How to List Non-Branded Products on Flipkart in 2024

Listing non-branded products on Flipkart can be a profitable, but mastering its listing process takes skill. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk through every step, from account setup to optimizing for enhanced visibility of non-branded listings on Flipkart.

1. Understand Flipkart Policies

Before beginning the listing process, it is vital to familiarise oneself with Flipkart’s policies governing non-branded products, particularly those not manufactured under license. Flipkart provides specific guidelines to maintain quality and authenticity on its platform; ensure your items comply with these policies to avoid any issues during listing.

2. Create a Seller Account on Flipkart

If you don’t already have one, create one through these steps:

  • Visit the Flipkart Seller Registration page.
  • Provide all the required information to create an account.
  • Then finish up registration, including verifying email and mobile numbers.

3. Comply With KYC Procedure

Flipkart sellers must go through the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure to comply with its policies and build trust among their customers and Flipkart policies. Submitting documents verifying identity and business details as part of this procedure. It is integral in creating customer trust while adhering to Flipkart policies.

4. Navigating Your Seller Dashboard

Once your account has been set up and KYC completed, log into your Flipkart Seller Dashboard as your central hub for managing products, orders and business settings.

5. Select an Appropriate Category for Your Non-Branded Product

Navigating to the Catalog section on your Seller Dashboard and choosing an appropriate category for your non-branded product is vital to reaching its intended audience and appearing in search results that match.

6. Provide Accurate Product Details

Providing accurate and detailed product details is of utmost importance to effectively list non-branded products on Flipkart.

Here is what to include in the flipkart product listing:

Title: Create a clear and concise product title using key terms that improve search visibility.

Description: Provide an in-depth product description highlighting key features and benefits while being honest and open when discussing its specifications.

Images: Upload high-resolution photos that showcase your product from various angles, adhering to Flipkart’s guidelines for optimal results.

7. Set the Right Price

Price plays a critical role in attracting customers, and setting an appropriate yet profitable listing price on Flipkart can be crucial to its success—research competitive non-branded product pricing on the platform before creating listings of your non-branded items for sale.

8. Select an Appropriate Shipping Method

Before shipping products to Flipkart Advantage customers, select an appropriate shipping method that suits your business model. Flipkart provides various shipping solutions such as storage and packaging with delivery on Flipkart Advantage; compare available options before selecting one that best meets them.

9. Optimize for Search Engines

Optimizing product listings on Flipkart to take full advantage of search engines can substantially affect their visibility. Incorporate targeted keywords naturally into product titles, descriptions, and attributes as part of natural keyword placement – using terms that customers might use when searching for non-branded products.

10. Make Use of Flipkart Promotions and Offers

Flipkart allows sellers to run promotions and tofruntheir store, which could include discounted pricing, bundled offers or festive season specifi,c special prseason-specificder taking advantage of these features to attract more customers – for instance, discounted pricing offers could attract customers, while festive season special promotions could drive business.

11. Monitor and Manage Inventory

Your inventory levels must remain optimal at all times to avoid stockouts and provide customers with an enjoyable shopping experience. Effective inventory management ensures your non-branded products remain available for customers to purchase at all times, thus creating a positive shopping experience.

12. Provide Exemplary Customer Service

Customer feedback and reviews are invaluable in building trust among your target market. Provide exceptional customer service, respond promptly to inquiries, address any customer issues and achieve positive reviews on Flipkart – positive thoughts can lead to higher rankings on this platform.

13. Stay Informed of Flipkart Policies and Updates

Flipkart regularly changes its policies and features, so stay up-to-date on any that might impede your listings and reduce risk-related account issues by remaining informed of changes that could impact them.

14. Promote Your Products

Take steps to market non-branded products on Flipkart through various marketing initiatives, such as sponsored listings or participating in Flipkart promotional events. Promos can help increase visibility and sales.

15. Evaluate Performance and Make Improvements

Make regular evaluations of the performance of non-branded products on Flipkart using analytics and reporting tools available via the Seller Dashboard to track sales, customer behaviour, key metrics and areas for improvement – then adjust your strategy as necessary.


Selling non-branded products on Flipkart requires careful planning and execution. By adhering to these steps and keeping abreast of updates from Flipkart, your listings can increase in visibility and success on one of India’s premier e-commerce platforms. Consistency, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are key components in establishing yourself as an active seller on Flipkart.


Q1: Can I sell non-branded products on Flipkart?

A: Absolutely – however, it’s essential to abide by all policies and guidelines established by Flipkart to ensure the authenticity and quality of your items sold on their platform.

Q2: How can I optimize my listings on Flipkart for search engines?

A: Incorporate keywords related to non-branded products into your product title, description and attributes – these will likely be terms customers use when searching.

Q3: What is Flipkart Advantage, and should I opt for it?

A: Flipkart Advantage is a program where Flipkart handles storage, packaging and delivery of your products. Consider whether or not this fits with your business model to optimize customer experiences and satisfaction.

Q4: How often should I check my inventory levels on Flipkart?

A: For optimal inventory management and customer service, regularly monitor Flipkart inventory levels to prevent stockouts of non-branded products. Effective inventory control ensures that these are available when customers need them.

Q5: Can I run promotions and offers for non-branded products on Flipkart?

A: Absolutely; Flipkart provides sellers with the ability to run promotions and offers that could draw in new customers and boost sales. Take advantage of this feature and grow sales.

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