slurry knife gate valve manufacturer in Italy

Slurry Knife Gate Valve Manufacturer in Italy

Valvesonly Europe Slurry Knife Gate Valve Manufacturer in Italy Industries use the Slurry Knife Gate Valve to control the flow of tremendous fluids. The Slurry Knife Gate Valve offers flow that is two-way and can be used in either direction.  


Knife Gate Valve is used in the following industries:

  • Chemical industry
  • Refineries
  • Mining and Mineral Processing
  • Power Plant
  • Water and waste water Plants

The Slurry Knife Gate Valve is 100% leak proof i.e., zero leakage and isolated. Sludge, semi-solids, as well as dry materials can all flow together. As a backup seal, an adaptive self-adjustable seal is supplied. A rubber seat with a sleeve-like form that can be replaced is available; it is unquestionably economical and requires little upkeep. Only the gate can come into contact with the slurry or other substance. It has a gate that resembles a knife made of polished stainless steel, and the edges are rounded for durability.

Available materials: CF8M, SS2507, SS316, SS304, CF8, Ductile Iron, WCB, WC6, WCC, LCB, LCC, Cast iron,

class:150-600 PN6to PN25


Operation: Hand wheel, Gear operated, electric actuated ,pneumatic actuated



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