Identifying General Teaching Strategies For Organizing The Classroom

Teaching methodologies are the practical norms teachers use in a classroom to make learning happen! While some teachers use the strict four-wall classroom learning, others rely on activity-based teaching. Teachers should focus on classroom organization, ensuring every child feels comfortable. Furthermore,  organising a classroom is also about creating a nurturing environment, directly impacting young children studying in a preschool in Malaysia. 

Classroom organization has become such a significant aspect that parents emphasise it during the class 2 admission 2023 or any other standard, for that matter. So, if you are a teacher, know that you must spend time and effort on better organising your classroom. The vibe and the environment you create would attract parents, and you can fetch more admissions only if it is impressive. 

General Teaching Strategies for Classroom Organization

Space Management

The first and foremost thing is to manage the total space you have in your classroom. Do not crowd it with too many desks or chairs only to increase the seating arrangement. Instead, you should keep ample room to move around and comfortably arrange the desks. The ideal way is to take proper measurements and plan how many desks you can place, keeping space between them.

Wall Space 

Take a good look at the walls of your class and plan how you can use them effectively. A modern-day preschool in Malaysia would emphasize keeping it minimal and wouldn’t stick anything on these walls. However, you can play around with the colours and figures in the classroom. You can use vibrant colours that excite children and keep them active all day long. Avoid overdoing the graphics, but you can surely design figures to give your classroom a quirky look. 

Stock Up

Keep storage in a classroom so that everything looks clean and crisp. Stock up the essential classroom supplies to ensure nothing interrupts the learning flow. You should also ensure keeping enough treats for students, which you might want to give as rewards for the good things they do. During the class 2 admission 2023, parents may want to tour the classrooms, so ensure you have everything in place to leave an excellent first impression. 

Technical Equipment

If you plan to show some informational videos to your students, you would need proper equipment set up in your classroom. Keep everything ready in advance to avoid wasting time during the classroom session. 

Carry out Discussions

Every few days, ditch the typical classroom learning and carry out discussions! Let children share their opinions and views, and take feedback from them about what they would want to change in their classroom. It is also significant to make a few changes according to their suggestions to make them feel involved and improve their overall engagement. 

Plan Activities in Advance

To conduct activities in a classroom, you have to plan things well in advance. You may need multiple objects to organise the planned activity, and if you decide everything on the spot, you will make compromises that will not yield the best results. So, plan in advance, get everything you need and do all the activity setup one day before.



These simple strategies can help you create a nurturing and engaging environment in your classroom. Stay open to feedback from the parents, and keep upgrading your classroom space accordingly. Check if the setup you have done is supportive and giving you the desired results or if you have to rethink the entire strategy and try something else. Emphasize it, and you will see tremendous improvement in your admission rate and students’ academic performance.

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