Home entertainment is evolving rapidly, and modern media walls are becoming a staple in contemporary homes. A modern media wall by Evolution Fires is more than just a stylish addition—it’s a multifunctional centrepiece that combines a stunning electric fire with ample space for a large flat-screen TV, various entertainment devices, and shelving.

Customisation at its finest

One of the most appealing aspects of Evolution Fires’ media walls is their high level of customisation. Expert craftspeople can tailor these units to meet your specific needs, offering options such as professional spray painting or a ready-to-paint finish. You can even choose designs that include space for a soundbar. Built to accommodate your TV size, these modern media walls arrive ready for easy setup without the need for plastering. They are also simple to install, often in less than an hour, making them a great project for DIY enthusiasts.

Revolutionising home entertainment

A modern media wall from Evolution Fires redefines the home entertainment experience. It enhances how you enjoy TV, movies, video games, and the ambience of the fireplace. Evolution Fires offers a range of pre-built media walls that include a modern electric fire. These fires are not only energy-efficient and reliable but also easy to use and safe. For instance, their Pre-Built Media Wall with Electric Fire – Package 1 features the PANORAMIC HD+ Flame Effect and a 1400W-1600W heat setting, elevating zone heating in your home.

The electric fires in these modern media walls boast six flame colours, ten fuel bed colours, and ten canopy colours, along with built-in colour-changing side lights. You can also adjust the flame brightness via a remote control or a touchscreen panel. This flexibility allows you to tailor the fireplace’s look to the mood or ambience of your living room, whether you’re watching your favourite show or gaming.

Staying ahead with modern technology

Each modern media wall designed by Evolution Fires takes into account the latest in entertainment technology. These products seamlessly integrate all your entertainment devices into one central hub.

Additionally, you have the freedom to decorate around the media wall, adding shelves or display cabinets for your gaming consoles, tech gadgets, books, and other cherished items. To minimise cable clutter, installing electrical outlets and device ports near the media wall is wise, allowing for easy wire concealment behind the TV and electric fire.

Discover the perfect custom modern media wall for your home at Evolution Fires. Explore their website for various media wall packages and find the one that best suits your space. For assistance, you can call 01704 790001 or connect with their experts via WhatsApp at 07825 092189.

About the Company –

Evolution Fires is a leading provider of innovative and stylish electric fireplaces based in the United Kingdom. With a passion for design and a commitment to quality, we offer a wide range of contemporary fireplaces that are crafted to elevate any living space. Our collection showcases cutting-edge technology, including realistic flame effects and energy-efficient features, providing the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. From sleek wall-mounted electric fireplaces to media walls, our diverse selection caters to different tastes and interior styles. At Evolution Fires, we strive to create warm and inviting atmospheres, transforming houses into homes with our exceptional fireplaces.

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