A Guide to The Magic of Eternity Engagement Rings

Love they say, makes the world go round. And celebrating this feeling will surely be incomplete without an engagement ring. These engagement rings are not mere jewelleries or accessories but are antiques that are meant to last forever and celebrate the bond of love, togetherness and devotion forever. In this article we will take you on a journey of eternal love and beauty. Let’s explore what is the significance of these engagement rings and what is their importance in the metaphysical world.

What is the significance of engagement rings?

You might have definitely come across someone wearing an engagement ring and thought what it must be signifying. So, engagement rings are not just pieces of circles worn around the finger for those who understand its importance. These rings symbolize a never-ending love and commitment towards each other and wearing them on the fingers keeps you reminding about your love, responsibility and devotion for someone. This ring also symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter in your life where you embark on a journey to togetherness forever. These rings serve a reminder that the love has an enduring strength which makes the world go round.

Eternity engagement rings- the new trend

With the change in the trend, the engagement rings too have started changing. Earlier, simple diamond rings were considered to be the perfect fit for engagement by the common people while, solitaires remained the favourites of the higher classes. But, these days, couples have started shifting to eternity rings. These eternity rings mostly have gemstones of any kind designed and studded in such a way that they form a circle round the finger and there’s no start or end to the design of the ring. As the name symbolizes, they are placed in a continuous circle one after the other.

Trending engagement rings

So, since we have already discussed the importance of engagement rings, we will now explore what are the various kinds of trending eternity engagement rings and what do they symbolize in daily life.

1. Platinum Eternity Rings: Timeless Beauty and Infinite Love

Exquisitely crafted from one of the rarest metals on earth, the platinum eternity rings are the epitome of timeless beauty and infinite love. These rings are considered to symbolize love that is rare and enduring. Known as for its remarkable strength, the platinum is also the symbol of the unbreakable bond between the two individuals. Gifting a platinum ring to your soulmate does not only mean that you are gifting the engagement ring but also a promise of infinite love.

2. Diamond Half Eternity Rings: A Brilliant Display of Love

Girls’ best friends? Diamonds of course. What can be better than gifting a diamond ring to her on your engagement day? Diamonds are known for their strength and as the most durable and strong of all the gemstones scoring the highest on the Mohr’s scale. These diamond rings can be made into solitaires, eternity and diamond half eternity rings. Of all these designs, the half-eternity rings are gaining popularity these days due to their symbolic importance and comfortable design. Only the first half of this ring has diamonds on it which makes its comparatively cheap in comparison to full eternity rings and the simple other half makes it an everyday wear.

3. Emerald Eternity Rings: The Green Symbol of Hope and Growth

The colour green has long been associated with growth, renewal and hope and what can be a better promise of love than these? Emeralds- the deep green coloured gemstones have long been couples’ favourites primarily because of its colour and secondly because of the attributes that this gemstone has. Foe couples who see their love as constant source of love and renewal, the emerald eternity rings will be their first choice.

Metaphysical significance of engagement rings

No doubt these rings are beautiful but do you know these gemstones have metaphysical importance too. The platinum, being a powerful conductor of energy is though to strengthen the bond between the two individuals keeping them together forever. Diamonds, with their clarity and brilliant shine is thought to amplify the intentions and emotions between the two individuals. Considered to be the gemstones of transformation and growth, the emeralds help couples to navigate through the various challenges that come in the life.

Summing Up
The world is full of uncertainty and chaos but love, in this love comes as a beacon of new life and rejuvenation. Engagement rings in this world therefore serves as an enduring power providing strength to the couples for stay true to each other and face the challenges of life together. These rings since are adorned with various kinds of gemstones, so the mystic and metaphysic power of gemstones play an important part in the life too. Various kinds of gemstones have different powers and energies and it entirely depends on the individuals as to what kind of power and strength do they want in their lives.

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