I never get tired of seeing Cartagena. To be more explicit, I’m speaking to Cartagena’s downtown or Cartagena’s historic center. For me, three days is ample because you’ll get to know the old city and have time to enjoy the laid-back Caribbean culture with Copa Airlines Seat Assignment Cost!

Amazing Places to Visit in the Old City of Cartagena: 

  1. Old City Walking Tour

The best way to do so is on a Cartagena guided tour. A wide variety of walking tours are available, including personalized tours and even free walking tours. I have done the free walking tour in Cartagena and recommend it. The tour lasts around 3 hours and provides an excellent introduction to the ancient part of Cartagena. But, the trip is not personalized. This specific tour includes a 3-hour English-guided stroll for only $54 USD per person. 

  1. Fort Wall at sunset

The fort wall is a stop on each walking tour of the city. But, on your own time, return and take a stroll along the wall at sunset! This is the ideal time to sip a cocktail while watching the sunset over the water. You can also visit a few restaurants on the wall that sell beers and cocktails during this hour. Cafe Del Mar is the most popular destination.

Arrive no less than one hour when the sun sets in case you are interested in getting a good seat here, as the lines can be long. You can also get a beer from any of the street vendors that have coolers filled with refreshments. These are only 5,000 COP ($1 USD) and will benefit a local. 

  1. La Cevicheria

The irony of what follows is that I spent two months in Peru before my most recent vacation to Cartagena. For those who are unaware, Peru is the birthplace of ceviche and its national meal. But, the greatest ceviche I’ve ever had was at La Cevicheria in Cartagena’s old town. Isn’t that crazy? But, anyhow, let’s get back to La Cevicheria. This amazing restaurant is the most well-known spot to eat in Cartagena. They serve an extensive selection of seafood dishes but are particularly renowned for their ceviche.

  1. Shopping

If you consider yourself a shopaholic, Cartagena will be your ultimate shopping destination. Boutique stores, markets, and stalls can be throughout the old city. This is the best site in Colombia to find a unique and intriguing souvenir! In fact, if you’re looking for a unique gift, visit one of the many emerald jewelry stores. You may get high-quality emeralds at low prices here. Casa Abba was another wonderful boutique we discovered.

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Casa Abba was a hole in the wall that we discovered while exploring Cartagena’s old town. This boutique retail mall is brimming with unique crafts and apparel manufactured. Everything from high-quality jewelry to apparel may be here!

Plan a trip to this beautiful city of Copa Airlines Seat Assignment Cost and enjoy your days in Cartagena.

  1. Colombian street food

Cartagena is the birthplace of intriguing and delectable Colombian street food. You can discover a variety of goodies to quench your appetite at the many tiny merchants and street stalls. Of course, seek for favorites like empanadas, but don’t be afraid to try some lesser-known foods as well.

Some of my favorites are shrimp cocktails, egg arepas, and my personal favorite, Cocada. Cocadas are a coconut-based sweet delight that comes in a variety of flavors. For 10,000 COP ($3 USD), you can get a pack of ten with five different tastes. My personal fave is coconut! Many of these Cocada stalls may be seen at Portal de Los Dulces in Cartagena’s walled city.

  1. Getsemani

Gethsemane is the party district of Cartagena’s old town, located outside the city’s walls. This is a pretty cool location to explore, and the streets here have their own distinct, but bizarre, charm. You can even join specific tours, such as this one, to see around Getsemani and get to know this unique neighborhood.

Also, make time to go about and admire the beautiful street art. This can be in Getsimani, where 20 fresh murals will be on the walls in 2020! You can either join this street art tour or explore around on your own. This neighborhood gets wild at night, so be prepared for a big one.

Enjoy your vacation in Cartagena with copa airlines change name on ticket and enjoy your vacation.


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