Shopware 6: What’s New and Noteworthy for Developers

Shopware development has evolved with Shopware 6, offering developers a robust platform with enhanced features and flexibility to create tailored eCommerce solutions. Shopware, a leading eCommerce platform, has evolved significantly with its latest version – Shopware 6. This version introduces a range of exciting features and enhancements that are tailored to meet the evolving needs of developers and online store owners. In this blog post, we will delve into the new and noteworthy aspects of Shopware 6 from a developer’s perspective.

1. Headless Commerce

Shopware 6 embraces the concept of headless commerce, allowing developers to decouple the front end and back end. This separation provides the flexibility to create custom frontend experiences using various technologies while still leveraging the powerful backend of Shopware for managing products, orders, and more.

2. API-First Approach

Shopware 6 adopts an API-first approach, providing a comprehensive set of RESTful APIs. This empowers developers to easily integrate with other systems, create custom storefronts, and develop innovative solutions for their clients.

3. Improved Plugin System

Shopware 6 comes with an enhanced plugin system, making it easier for developers to extend the platform’s functionality. The system allows for a cleaner separation of concerns, enabling developers to create modular and maintainable plugins.

4. Symfony Framework Integration

Shopware 6 integrates the Symfony framework, a widely recognized PHP framework. This integration offers developers a familiar and powerful foundation to work on, making development more efficient and effective.

5. New Template Engine: Twig

Shopware 6 replaces the previous template engine with Twig, a flexible and developer-friendly templating engine. Twig simplifies the process of creating and managing templates, enhancing the overall development experience. Shopware modules play a crucial role in extending the platform’s functionality and enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.

6. Advanced Rule Builder

Shopware 6 introduces an advanced rule builder, enabling developers to create complex conditions and rules for various aspects of the online store. This includes pricing rules, promotions, and discounts, providing a highly customizable shopping experience.

7. Streamlined Storefront Development

Developers can now easily customize the storefront using themes and child themes. Shopware 6’s architecture allows for efficient customization, making it simpler to adapt the frontend to specific design and branding requirements.

8. Efficient Workflow with Administration

Shopware 6 offers an intuitive and efficient administration interface, allowing developers to manage the store and configure settings seamlessly. The simplified workflow enhances productivity and streamlines essential tasks.


Shopware 6 has redefined eCommerce development by incorporating modern technologies, fostering a developer-friendly approach, and emphasizing flexibility and efficiency. These new features and improvements empower developers to create innovative and customized solutions for online store owners, delivering exceptional shopping experiences to customers. Shopware Migration Solution provides a streamlined process for seamlessly transitioning your online store to the latest and feature-rich Shopware 6 platform.

For any eCommerce project, embracing Shopware 6 and leveraging the capabilities it offers can significantly enhance the development process, resulting in a powerful and flexible online store tailored to meet specific business needs.

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