For most authors, publicity is the most effective form of book marketing and improves visibility. Finding a good publicist is one way to give your book a better chance of success. PR people with media relationships and long track records of success getting placements can create a campaign that supports your needs. Being clear about your goals upfront is helpful and can lead to you getting more out of your publicity budget. If you’re a nonfiction author, expect the book PR program to benefit you and your business secondarily. Finding a publicist who works with today’s best techniques is also essential.

The most effective PR people know how to think like the media. They can put themselves in other people’s shoes to understand their needs. When books are pitched and presented in helpful ways, they improve their chances of being covered. Nothing is a sure bet in publicity because it’s subjective and depends on other people’s interests. But knowing editors and producers and their tastes can also improve your chances. The only way to find out what you can earn is to go into the marketplace and have PR people pitch you to the media. When it’s done well, the results may surprise you.

Planning and organization are key determiners of a book PR campaign’s success. Because publicity “hits” can be incremental, going after the right ones at the right time is essential. For example, local and trade media coverage can impress more prominent outlets and lead to more coverage. Knowing which ones to approach first and then in later waves of your campaign can boost effectiveness. Deciding on key messages and ensuring they flow through your campaign materials is vital. If you have different target audiences, you may have multiple sets of key messages – each group may have specific interests you can address.

Creativity is also rewarded, and knowing how far to push the envelope is an excellent skill. You want to be new and novel enough to catch people’s attention yet easily understandable. Many a campaign has flopped with a concept that left its audience guessing. Finding PR people who have a knack for campaign development pays off nicely in the long run. Trying to redo things tested in the past can cause your book to be passed over in favor of others. Given the competition in the market today, you can ensure that your presentation is fresh and compelling. They are the things people consistently reward.

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