We are about to enter 2024 and it is the perfect time to analyse the latest social media marketing trends. Businesses can follow them to amp up their leads and conversions. A digital and social media marketing agency can be hired to take care of your online presence and business growth.

Social Media Marketing: Run Highly Targeted Ads

Social media ads are a great way for businesses to reach their target audience and improve sales. The percentage of people who shop online through social media ads is growing exponentially. This makes it crucial to include social media marketing in your business growth strategy.

You need to make sure that when your social media and digital marketing agency in London runs ads for your business, they are aware of your buyer persona. They must specifically target your audience by narrowing it down. They must also run retargeting ads for your brand, this will result in higher conversions.

Social Sales Platforms

Social Media networks are transforming into sales platforms. The number of people shopping through their smartphones has skyrocketed. By the end of 2024, over 50% of ecommerce shopping will be done through smartphones. KOL Limited is a leading social media agency in London, their experts can help you tap into this trend.

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Millennials along with Gen Zers are tech savvy and this makes their share of online shopping much larger as compared to the older generations. They use their smartphones to shop on various social media platforms. This is the reason behind a surge in hiring Digital marketing services in London by businesses.

Favourite Shopping Platforms

Instagram and Facebook are the favourite platforms where customers shop for various brands. This makes it important for your brand to at least be on these platforms. Being on any one of the social media platforms can boost your sales by 30%. You must tag your products so that your target audience can buy them in a hassle free manner. Maintain your shop on Instagram and update it with the best seller products.

Reviews on Social Media Platforms impact Sales

Modern-day consumers check different social media platforms for reviews. And if they find good reviews for any product, they buy the product immediately. Reviews on social media can impact the buying decision by 80%. Therefore, it is recommended that you share all positive reviews about your products on social media.

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Higher ROI on Social Media Apps

If you check your return on investment (ROI) on social media apps, such as Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, you will notice that you get higher ROI on these apps. The number of people using these apps is sky rocketing and in 2024 as well this trend will continue. You never know your customers can be on these applications! So if you are still shying away from these platforms, it is high time that you create your business account on these platforms soon. No point losing a big chunk of sales to your competitors.

Better User Experience On Social Media

Social media platforms offer great user experience to customers. The native shopping experience can be offered to your customers by being on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram apps. These applications offer hassle free shopping experiences. Since social media platforms provide no-brainer intuitive buying experiences, Gen Z and millennials love to shop here.

A digital and social media marketing agency in London can offer services that can result in more sales and in turn quicker business growth. With the help of their experts, you can effortlessly start your shop on Instagram. Once you are there on the platform, you can list your products. You can start posting your products with links to buy. Instagram Stories are also a great way to get conversions. Post your product stories with shoppable links that would lead to the purchase page.

Follow these latest social media marketing trends in 2024 and amp up your business growth.

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