Choose a VPS Hosting Plan For an e-commerce Website in India

In the beginning, most business owners choose a shared hosting plan for their new e-commerce website, but when a website grows, they shift their hosting plans from shared to VPS. When we discuss the need for an e-commerce website, scalability plays an important role. The reason for this is that an e-commerce site experiences fluctuating traffic levels, especially during the peak shopping season or during promotional events. Here the flexibility of VPS plans shines. 

In the case of an increase in traffic or resource demands on your online store, you can seamlessly upgrade your VPS plan. Because of the scalability feature your website is available during high-traffic spikes and gives an excellent shopping experience to your visitors. In short, we can say that for an e-commerce website a VPS server is the best choice in India. If you have any doubts then don’t worry we give some reasons why a VPS server is the perfect choice for an e-commerce website. So read a complete article and buy a VPS Hosting India plan from a reputable and trusted web hosting company such as Hostbillo Hosting Solution. Let’s start! 

Reason to Choose a VPS Server For an E-commerce Website in India

In the below, we listed some of the benefits of choosing a VPS server for an e-commerce website. After reading all such benefits you conclude that a VPS India is the best choice. So carefully read all such benefits. 

Reduced Costs: 

A virtual private server is less expensive than a dedicated server since you’ll only pay for one server, which will then be divided into multiple virtual servers. With the VPS plans, you will get all such features and benefits that a dedicated server gives at a high cost. 

Isolation and Security:

In the e-commerce business security plays an important role. This type of website collects the personal information of their customers such as name, addresses, phone numbers, email and bank details. Your website operates in a dedicated virtual environment with VPS hosting India, which provides you with a high level of isolation. Because of the isolated environment, there are fewer chances of security breaches so your customer’s confidential information is safe. 

Customization And Control:  

An e-commerce website needs additional software and configurations to meet its unique needs. All of such is possible only with the best VPS hosting plans in India because you will get complete control over server. So you can customize or set it up as per your e-commerce website requirements. It is important for your website to function precisely as required for your clients to have a positive shopping experience.

Scalability And Resource Allocation:

As your e-commerce business grows you will need additional RAM, CPU, and storage. And all such needs are fulfilled only by a VPS server India. Because of their flexibility feature your website handles high traffic that will receive during peak seasons such as Diwali and Holi without compromising the website performance. During a high traffic, a website needs more resources and this server fulfills their website requirements. 

Enhanced Performance And Speed: 

In this competitive e-commerce world website performance and speed is an important. VPS hosting resolves the “Noisy Neighbour” problem that commonly occurs in shared hosting setups by providing dedicated resources. Due to this, your website loads the pages quickly, avoiding downtime, improving the user experience, and increasing the conversion rates. And all of such is possible because of VPS Hosting India services.      

Choosing The Right VPS Hosting Provider in India      

In the market there are a lot of web hosting companies in India that give the services of VPS server. But there is no guarantee that all such companies are the best. There are only a limited number of companies that are really the best. And you choose one of them. As per our research, we recommend one such Web Hosting Company that is really the best and that name is Hostbillo Hosting Solution. 

Hostbillo is a reputed, trusted, and reliable web hosting provider. Their VPS plans are both cheap and the Best. Moreover, they offer many benefits with their VPS server services in India such as:-

  • 99.90% Uptime Commitment
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 20x Faster Speed
  • Unbeatable Security
  • 7 Days Credit Back Guarantee
  • Free Server Setup
  • SSD VPS Hosting 
  • DDoS Protection
  • SSH Root Control
  • Dedicated Server Resources

Futher, Hostbillo offer four plan for VPS India. So as per your website needs and budget, you can choose one of them. Their plan name is  Billo V1, Billo V2, Billo V3 and Billo V4. In the below image you can see the plan with pricing and features. 


For an e-commerce website choosing a VPS plan is the strategic option. Also, you can build a strong digital presence in India. This plan offers reliability, better performance, speed, etc. Moreover, your business is growing so don’t be worried a VPS plan easily handles a lot of visitors. During special occasions such as Diwali and Holi. at this time a website receives additional traffic. 

Moreover, if your website needs additional storage, CPU, and RAM then VPS Hosting India gives a facility to upgrade the hosting plans. You can buy Hostbillo’s VPS plans for your e-commerce website. They have an experienced support team that is available 24/7 to solve their customer’s problems. If you face any problem during the time of buying their best VPS Hosting plans in India then contact their support team. They can help you. 

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