Can I pick my seats on Skyscanner?

Since the site is a third party aggregator the OTA or airline handles seat selection for Skyscanner UK direct flights and other destinations. Airline seat selection fees are also the customer responsibility.

Skyscanner cannot be used to choose a seat. Complete you’re booking there and then check in to the airline website to select your seats using your confirmed flight tickets details.

How to choose the best airline seats online.

Research the type of Aircraft.

When choosing an aeroplane seat first determine the type of plane you’ll be flying on. It crucial to examine the aircraft type used by different airlines on multiple itineraries to identify the optimal seating area.

Every aeroplane has different seat layouts. Thus review the seat maps of each aircraft generally available online and choose the ideal dining arrangement. While also considering seats with more legroom or accessibility to in-flight amenities.

Your Preference.

The perfect seat for you depends on your preferences. For instance do you prefer a window seat for views or an aisle seat for convenience Do you want immediate access to the restrooms or can you wait Do you need more legroom or can you fly on ordinary seats Thus all such discussions should occur now.

Seat Selection Tools.

Many reputable airlines offer seat selection capabilities during ticket booking and online check in. Such technologies allow customers to examine available seats and select seats based on their preferences and criteria such

  • Extra legroom seats.
  • Proximity to exit seats.
  • Seat pitch etc.

Read reviews.

Many review sites such as SeatGuru provide thorough seat maps and reviews of major carriers planes and offer real time insights into specific seats highlighting their advantages and negatives based on variables such

  • Seat width.
  • Reclining
  • Proximity to lavatories or galleys etc.

Early Seat Selection.

Only pre booking is recommended for selecting seats in a specific aircraft region. Early seat selections allow you to choose your seats easily for a charge. Otherwise seat selection during check in depends on seat availability which may not suit your needs.

Consider Seat Fees.

Selecting seats in advance for any airline costs more. Extra legroom or other premium seats cost more.

Check with the Airline.

For seating requests or questions contact the airline online or by phone. They will advise you on the finest seat for your travel needs in detail. 

Skyscanner doesn’t let you choose seats for any airline on its platform. You can choose a seat through the OTA while booking or on the airline website.


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