Preparing Your Child for a Montessori Classroom Experience

The growth your child can experience inside and outside the classroom is one of the most rewarding aspects of seeing them start a new school year. Children attending a Montessori school have many possibilities to improve their academic abilities, social skills, and sense of self-worth.

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We have compiled this helpful guide to assist you further as you prepare your child for a Montessori classroom experience.


These Tips will Help Your Child to Prepare for a Montessori Classroom Experience

Include nutritious eating practices

One way to ensure you are preparing your child for the Montessori school experience is to ensure they are following healthy eating practices daily. After all, you are undoubtedly familiar with how challenging it is to focus when hungry.


Help your child focus in class by:

  • Feed them a healthy meal before they leave the house. 
  • Ensure your meals contain plenty of spinach, apples, and lean proteins like chicken or turkey.
  • Instead of soda or juices loaded with sugar, nudge them towards milk, water, and nutritious beverages.
  • Limit their sugar intake.

A regular bedtime schedule

Sufficient sleep enables a child’s brain to develop and improves their ability to control their emotions, which enhances their academic performance. Follow these tips while planning your child’s sleep routine:

  • The American Medical Association suggests 10 to 11 hours for children ages 5 and older and 11.5 to 12.5 hours for preschoolers.
  • Make it a habit to put your kids to bed at a decent hour every night because staying up late can be stressful for them.
  • To help kids sleep more quickly, limit their time spent on screens like TVs, laptops, tablets, and phones.
  • Ensure that your child sleeps in their bed and space.

Encourage independence

Your child’s or daughter’s academic progress is greatly influenced by their drive to succeed. 

You can nurture their drive by:

  • Only jump in to help your child out of a problem if they can’t figure it out when faced with a dilemma.
  • Assist your child in thinking critically about their situation by asking them questions.
  • Ask your child, “How can I help you?” rather than “How can I take over?” Let them take the initiative.

Instil a solid work ethic

Self-discipline, perseverance, and consistency in how they approach their work at home and in school will benefit your child.

  • Make sure your kids have everyday household responsibilities they can do.
  • By enlisting their assistance, work will become a joyful, shared experience rather than a dreaded chore.

Effective self-care techniques

When you teach your child how to take good care of themselves, you promote their emotional and mental health and help them discover their worth.

Help your child develop self-care skills:

  • Encourage your child to complete tasks independently, such as putting toys away.
  • Give them a range of outfits they can wear independently, such as pullover shirts and sweaters, elastic waistbands for pants, and shoes with velcro ties.
  • Make simple-to-manage school lunches for your child. Sandwiches can be cut into four triangles for small hands. Furthermore, place food in containers that are safe for children.

Encourage social interaction

Your child will benefit from having social skills practice outside of the classroom. Organising fun activities with friends will do wonders for their self-esteem.

Develop your child’s social skills by:

  • Making regular playdate arrangements for them.
  • Enrolling them in after-school extracurricular activities or programs, including sports or art lessons.
  • Keep your goodbyes brief and upbeat when dropping off your child at school or a playdate, and come back to pick them up on time as promised. It helps ease your child’s worries about being apart from you.



Achieving a balanced lifestyle that fosters lifelong learning is what Montessori is all about. As parents, you want the best for your child. The same applies to education. Thus, search for a good Montessori CBSE school for your child by searching online “best CBSE schools near me.”

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