Everything To Know About Tig Welding


TIG Welding is one of the reliable welding processes adopted for exotic metals like stainless steel, aluminium, etc. It helps in filling the space between the gap between two close-fitting materials. If you are a professional welder, then you must know. Here is more information about GTAW or TIG welding.

What Is TIG Welding?

This is a valuable and versatile welding method, which uses non-consumable tungsten electrodes to heat the metal. The best aspect of this tig welding is it can be used with or without a filter. However, it also comes with certain drawbacks. It’s a longer lead time welding process with a more significant production cost. 

The Uses of Tig Welding:

TIG welding, also known as Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), helps weld different metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, Chromoly, nickel alloy and magnesium.

The Industries Using TIG Weld:

  • Aerospace Industry: This is one of the highest technological industries that need next-level manufacturing processes and welding. The aircraft, guided missiles, space vehicles, aircraft engines, propulsion units, etc, are manufactured with tig welding. It even supports the structural development of aerospace equipment.
  • Food, Beverage and Dairy Industry: Sanitary welds on stainless steel are common in this business sector. It may include structure welding to avoid product contamination and other issues like leakage. This is done in processing equipment, heat exchangers, kitchen equipment, sanitary fittings, tangs & storage vessels, etc.
  • Nuclear Projects: A high-proficiency industry needs complex welding processes like TIG. It may include welding for various alloys such as stainless steel, chrome, and nickel. G welding is required within the nuclear industry and commercial and military projects worldwide.
  • Petrochemical and Gas Industry: TIG welding is helpful in all the largest petrochemicals and gas and oil industries. It helps in efficient and effective welding to have smoother run of projects.
  • Power Generation: Alloy is used in power-generating sectors, so TIG welding is necessary. It includes any power generation way: nuclear, renewable energy, fossil fuel, etc., offering suitable welding.

The Final Verdict:

There are different types of welding processes, like MIG and TIG. Both are powerful and useful but have other uses within various industries. Here above, the discussion about TIG Welding will now assure you that it is highly productive. If you need it, or else a professional welder, you must know its importance.

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