How Does the Innovation of the Flood Barrier System Kuwait Protected People

People living in Kuwait are no strangers to the challenges of coastal flooding and storms because it is along the northern edge of the Arabian Gulf. People need to adapt to these situations because they may cause huge damage to their property and products due to which they implemented flood protection techniques.

We will explore how the innovative flood barrier system Kuwait helped people to be protected from severe damage through this article. 

Why Do People Need Flood Protection in Kuwait

The climatic conditions and geographical location of Kuwait are responsible for various forms of flooding including coastal and urban flooding. Some of those key factors are mentioned below as they may be helpful for effective flood protection:

  • Low Elevation of Place

Almost all the urban areas of Kuwait and its infrastructures are located near sea level due to which they are more susceptible to flood as some high tides arise and storms become deadly. Even some urban areas located at sea only become more prone to flooding than other areas. 

  • Rapid Urbanization Process

As we know every country is developing at full pace due to which the expansion of urban areas and industrial zones has led to increased dense surfaces that can reduce the natural capacity to absorb all the excess water. Hence these urban areas are more prone to flood as they can’t absorb excess water quickly. 

  • Climatic Changes

As global warming is increasing, we know that there are severe climate changes that can be one of the reasons behind rising sea levels and the increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events. With the rise of sea level, those living in coastal areas are more prone to flood and a dam easy flood barrier can protect them. 

  • Economic Stability

When any area becomes affected by a flood it can cause huge damage similarly in Kuwait people faced damages in several aspects like infrastructure, oil facilities, and critical economic zones. Anything damaged from these floods can cause severe economic consequences and people need to start from the beginning. 

What are the main components of Flood Barrier Systems in Kuwait

The flood barrier systems in Kuwait are a true example of engineering that are multifaceted to protect all coastal and urban areas, some of the design elements are listed below:

  • Dikes and Levees

One of the design elements that has prevented the effect of the flood is raised embankments constructed along the coast to act as a barrier against tidal flooding and storms. All those levees and dikes are well-engineered and can withstand high water pressure easily. 

  • Have Natural Barriers

The people of Kuwait are becoming intelligent due to which they try to use maximum natural resources that don’t cause extra harm to the environment. Due to this they came up with a concept of green infrastructure by using natural features of vegetation and mangroves that can also act as natural flood barriers. It not only protects from floods but also improves the ecosystems of coastal areas. 


Some more innovations from Kuwait people helped them to reduce the effect of floods or storms like creating sloped structures from concrete, stone, or some other materials that can absorb or deflect the wave energy and protect people from it. 

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