There is no clutch pedal in a car with automatic transmission. If the transmission is in D position, the car selects the gear position itself with the help of the transmission and the brain, and the system makes the gear changes for you. The stages of automatic transmission vehicles are indicated with certain letters and numbers.

Letters of automatic transmission vehicles:

P – Parking position (transmission lock, we must select it if the vehicle is stationary)

R – Reverse drive

N – Neutral or Neutral (as in manual transmission vehicles)

D – Driving

2 – Second stage

1 – First stage

L – Low gear (Not available in every automatic transmission)

Those who see 1st and 2nd gear in the gearbox options immediately think: “If gear shifting is Automatic car lessons, why are there 1st and 2nd gears?” ‘comes the question. To explain this situation;

Sometimes drivers may need to stabilize the automatic system. For example, if you are going down a steep hill, the automatic transmission tries to shift to a higher gear. From a safety perspective, we need to descend slower. For this reason, we shift to low gear and the unintentional acceleration of the vehicle is braked.


How to Start, Drive and Stop Automatic Transmission?


To start driving the vehicle, we have to perform 2 initial steps. The gear must be in P position and we must press the brake pedal. In most automatic transmission cars, you cannot start driving unless we take these steps. Therefore, your right foot should be on the brake and the gear should be in P, then you need to turn the key and start the car. To start driving, you must release the handbrake and shift the gear from P to D.

Shifting to Automatic Transmission.

Most automatic cars are designed to move forward without pressing the accelerator pedal. Therefore, if you release the handbrake and shift the gear to D, then take your foot off the brake to start driving, the vehicle will start to move forward. The harder you press the gas, the faster you accelerate according to your engine power.

How to slow down and stop with automatic transmission?

Slowing down and stopping is easier in cars with automatic driving lessons Coventry than in cars with manual transmission. To slow down, you must take your right foot off the gas and press the brake. The vehicle will slow down depending on how hard you press the brakes. When you take your foot off the brake, it will continue driving according to the gear position. You will need to apply pressure to the gas to accelerate again.

To stop, you must take your right foot off the gas pedal and apply pressure on the brake according to the distance you want to stop. When the vehicle comes to a complete stop, before stopping the vehicle’s engine, you must shift the transmission to P position, apply the handbrake, and then stop the vehicle. If you park your vehicle on a slope, such as a hill, you must first pull the parking brake before stopping the engine of your vehicle, then put it in P position and stop the vehicle. In this case, you will not put the load of your vehicle on the transmission. You extend the life of your engine and transmission.

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