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In the world of HGV and trucking, opportunities are abundant, but the right drivers are in short supply. Truckslife, the UK’s premier hub for all things trucking and haulage, is your ultimate destination for HGV jobs and truck jobs. Let’s dive into why Truckslife is the go-to platform for both companies and drivers.

Unveiling the HGV Jobs and Truck Jobs Oasis

Truckslife isn’t just another job board; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem dedicated to the world of trucking. As the fastest-growing trucking company resource in the UK, we’ve recognized the industry’s pressing need for qualified HGV drivers. Companies in the trucking and haulage sector often struggle to find the right talent to fill their HGV jobs and truck jobs. That’s where Truckslife steps in.

Advertising Your HGV Driver Jobs

If you’re in search of the perfect candidate for your HGV driver jobs or HGV driving jobs, Truckslife is your answer. Our platform draws thousands of monthly visitors, with the most popular section being our job listings. By posting your job openings on Truckslife, you gain access to a vast pool of potential HGV drivers and other trucking professionals. Whether you need experienced HGV drivers or fresh talent, Truckslife has you covered.

Advertise Your HGV Class 1 Driver Jobs with Ease

Finding skilled HGV drivers is a breeze on Truckslife. Our platform caters to both experienced drivers and those just starting their careers. Whether you require temporary, permanent, or contract positions across various industries, we’ve got you covered. Advertising your HGV Class 1 driver job openings here ensures that you connect with the best-suited candidates.

Maximum Exposure for Your Job Listings

Truckslife is the prime platform to maximize your job advertisements’ exposure. As the “one-stop shop” for HGV driving jobs and truck driving jobs within the trucking industry, we’ve become the first choice for drivers and owner-operators seeking local, regional, or long-haul HGV driving jobs. By creating top-quality ads on our platform, you can attract more candidates and securely collect the necessary information. With Truckslife, you’ll quickly fill your driver positions and expand your reach across the UK, securing the best experts for the job.

Seamless Advertising Process

Advertising for HGV driving jobs and HGV driver jobs at Truckslife is straightforward. We offer two flexible plans:

Standard Plan: Advertise on a “One Off” basis and pay as you go. Advertisements can run for 30, 60, or 90 days, with volume discounts available for multiple ads.

Professional Plan: Ideal for companies or users with ongoing hiring needs. Advertisements can be replaced at any time at no extra cost. Pay a monthly fee based on the number of ads required, with the flexibility to cancel at any time.

Effortless Job Advert Creation

Creating job adverts on Truckslife is a breeze:

Categorize your job: Choose from various categories, including HGV driving jobs, Truck driving jobs, and more.

Specify job titles: List all relevant job titles, such as Class 1, Class 2, and more.

Job types: Indicate whether the job is full-time, part-time, permanent, temporary, contract, or commission-based.

Salary details: Share the offered salary or rate.

Location: Specify the job location.

Job description: Add up to 4 key points of information.

Review and publish: Save, review, and publish your adverts easily.

The Rising Demand for HGV Driving Jobs and Truck Driving Jobs in the UK

Post-Brexit and the COVID pandemic, the UK faces a significant shortage of 100,000 HGV drivers. Companies across the logistics and supply chain industry are in dire need of skilled HGV drivers. This presents a golden opportunity for those looking to start or advance their driving careers. HGV driver jobs offer competitive salaries and benefits, and the demand for qualified drivers is higher than ever. If you’re a skilled HGV driver, Truckslife is your ticket to finding the perfect job match quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why advertise for HGV driving jobs and truck jobs at

Our platform attracts thousands of new visitors monthly, with job listings being the most popular section. Advertising your HGV jobs here grants you access to a vast pool of potential drivers and trucking professionals.

How to post a job advert for HGV 2 driver jobs or any other category and license at Truckslife?

You can choose between the “Standard Plan” and the “Professional Plan” based on your needs. Advertise your full-time and part-time job vacancies with competitive pay rates with ease.

Do you accept newly qualified drivers for HGV driving jobs or truck driving jobs?

Yes, we cater to both experienced HGV drivers and newly qualified ones.

Do you help in hiring for HGV Class 2 driver job roles across all locations in the UK?

Absolutely! We cover all classes of HGV driving jobs and other industry-related positions, ensuring a comprehensive job marketplace.

Our Founding Values

Truckslife is founded on the principles of high integrity, trust, honesty, and commitment. We use cutting-edge technology to deliver efficient and transparent hiring experiences. Advertising your HGV jobs and trucking jobs with us ensures satisfactory results, backed by our dedicated support team. Join Truckslife today, and let’s drive your success together.

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