How to Connect Windows PC to Phone?

If you’re beginning your PC from the start:
  • You can install Your Phone Your Phone app on your Windows PC through the Microsoft Store.

  • When you click the search button in the taskbar type in search on Your Phone. Open the app using the results.

  • Choose the model of phone that is appropriate (Android).

  • Then log in with Your Microsoft account. The account you use is the same as that used to log into the phone.

  • You can install your Your Phone Companion app on your Android phone. To do that, visit on your phone’s internet browser. This link will take you to the Google Play Store’s website for the app , or it will start Your Phone Companion. Your Phone Companion app preinstalled on your phone.

  • Connect to this companion app using identical Microsoft account that you use on your PC. A screen that scans the QR code will appear within the handset.

  • Return to your computer and choose one of the choices below:

    • “I use my Your Phone Companion app installed on my phone”This will show an QR code that you have to scan across the phone.

    • “Pair with QR code’ or ‘Pair by hand’ it will display a number that must be entered into your phone.

  • When the devices are connected Once connected, accept the permissions that are displayed by your screen. This will enable you to make the most of the capabilities offered by Your Phone.

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