KBC Company Lottery Winnings are confirmed through a weekly drawing notified via email,

Winnings are confirmed through a weekly drawing notified via email, and prizes or prize money are paid only to the winners. According to the present invention as described above, it is a system designed to link a lottery system to a service, provide game lottery tickets to users, and return a portion of the profits to game users. By providing high-probability game lotteries as a privilege to game users who are passionate about games and are good at them, loyalty to be maximized and this makes it easier to pay for games. In addition, since we always communicate with game users via e-mail about whether game Whatsapp lottery Winner tickets are awarded and details of winnings, game users who access become more familiar with the game.

Due to the above-described effects, the present invention can be expected to have a great effect on monetizing and increasing profits.

In the process where a game user accesses the game portal system, goes through an authentication process, connects to the game server, plays the game, and is granted a game lottery ticket as a privilege based on the results of the game,

If an online game user achieves a level increase above the level set in the conditions within a certain period of time, completes a specific mission, or satisfies other conditions defined according to the characteristics of each online game, a game lottery ticket is awarded as a privilege. Online game service method,

The designated lottery ticket is stored in the database and purchase information is sent to the user via email.

When a user of a casual online game (board game, card game, fighting game, sports game, etc.) is included in the rankings set by the regulations in a tournament held during a specific period when the overall record during a specific period satisfies the conditions set by the regulations and other An online game service method that grants the above-mentioned game lottery as a privilege when conditions defined appropriately for the characteristics of each casual online game are satisfied.

The method of claim

Types of game lotteries granted in claim 1 and composition of lotteries in the lottery system. Procedure for receiving notification of the online game lottery granted in claim 1 through e-mail and accessing the lottery system to participate in the drawing. The process of purchasing a portal lottery ticket for an online game portal using cyber money accumulated through the use of each online game serviced on an online game portal site.

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