Introducing Zoom Phone Integration with Zoho CRM

Zoom Phone and Zoho CRM Integration

Modern telecommunications technology has enabled businesses to increase customer satisfaction and engagement with their services. One of the most popular digital communication tools is Zoom Phone, which has now been integrated with Zoho CRM for a comprehensive communication solution.

What is Zoom Phone?

Zoom Phone is a cloud-based phone system specifically designed for businesses. It enables users to make, receive and transfer business calls in the cloud. It also provides features such as:

  • Full HD Voice Calls
  • Conference calling with up to 5 participants
  • Call queues
  • Voicemail & Call Recording
  • Personalized greetings
  • Skills-based routing

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software. It enables businesses to better manage customer data, sales pipelines, and customer support tasks. It is an all-in-one customer engagement platform that provides features such as:

  • Lead Management
  • Invoicing
  • Data Analysis
  • Engagement Automation
  • Customer Summit
  • Integrated Phone System

Advantages of Integrating Zoom Phone and Zoho CRM

Integrating Zoom Phone and Zoho CRM offers a wide range of advantages to businesses. These include:

  • Real-time integration of data between the two systems
  • Seamless communication between teams and customers
  • Facilitating a better understanding of customer behaviour
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction
  • Time and Cost savings


Integrating Zoom Phone and Zoho CRM can revolutionize the way businesses communicate with their customers. The combination of powerful communication tools and customer-engagement automation helps businesses increase customer satisfaction and create more efficient customer support processes. Zoom Phone and Zoho CRM can be a winning combination for any business.

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