Taxi drivers first go to work before starting their work. Immediately after arriving at work, a breath alcohol test is conducted, and if even a small amount of alcohol is detected, the employee will not be allowed to work. After the alcohol test, employees check and briefly clean the vehicle they are in charge of, and after completing the roll call, they leave the company in their vehicle. There is a set break time that each employee at Taxi in Tunbridge Wells must take depending on their work style, and we work while working on this break time.

A unique feature of employees is that they are free to decide how to work and when to take breaks at their own discretion. However, in recent years, GPS has enabled the driver’s current location to be confirmed, so if there is a request for a ride nearby, the company will provide instructions. Once your shift is over, you will return to the company and complete your work. Many companies have nap rooms and bathrooms, so if you join one of these companies, you can go home feeling better and in better shape.

There are many ways to operate a taxi!

After taxi drivers leave the company, they operate in a variety of different styles. Major taxi companies, sometimes handle reservations from contracted companies, and another important job is to respond to individual customers who have made reservations directly to the company and request rides. 

When there are no reservations or dispatches available, you drive and wait around town based on your own strategies and plans. We have a service at Tunbridge Wells Airport Transfers where we pick up customers who have been stopped by raising their hand at various places in the city, and a waiting area (taxi pool) for taxis at stations, airports, hotels, etc. We conduct sales using a method called wait for delivery.

Depending on your work style, you may have many holidays and a fulfilling personal life.

Variations in Working Shifts

There are many variations in how taxi drivers work. There are three main types of work: day shift, night shift, and alternate day shift. If you want to avoid the night shift, you can join a company that only recruits for the day shift and works the same hours as a typical office worker. You can also do work. Additionally, housewives who want to take time to raise children or care for family members and who don’t want to work at night work only work part-time or part-time during certain hours.

The most common way for Taxi in Tunbridge Wells drivers to work is to work every other day. Alternate-day work literally means working every other day, but if you work in this style, for example, if you start work at 2 p.m., you’re working hours will be until 10 a.m. the following day, and your working hours will exceed 20 hours. However, if you work every other day, you always have a day off after each shift, so you can only work about 13 days per month at most. 

You can take consecutive holidays, so it’s convenient for people who work hard and want plenty of time off. Working every other day is difficult until you get used to it, but once you get used to this pace, you can secure time for yourself and your family, so you can have time for family services and hobbies that you weren’t able to do when you were an office worker. There are many drivers who say that it has become so!

Who is suitable to be a taxi driver?

No matter what kind of work you do, if you look at it from the outside, there will be some enviable aspects and others that will seem difficult. Even though taxi drivers may seem boring due to the long hours they spend driving, waiting, and being alone, many Tunbridge Wells Airport Transfers drivers find their work interesting and irresistible. There is. It can be said that most of these people have the talent to be taxi drivers. Here, we will explain what kind of people can enjoy taxi work and their suitability.

People who don’t have trouble driving

A taxi driver’s main job is driving a car. If you don’t like driving in the first place, or if you find it painful to be in a car for long periods of time, there’s no way you’ll find taxi work interesting. On the other hand, if you like driving, or if you don’t like driving but don’t dislike driving in your daily life, or if you don’t find it painful to drive for long periods of time when traveling, etc., you’ll probably want to become a taxi driver. It is suitable for! Taxi work is also recommended for people who like looking at maps and discovering and exploiting loopholes and shortcuts, as it can improve work efficiency and be rewarding.

People who like customer service

Being a taxi driver is a profession that only becomes viable when you pick up passengers. For those who are not good at communicating with people and don’t feel like they can provide good customer service, there may not be a job as difficult as this one. Even if it’s only for a short time, you may work one-on-one with customers behind closed doors, so unless you like interacting with people to some extent, it will be difficult to continue working.

However, the most important thing is a pleasant greeting when boarding and getting off the train, and a prompt response. This world doesn’t necessarily benefit people who like to talk, so whether or not you’re good at conversation doesn’t really matter. In fact, being talkative can be a disaster and lead to complaints. If you have experience in the customer service industry or are aware that you are suited to customer service, you are well suited to become a Tunbridge Wells Airport Transfers taxi driver!

People who like analysis

The taxi industry is a meritocracy where skills improve in an interesting way depending on the driver’s strategy and effort. Drivers themselves analyze based on their experience, such as when and where they should operate to get more customers to ride, and when and where the cost per passenger is higher, and by operating efficiently, sales increase and income increases. It will increase. Taxi drivers work on a commission system where their pay is determined according to the distribution ratio, so as long as you have your analytical skills and ability to take action, you can move up the ranks regardless of your years of experience or career. Those who have previously worked in management or sales positions, or those who like to strategize at work or sports, will find the job of a taxi driver interesting!

Who is not suitable for becoming a taxi driver?

All jobs have one thing in common: they’re not always interesting, and taxi work is no different. Being a taxi driver is a job that anyone with a Class 2 license, seriousness, and motivation can find rewarding. However, there are of course some people who are better off not choosing a taxi job. Here, we will explain what kind of people should not choose the taxi industry as a career change, and what kind of people are not suitable as taxi drivers!

People who like to work according to the manual

Many taxi companies have enhanced education and training systems to teach know-how to those with no experience in the taxi industry or to new employees. However, in order to actually increase sales, the motivation, ingenuity, and effort of the individual are absolutely essential. It must be said that becoming a taxi driver is not suitable for people who lack initiative and prefer work that follows a manual.

People who want a stable salary

As I mentioned earlier, taxi drivers are paid on a “commission” basis, where the sales amount is divided by the company according to the distribution ratio. This means that your income will fluctuate from month to month. There are many companies that pay a fixed salary + commission pay, but in any case, the fixed salary is the minimum necessary, so the salary is actually determined by the commission pay. Taxi work is probably not suitable for those who want a stable monthly salary, even if it is small, rather than having their personal effort and hard work reflected in their salary.

A Person with no desire to improve

In order to improve a Tunbridge Wells Taxi driver’s ability and income, the will and actions of the taxi driver are extremely important. I have to say that it is difficult for people who do not desire to work hard to earn money or those who do not have the idea of changing their lives by being able to work to realize the fun of taxi work. On the other hand, if you have ambitions to open your own private taxi business in the future and earn even more money at your own pace, joining a taxi company can be very rewarding.

Taxi work suddenly becomes more interesting once you start earning money!

Some people who change jobs as taxi drivers quit because their income is lower than their previous job. However, while many people who leave their jobs do so after experiencing “disappointment” because it turns out not to be what they had imagined, many people who succeed without quitting have better income and better treatment than their previous jobs. My life is getting better and my life is fulfilling. Here, we will tell you the know-how to realize the fun of the taxi business by earning a lot.

Summary of This Article

Whether or not you find the job of a taxi driver boring depends on whether or not you have the aptitude for it. Taxi work suddenly becomes more interesting when you can earn money. Choose a safe vehicle with Tunbridge Wells Airport Transfers and drive responsibly.

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