How Much Does Powder Coating Cost?


Powder coating involves the application of dry powder on an object which is subsequently coated. It’s a finishing process that’s applied on metal substrates and cured in an oven to provide a protective and aesthetic coating.

 Widely popular today, powder coating is the preferred alternative to wet paint. It can not only achieve a uniform finish on an object but is an environmentally-friendly safer option with great versatility.

 At Rusty Lions, we can powder coat industrial and commercial items as well as common household items like handrails, furniture, fences, railing, etc. Our professional and prompt services are well-known across NJ, and our powder coating cost is competitively priced.

 So How Much does Powder Coating Cost?

The average national powder coating cost ranges between $100 and $600. Several factors influence powder coating cost, such as the size of the item, desired finish, amount of prep work needed, etc. Oversized items like gates and automobiles cost more because you’ll be charged based on per square foot.

Apart from the necessary prep work, the color you choose will also play a part in deciding the overall price. This is because certain colors are harder to find than others.

Bicycle frames and forks $75-$100

4-wheeler ATV frames $275

Vehicle carburetor $100-$220

Motorcycle exhaust $80 and higher

Car rims or wheels $50-$70 each

Metal sheet $6-$8 per square foot

Side chair $50-$80

Aluminum railing $26-$33 per foot

Iron gate $110-$220

Outdoor furniture set $300-$550

Metal fence panels $76-$100 per panel

Alloy wheels $100-$110 per wheel

Garden bench $100-$170

Bear in mind that these are just estimates. To know the exact price of your project, get in touch with the powder coating specialists at Rusty Lions.

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