A seven-decade-old company called Escorts Tractors manufactures agricultural equipment to support farm mechanisation in India. In India, the cost of an escorts tractor ranges from Rs. 2.75 to Rs. 5.20 lakh* in 2023. For Indian farmers, Escorts tractor are incredibly reasonably priced. Excellent tractors from 12 HP to 35 HP are offered by Escorts. By providing the most advanced and potent tractors possible that increase farmers’ production, Escorts Tractor seeks to transform the lives of farmers. Additionally, escort tractors have the best features and equipment and are dependable and long-lasting. Tractors are also produced by Escorts Group under the farmtrac, Powertrac, and Digitrac brands. In 2023, Escorts Steeltrac 18, Escorts MPT Jawan, and Escorts Josh 335 are the most popular Escorts tractors.


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