How is Powder Coating Cost Determined?

When you want to protect your metal equipment with liquid paint or powder coating, the first step is to know the price. Both solutions can yield similar results with high-quality applications.

Powder coating is the preferred metal finishing that ensures no environmental side effects and guarantees proper adhesion and application. The powder coating cost is calculated based on various variables, such as the surface area to be coated, the quality of powder used, the cost of labor, and whether pretreatment is required or not.

 How is Powder Coating Cost Calculated?

Powder coating cost is calculated based on several calculations, such as:

 ●    Kind of Powder Coating

Some textures like metallic and non-standard colors cost more than standard colors.


●    Coating and Thickness

Some substrates need to be coated with thick layers of powder coating. The powder coating thickness also determines the overall value of the project.

 ●    Size of Components

The larger the size of the part to be coated, the more powder will be used. The surface area affects the total powder coating cost, as it determines how many parts can be coated per hour.

 ●    Number of Components

A higher volume of parts reduces the cost of powder coating per component.

 ●    Cleaning, Pretreatment, and Other Services

Any surface preparation method before the powder coating job will consume more time and labor, leading to more costs.

 ●    Wages, Rent

The cost of running the facility, along with wages to the labor also increases the cost of the project.

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