Apple Mail is arguably the most widely used email client. The app provides customers with great elements and administration and also allows you to store email information in the .mbox layout. But now, to open emails on cloud apps most of the users want to move Apple Mail MBOX emails to Office 365 app.

With Apple Mail, you can only use it with desktop as it is a desktop-based app. On the other hand, Office 365 is a cloud stage that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. O365 is a set of benefits for Microsoft members, enabling users of email clients to process all of their required information in the cloud.

Why Moving from Apple Mail / Mac Emails to MS Office 365?

Firstly, we need to understand the need for transferring from Mac Mail MBOX to Office 365 account. Common problems encountered by the Mac email client include:

Presence of limits in Apple Mail: MS Office 365 offers more features than the Apple Mail app. Then again, the O365 offers quicker systems administration and systematic exercises. Different parts like invite meetings, email access, and many more, make it simpler to do every task to manage email data.

Restricted to Desktop Working: As Mac Mail is the desktop email client, Mac Mail’s local storage functionality reduces the accessibility of emails for many users. Users can only get access to their emails on their desktop. With MS Office 365, you could administer your email messages, app contacts, and calendars from any program or web browser from any place and with any device. This feature make the MS Office 365 widely usable email application.

Manual Procedure to Move Mac Mail Emails to Office 365

After this, you know why users want to save emails from a desktop storage-based email client to the cloud platform. Now, you need to comprehend the procedures for exporting email data from Apple Mail MBOX to Office 365. You can go with the manual way with the setting process of IMAP on MAC OS X 10.14, or save mailboxes of the Mac Mail app to Office 365 with the use of the automated software.

  • Open the Mac Mail account and configure it with a Gmail account by using the IMAP functionality.
  • From the Mac email account, you need to create a new folder in your configured Gmail account.
  • Now, choose those emails which you want to transfer in MS Office 365 and transfer them all in that created folder.
  • Use the IMAP feature of the Gmail app to configure Office 365 account with a Gmail account.
  • Now, go for that created folder and transfer your Mac Mail files in the MS Office 365 account.
  • After the completion of this procedure, you can now able to delete your Gmail account from both of these apps (Mac Mail & Office 365).

Limitation for Manual Move from Apple Mail Mailboxes to Office 365

  • If you are going to follow manual method to view your Apple Mail emails in your account of MS Office 365, then you need to know its limitations such as:
  • You can only follow this procedure if you have complete technical knowledge for this process.
  • You are required to have active Apple Mail, Gmail accounts.
  • With the manual method, you cannot transfer all elements of the mail account.

Migrate Mac Mail MBOX to Office 365 with Migration Software

Selection of manual method to move emails from Apple Mail email client to MS Office 365 may lead you towards the loss of data, so you can utilize the safest method of the CubexSoft MBOX to Office 365 Migration software.

This utility will help you to move the entire data through some simple and user-oriented steps of the tool. This software contains all required options and sections which are necessary for this procedure so you need to follow only a single method to get your email data from Mac Mail MBOX to your Office 365 account.

Free & Direct Apple Mail to Office 365 Migration

If you have some files for the procedure, then you can utilize the demo version of the automated migration software. This edition is free for all users and also performs this procedure with any Windows OS. It contains every single step which is required for this process, you can follow them and migrate the first 20 Mac Mail email files through those steps.

How to Save Mac Mail MBOX in PDF Document?

Another way to access Apple Mail / Mac Mail data from multiple devices is to convert it into Portable Document Format, for this, you can follow the steps of the MBOX Converter software which can easily save Mac Mail MBOX to PDF file format along with its attachments data.

This advanced utility allows users to make their data accessible offline with various storage devices. It can also process MBOX data from other email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, Postbox, Pocomail, and so on.

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