Gil Guide 2023 For Final Fantasy XIV

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In FFXIV, Gil is the main currency of Eorzea. It is used to purchase equipment, furniture, and other items. It also circulates between players like real-world money. This creates a vibrant and evolving economy.

There are many ways to make gil in FFXIV. Some are more consistent than others. One way is to sell items on the market board. Another is to complete daily and weekly duties.

Disciples of the Hand

The best way to make gil in FFXIV is by crafting. You can level a Disciple of the Hand job and start making gear, furniture, food, and more to sell to other players in the game. This is a great way to get some fast gil in FFXIV without having to put much effort into the process.

Other ways to get gil include day trading and flipping, where you look for items that are cheap on one world and then sell them on your home world for more. You can also do daily roulettes, hunt boards, and Tribal quests, which all reward gil.

Treasure Maps are another consistent source of gil. These can be purchased from a special vendor in Mor Dhonn, and they contain loot that can be sold at the Market Board for a good amount of Gil. You can also participate in Map Parties to earn the loot for free. This is the quickest and most reliable way to make gil in FFXIV.

Disciples of the Land

The game’s economy is thriving in Final Fantasy XIV, and there are many ways for players to earn Gil. One of the most common is to sell content. Another way is to participate in Alliance raids and dungeons. This method requires some time, but it can be lucrative.

Another popular way to earn gil is to harvest materials in the world of Eorzea. These materials can be used to craft equipment, consumables and other items. The game’s gathering-focused classes, the Disciples of the Land, harvest these natural resources throughout the world of Eorzea. These classes include the Miner, Botanist and Fisher.

In order to maximize their earnings, these classes must prioritize high-demand items, engage in market research and participate in treasure maps and events. This can lead to significant gains in ffxiv gil farming 2023 earnings over the course of the game. In addition, these classes can also benefit from acquiring a Chocobo companion, which is an excellent source of experience.

Grand Company Seals

FFXIV’s Grand Company Seals are the main form of currency in the game and can be used to buy important items such as weapons, medicines, armor, and more. Moreover, players can use these to advance in their Grand Company ranks.

To earn Grand Company Seals, players can complete FATE quests. Moreover, they can also trade in unwanted gear for a select amount of the reward, based on the item level. The higher the item level, the more seals players receive upon turning it in. Other ways to earn seals include completing levequests like Supply and Provision Deliveries and Expert Delivery.

In addition, completing certain Duty Roulettes can award seals as well. Similarly, players can redeem items from the Materiel Containers, which are purchased for 20,000 seals each and contain a random Minion or Mount collectible from A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, or Stormblood. Lastly, participating in Guildhests can also provide a small amount of seals. However, it is not as lucrative as other methods of earning gil.


Buying and selling items on the Market Board is one of the most consistent ways to make Gil in FFXIV. It is a great way to get the new gears that you want without having to spend time crafting them. It also helps you to save a lot of time and energy.

Tomestones are another consistent source of Gil in FFXIV. As players progress through the main story, they collect Allagan Tomestones, which can be exchanged for endgame gear. New capped tomestones are introduced with every even-numbered patch, which means that older ones lose value over time.

Some NPC vendors sell Allagan Tomestones at a respectable 64 Gil each, such as Hismena in Rowena’s Center for Cultural Promotion. Players can also grow thavnairian onions in their Free Company house or personal houses, which is an extremely time-consuming but lucrative activity. They can then sell these to NPC vendors for a fair amount of Gil. This method is most profitable before a new patch, when there are a lot of new items and materials on the Market Board.


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