lose it at some point again once you’ve gained it.

What you really need as a woman is not just cheap attention, but real love from a man. You need a man to commit to you emotionally and want to make you his only woman.

But if you’re serious about wanting to know how to get his attention back from another woman, then do exactly what I suggested: offer your sensuality and sexuality (ie: show him that you’re open to sex) and he’ll give you attention.

But beware: this type of attention is fleeting and if you want a full, satisfying love life, then you should focus more on how to make him fall in love.

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How to get a guy interested again after being needy?

First, are you sure you made him lose interest because of your neediness?

If so, then focus on being a high value woman. CLICK here to learn the 6 traits of a high value woman (& 3 traits to AVOID).

Being a high value woman will help you avoid the needy behavior in the future.

But try to also be aware that you can’t completely eliminate neediness forever. When you get attached to a man, neediness is necessary to some extent in order to ensure he’s true to and in order to test his emotional commitment.

Don’t try to pretend you’re completely unattached and completely independent of him, as that’s inauthentic.

Plus it goes against your feminine bias for early attachment to men (which can actually help you make a man fall in love).

If you’d like to learn how to use your feminine bias to for early attachment to your advantage in order to make a man fall in love with you, check out our “High Value Attachment” course.

(The promise of this course is to help you to use your innate feminine bias for early attachment to create deeper attraction with men and inspire a deeper commitment from him without you looking needy and low value.) 

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Can I get him interested again by ignoring him?

Ignoring someone is a powerful tool that you only want to use if you have strong feelings that you want to communicate (and aren’t afraid of the consequences).

I don’t recommend that you ignore him in person.

However, if you want to ignore him over text and social media, just know that if the guy didn’t feel much emotional attraction and emotional connection for you in the first place, then he’d never come back for the right reasons.

Essentially you’re relying on playing games (the negative, value-extracting kind of games) to try to desperately hold his attention.

The only reason he’d get interested again when you ignore him is if he is bored or if he fears of losing you.

And that’s nothing great.

You don’t want a man just to fear losing you – if that’s the only way you can spark his interest again, that means he wasn’t ever actually into you.

He probably only wanted the sex.

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