Best Tips Prepare for the Microsoft Certifications exam

Study guides of Microsoft Certifications are available for each role-based, specialty and fundamentals exam to provide you with an idea of what to expect on the test. They outline its topics of coverage and link out to additional resources; in addition to this there may also be self-study options and classroom training as well as links to documentation, community sites or exam prep videos available. This information and materials provided will assist your studies as you prepare for an examination.

Skills review for Microsoft Office certification exams

On each Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam page, there is a “Skills Measured” section with a downloadable exam skills outline documenting what topics the exam covers.

Watch Exam Prep Videos

Exam prep videos for some Microsoft Certifications exams can be found both on the exam details page and exam readiness zone. They offer strategies and advice for passing your exam by outlining key skills measured on it and allocating study time effectively. Each video segment corresponds to one major topic area on your exam, and are led by Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs). You can view all available videos by exploring your exam readiness zone.

Self-paced training on Microsoft Learn

Learners can take advantage of free online learning paths provided on each certification and exam details page to prepare for exams and certifications. Furthermore, all learning paths and modules may be browsed according to product, role or learning level for further insight.

Microsoft Learn’s interactive online modules and tutorials offer bite-sized skill builders for you to complete at your own pace – available in multiple languages for your convenience.

Instructor-Led Training

Search the exam detail pages or explore all instructor-led courses available for your exam preparation, or enroll in instructor-led training with dedicated subject matter experts offering in-depth, structured training.

Microsoft Certified trainers provide online and in-person classes and workshops centered around current ILT course material on Microsoft Learn to help prepare participants for certification.

Learn from a Microsoft Certified Trainer

Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) provide in-person and hybrid courses delivered by our worldwide training partner network for your team. MCTs are top-class trainers that deliver official Microsoft courseware through in-person and hybrid delivery methods. For optimal ILT delivery experience, contact one of our training partners now and request an MCT instructor!

Take a Practice Assessment Now

Practice Assessments on Microsoft Learn: For select exams, Microsoft Learn provides free Practice Assessments in multiple languages that can help you prepare for an examination.

Practice Assessments help you develop skills, assess knowledge, and identify any areas where more preparation may be required in order to increase the chances of passing certification exams. They offer an overview of the style, wording and difficulty of questions you are likely to see on an exam – though these questions do not represent exactly what will appear on it nor does this document represent its length or complexity – rather they provide insight into what to expect on test day and determine if further preparation may be required.

Practice Assessments are offered in various languages to accommodate those looking to take an assessment in their preferred tongue.

Check Out the Exam Sandbox

The AZ-104 exam experience first-hand by visiting our “exam sandbox.” Here, you can experience its look and feel before actually taking it, interact with various question types in their user interfaces similar to what you will encounter during testing, learn which actions are required for answering each type of question type, how information about an exam can be located quickly, mark questions for review or leave comments – plus gain access to exam instructions, question type help documents and non-disclosure agreements – giving you a truly immersive experience from start-finish!

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