Signs Someone Wants To Destroy You


Signs Someone Wants To Destroy You

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Some people are known to be destroyers of life. Once you met with such people, your life will become in more danger unless you can recognize and keep away from them. “Signs Someone Wants To Destroy You”

The toxic friends who pretend to be a good one while they are the reason why your life is turning upside down. 

A thousand signs have been known to catch all those corrupt and deceiving people. But here are the most important and easiest way to get those person’s that wants to destroy you.

If you are interested to know how someone is destroying you through their character, carefully and relaxingly read this article To guide you so well on that.


Signs Someone Wants To Destroy You


  • They want to take control of everything in your life.

You are in a relationship where your partner is trying to be in control of everything in your life without your consent. Or he or she is trying to take charge of you forcefully. This shows that such a friend is trying to destroy you. Not that he or she doesn’t have right over you, but know that too much of everything is terrible. So if that character is becoming too much that you are feeling uncomfortable because of that, it is not right, and it’s a sign of destruction. 

“Signs Someone Wants To Destroy You”


Signs Someone Wants To Destroy You

  • They are not straight forward.

A friend that is not straight forward towards his or her friend is not a good one. It’s either he or she is up to something terrible or destruction. So in any relationship, there is supposed to be a time of trust, but when yours have no confidence in it, it’s a sign of destruction. In a situation where you cannot trust in the words or actions of your partner, and it kept on repeating itself, it shows that the relationship is leading nowhere but to the road of destruction.


  • They always want to manipulate everyone.

They will always want to manipulate other people. They are still a master planner, and It is evil. They don’t seem to provide something for other people instead of destruction. And you found out it has been something that cannot be stopped. Such character is very unhealthy and will lead to destroying you of you don’t go out from them.

“Signs Someone Wants To Destroy You”

They get happy seeing someone else pain

  • They get happy seeing someone else pain.

A person that wants to destroy you will never have anything good in his or her mind. Instead, they will get happy seeing other people in pain, especially those people that you love. They have no sympathy; instead, they will rejoice on other people’s misfortune.


  • They don’t feel sorry for anything.

A person that wants to destroy you will not feel sorry for hurting you, even if it was a mistake. He or she will see your sadness as their happiest moment. They never feel remorse for any reason, no matter how much you are hurt. They will even find another way to hurt you the more, and will indirectly ask you to know if you’re hurt deeply.

“Signs Someone Wants To Destroy You”

  • They are more concerned about their reputation.

They value their reputation more than you. They can do anything to protect their status even if it means to kill you or disgrace you. A person that values his or her set does much more than you are someone that will destroy you at any time, provided that their reputation is intact.


Behaving like an animal

Their behavior will be that of an animal. No human sympathy, talk more of human behavior. They never act like a person given birth through a woman. Instead, they work like a beast. Their action will always be questioned due to it will be abnormal.


They will not hesitate to insult you in public. There will not be any atom if respect at all. The rudeness in their voices and faces while addressing you will be something you cannot handle at all. Such an attitude description of a person who comes to destroy you.

“Signs Someone Wants To Destroy You”


You cannot rely on them for once

  • You cannot rely on them for once.

Someone that comes to destroy you is always someone whom you cannot rely on. They will make hopes and desires which will shatter within a twinkle of an eye.


  • Disappointment at the last minute.

They never keep their words for ones. Full of disappointment. They will rue you into doing something and come back to mock you later. A lot of hopes that will be thrown away at the ultimate limit. Such a friend is a type that comes to destroy you.

“Signs Someone Wants To Destroy You”


Signs Someone Wants To Destroy You

They never speak the truth. What they tell you today will not be the same thing they will say to you tomorrow. They will always trick you so much with so many lies and in a sweet tone. They do not know that their heart is as black as charcoal.


How do you tell if someone is trying to destroy you?

  • They will always look like victim in everything that happen for them to get your sympathy.
  • When discussing about you, he will always do it at your back.
  • They will not give you good encouragement on things that matters a lot.
  • They will always try to destroy your career.
  • The will always look for a way to distract you from achieving your aim.

How do you know someone is bad for you?

The way to tell if someone is bad for you is by the way you feel when the person is around you, like feeling anxious, insecure, disturbed, angry and many other negative feelings depending on the type of person you are.

What to do when someone wants to destroy you?

The best things to do if you notice that someone is trying to destroy you, is to try and avoid him or her, never take their words or bad mouth and discouragement to heart even when you fail in anything keep trying and believing in yourself and other encouragement you receive from others.

What does it mean to ruin someone’s life?

  • It means that the person wants to render you useless or make you feel less in society.
  • It also means that the person wants you to see yourself as if you worth nothing.
  • It means the person don’t want you to achieve that goal or dreams that you have in life.


Why do friends try to ruin relationships?

Friends may try to ruin your life out of jealousy and greediness because some friends or people around you who you think that are your friends may not be happy that you are progressing or that things are going well for you. So it depends on their bad intentions and feelings that pushes them at that time.


When a man tries to destroy you

He will feel jealous about your achievements.
There is never full happiness in him.
He will try to know your weakness.
When you understand or see many other signs that someone is trying to destroy you it’s best to try and avoid the person.

What does it mean when you want to destroy someone?

To cause harm to someone is to end their life or make their circumstances difficult to handle. If I had been younger or less experienced and prone to criticism, it would have caused me to lose my life.

How do you tell if someone is trying to be you?

  1. They’re best when they’re in the beginning.
  2. They only look at you when they feel it.
  3. There’s a problem with the relationship.
  4. They can entice you into agreeing with them.
  5. They can be different behind your back.
  6. They do not adhere to your boundaries.
  7. They charge you for everything.


What are the things that can destroy life?

  • Your life is destroyed when you refuse to forget. 
  • Your life is destroyed when you work for a company that you do not like. 
  • Your life is destroyed when you are concerned about what other people believe. 
  • It’s a waste of time if you’re always putting off your work.




Bad friends are the most dangerous friends in life, which you may not know unless you put your eyes on the ground to grab their moves. Instead, they will destroy you and run away after making a mockery of you.

Having read all the things listed above on how to know when someone wants to destroy you, we believed that you could understand it, as well as to understand how to recognize them at any giving time. 

Feel free to drop your comments on the comments section if you have any.


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“Signs Someone Wants To Destroy You”

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