How Do Web Hosting Providers in India Compare to International Hosts?

Providing web hosting forms an essential part of any good website. However, choosing between Web Hosting Provider in India and international hosts can be a tricky decision. What factors should you consider? Why should one go for a local service as opposed to an international one?

This post seeks to answer these questions and conduct a detailed comparison. In short, by the last minute, you should be ready to arrive at the best decision for you. So here is a guide for you to help you distinguish the two. Let us dive deeper in the topic.


Cost is one of the key considerations while hosting a website. Initially, people might think that they would prefer Cheapest Dedicated Servers. But let me remind you that the best does not necessarily mean the cheapest. Indian hosting providers usually offer cheap plans worth your money when you factor the difference in terms of exchange rate.

However, international providers can provide advanced services such as voice mail but those features might be more costly.

Features and Customization

What is necessary today is feature-rich hosting solutions. The availability of features is important even if you are shopping for a Dedicated Server With Cpanel or a much simpler option.

Local Indian providers are becoming increasingly competitive, providing a whole range of facilities complying with international standards.

On the other hand, international hosts offer a wider choice of services and can introduce advanced technologies to the market earlier.

Speed and Reliability

Nobody likes a slow website. User experience as well as SEO depends on speed. Providers offering the fastest WordPress Hosting solutions normally have the servers based close to your audience. A local host will provide faster load times if your audience is mainly in India. However, the local audiences may perceive their slow nature considering the international hosts may have global servers.

Customer Support

It should be possible to provide timely and effective customer support. In most cases, Indian providers give individual customer service, which can communicate in the local language. This may be advantage to those that feel uneasy while communicating in English. However, they might not be local-based.

Additional Services

Hosting services are normally accompanied with some additional services for instance SSD Reseller Hosting to Cloud Storage VPS. These may include things like backup systems or security and complex analytics tools. However, Indian hosts are not far behind in this regard and also provide a range of other services to make your life easier. The latter has, nevertheless, been overtaken by international suppliers, which provide new and inventive proposals quicker.


Selecting between a Web Hosting Provider in India and an international one comes down to your needs, budget and the target audience. Local providers are cheap and culturally relevant but international companies offer lots of advanced features along with global servers network. Whatever you choose, ensure that it supports your goal. BigBirdWeb offers reliable and feature-rich alternatives for various hosting needs.

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