In India, the price of a Solis tractor ranges from Rs 5.59 lakh* to Rs 10.96 lakhs*. The most economical Solis 2216 SN 4WD tractor costs between Rs. 5.59 and 5.69 lakh*. The most expensive Solis tractor is the 5515 E 4WD, which costs between Rs. 10.86 and 10.96 lakh*. The HP range for the Solis tractor is 24 to 60. The most well-known attributes of Solis Yanmar tractors are their outstanding power, exceptional pricing, global 4WD tractor experience, and Japanese technology. International Tractors Limited’s flagship brand, Solis, works with Yanmar to operate in India. In 1968, the Solis Tractor Company opened its first plant in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India. 


The Solis 5015 E, Solis 4215 E, Solis 6024 S, Solis 5515 E, Solis 4515 E, and so forth are a few of the most well-liked Solis tractor models. The tractor is available from the company under the S, E, YM, and SN series.


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