Know How to View Someone’s Facebook Profile With Online DP Viewer

Social media has constantly changed a lot over the years and created new methods with which people can explore new sides of social media. The safety and privacy of people over the years have changed a lot as all social media applications have introduced features and elements that have ensured the privacy and personal information of people. 

Facebook is one of the most famous social media applications that have a huge fan base and users as there are millions and millions of people who use the application to maintain connection with their friends and chat with them whenever they want. The profile picture of your Facebook account is the first thing that people notice about anyone’s account and there are a lot of people who use Facebook profile viewer to see Facebook profiles. 

Facebook has a feature that permits people to lock their Facebook Profile Picture if they do not want people to see their profile picture and ensure their privacy. In this case, only your Facebook friends will be able to see your Facebook DP however, there are many other people who want to know how to see the Facebook profile of a person who has locked their Profile picture. Here, we are going to tell you how you can view the locked profile picture of a Facebook user.

Is it possible to see a locked Facebook Profile Picture?

Generally, people lock their Facebook profile pictures to ensure that not everyone can view their DP and if you are wondering whether you can see the DP then, allow me to tell you that Facebook does not allow people to do the same. However, there is a third-party application known as Facebook profile picture viewer that allows people to see any profile picture even if it is locked. 

Facebook Profile Picture Viewer is an online tool launched by iStaunch that permits people to download and view any Facebook profile picture that they want to see even if it is locked. The website is very simple and use and we are going to mention the detailed procedure so that you can easily use the website without any issues. 

Steps to Use Facebook Profile Picture Viewer 

Facebook DP viewer is a very simple tool that you can easily use on your device without any issues and to use the application, you need to stick to the instructions present here. 

  1. Access the online tool on your computer or mobile phone as the website supports all browsers and devices. 
  2. After this, you need to access the Facebook profile of the person whose profile picture you want to see. 
  3. Copy the link of the said Facebook profile and paste the link on the search bar present on the website. 
  4. Hit the submit button and Viola! The website will show you the Facebook profile picture of the person in full size. 

We hope that this simple process has been understood by you and you can use this brilliant tool to view the Facebook profile picture of any person who has locked their DP.

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