Imagine waking up to the snow-capped mountains and the serene beauty of the forest amidst the floating clouds. Well, the sight viewed from a penthouse will elevate the vibe of the view and the place. And, to truly feel this beauty a perfect atmosphere and environment is needed. Flooring plays an important part in determining the vibe of a place and wood flooring in a penthouse on the mountains will multiply the beauty of the place. So, in this article we will explain why an engineered oak herringbone flooring will prove to be an ideal choice for your mountain penthouse.

The beauty of Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered oak flooring is considered to be the epitome of elegance and beauty owing to timeless charm, beauty, elegance and grandeur. The wood is therefore the perfect choice for the mountain penthouse and the addition of the herringbone pattern adds to the grace of the room. This therefore makes it an ideal choice for the areas where people flock for vacations. So, here further in this article we will discuss why you should go for this flooring option.

1. Durability of mountain environments

From icy winters to humid summers, mountains face all sorts of weather conditions and your mountain penthouse will have to undergo all these weathers and fluctuation of temperatures. The engineered flooring is made to withstand such harsh and fluctuating weather conditions and therefore prove to be the best choice for mountains. The multi-layer construction of this flooring helps in sustaining the humid and moist weather conditions and protects the floor from cracking or wrapping.

2. Aesthetic appeal

The herringbone pattern is something which never gets old and in fact adds a vintage charm to the wood flooring. The flooring creates a visually striking appearance with the view that it complements the nature outside and the vibe inside the penthouse. This creates a harmonious blend of modernity and natural beauty thereby enhancing the overall look of the place.

3. Ease of maintenance

Maintaining the floors of the areas facing high usage and specially hotels, resorts and penthouses is quite difficult. There are always people coming to visit and stay which may at times lead to untidy rooms left behind. In this case maintaining a floor for example marble, etc which catches strains and marks will be a difficult task. The wood floorings here come to your rescue. They resistant to scratches and strains and therefore only light cleaning with a damp mop will clean the mess and keep your penthouse clean.

4. Eco- friendly option

Engineered wood flooring is usually a better and sustainable option in comparison to the wood floorings. The main reason behind this is the fact that the engineered wood utilises very less real wood in comparison to the solid wood flooring. By choosing this flooring option, you are not just beautifying your mountain penthouse but also making a sustainable choice for your environment too.

Summing Up

There are a number of reasons why you should definitely go for this flooring. Along with these four major reasons, there are various factors too which will be in your favour if you get this flooring installed in your penthouse. A few factors to consider before getting the flooring installed are the climate considerations, subfloor inspection, budget planning, maintenance and care, professional installation, warranty and quality, etc.

By paying attention to all these details you can not only have a great engineered wood flooring but also have things done on a budget. Since these floorings are considered to last a lifetime if due care and maintenance is provided, it will also save you from future reflooring or renovation. Eco- friendliness of the flooring is the most amazing part of this flooring as discussed. Today, our planet is facing a number of environment issues and all due to our negligence and carelessness. Therefore, a little attention towards the kind of materials that you are investing in will be a help towards creating a sustainable earth and a sustainable future for all of us. So, what more reasons do you need? Aren’t these convincing enough to get the wood floorings installed in your mountain penthouse soon?


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