The United Kingdom is one of the few developed countries in the world that offers tremendous opportunities to individuals in terms of setting up their career in the UK. Individuals from various parts of the world want to establish their careers in this enticing country. This country offers tremendous job opportunities, work environment, salary threshold and other benefits to individuals who want to acquire a job offer in the UK. Similarly UK employers also require skilled workers for their company to thrive. 


However, it is only sometimes possible to hire skilled workers from the UK only, a shortage of skills can affect their business growth. In this situation, they need to hire skilled international workers. But hiring international talent is quite a difficult task. They are considering that the UK government offers sponsor licenses to UK employers to hire overseas talent. 


Non-EU or non-EEA employees and employers both need to understand that a sponsor license is a vital part of hiring international talents. Once you acquire this license, you will be able to hire employees and to continue their employment, you will have to pay a sponsor license renewal fee. A license renewal is essential if you want to continue the employment of your hired employees. Here in this comprehensive piece of information we will delve into understanding the UK sponsor license renewal process and fees. So what are we waiting for? Let’s move ahead and streamline a smooth journey for your UK venture. 


Why Do You Need to Renew Your Sponsor License?


First of all, you must know that an initial sponsor license remains valid for four years. After this period of time, you will be required to renew your license to continue the employment of your non-UK employees. If your license expires, your employees cannot work for your company. Hence, it is essential that you renew your license before the expiration date. Renewal is necessary to let your employees work for your organization without hurdles. Apart from that, paying the sponsor license renewal fee is also an important part of this entire process. It is essential that you must pay the fee and apply prior the expiry date of your initial sponsor license. 


This license comes with specific responsibilities that are essential to fulfill for the UK employers. These responsibilities include keeping records of the employees, such as their phone numbers, accommodation details, biometric details, job profiles, salaries, etc. Apart from that, you must keep a copy of your employee passport, immigration details and other relevant details. So, this is why you must renew your sponsor licence. However, due to several complexities, you must also provide all the necessary details about your hired employees to the UK visas and immigration authorities. The Home Office can visit your office anytime near your expiry date, so it is crucial that you provide them with all the essential information about your employees. 


UK Sponsor Licence Renewal Fees

The sponsor license fees are an essential part when you go to renew your license. However, there are certain costs associated with this license that you can save. This specific section mentions the entire fee structure and cost-cutting strategy that can help you throughout your license renewal journey. 


  • First of all it is crucial to understand the renewal fee structure of the sponsor license. Well, it depends upon the type and extent of your business. If you have a small business with minimal strength, your fee will be different from others. For small-scale businesses, the UKVI usually charges £536. But if you are a significant established entity then the UK visas and immigration authority may charge you £1,476. But you must know that the fee structures are subject to change. To ensure the exact fee structure, you are advised to check out the official website of the UK government. 
  • To renew your current sponsor license, you must renew it at least three months before your license expires. In this way, you will be able to save extra charges that you have to pay as a late application. This way, you will be able to save your money time and also eliminate the chances of refusal. 
  • You must understand that last-minute renewal applications can also refused due to inaccurate documentation. Hence, it is essential that you must prepare all the documents before the submission of your renewal application. Must keep all the records of your employees and attach all of them along with your application. You must provide their passport number, contact details, biometric details and further information about their job profile and other relevant information. These documents are essential to provide in terms of demonstrating your compliance duties to the UKVI.
  • At the time of submitting your application, it is also essential that you must demonstrate your annual financial planning to the UK visas and immigration authorities. This process can help you eliminate the extra baggage of financial expenditure. You can manage your finances smartly and avoid extra charges that can be added to your application. 


What is the Role of Compliance Duty in The Renewal Process?


UK employers need to stay compliant with the immigration rules and regulations of the UK visas and immigration authorities. Breaks of law can get you into serious trouble, and your license may also get revoked by the UKVI. Hence, you must stay compliant with the immigration rules and regulations and stay updated with all the essential information about your international employees. Here, we have mentioned several ways to help you stay compliant with all your duties. 


Tips to Stay Compliant with Your Sponsor Duties


Here, we have mentioned some enticing tips that can help you stay compliant with all your sponsor license duties. 

  • The first tip is you must keep all your documents ready along with all the essential papers of your hired employee as well. Providing inaccurate information and mismanagement of documents can lead to non-compliance with your sponsor’s duties. It is crucial that you must check all the documents before submitting them. 
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to renew your license before it gets expires. It will be a sign of not staying compliant with sponsor duties, as it is essential to continue the employment of your hired employees legally. Missing out on the expiration date can become the reason for your license being revoked or refused. 


So these are some of the essential tips that can keep you compliant with your sponsor license duties. However, as an applicant for sponsor license renewal, you can take help from a sponsor license solicitor. They can help you stay compliant and fulfill your sponsor duties. There are several immigration legal firms in the United Kingdom, such as A Y & J Solicitors. They have an experienced and knowledgeable team of solicitors who can assist you throughout your sponsor license renewal process. 

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