SSC Exam: Toppers Strategy to Ace the Exam


The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) exams are conducted by the SSC board to recruit candidates in various departments and organisations of the government of India. To enrol yourself for the exam the candidate must be between the 18-32 age group. Moreover, he or she must have a bachelor’s degree from any recognised university or college. 

However, the competition is fierce, which is why only a few test-takers get the jobs. Another reason is the high number of applicants and less number of job vacancies. In this current scenario, everyone wants to acquire a well-reputed job. For this purpose, lack of students apply for the exam every year.

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Topper’s preparation strategy to excel in the SSC exam:

Follow the below recommendations of toppers  to ace the SSC exam:

Understanding of the curriculum

Before you start the preparation for any exam, one foremost thing to do is to collect all the information relevant to the exam. Such as the exam date, pattern and syllabus. Moreover, you can search on the internet for the latest updates regarding the exams. Knowing the eligibility criteria is also a crucial step because it will provide clarity to the candidates before applying for the test as per their requirements. You must also have knowledge about the scoring system so that you can prepare for the exam accordingly. 

Make a proper study plan

Once you get familiar with all the details of the exam. Go for the next stage which is to construct a sound timetable for study. Therefore, the study plan should include the right time distribution of study for the various sections that you need to study. For instance, 2 hours for General Awareness, 2 hours for English, 3 hours for Quantitative, and 1.5 hours for Reasoning. Moreover, solving topic-specific quizzes and mock exams improves your problem-solving ability in the given time frame. A comprehensive study plan is one of the greatest SSC CGL strategies recommended by toppers and will assist you in remaining disciplined in your study goals, avoiding hesitation, improving your study, and increasing productivity.

Solve previous year’s papers

The next remarkable tip to excel in the exam on the first attempt is to solve the past year’s papers. While working on the paper, you will learn about the types of questions asked in the exam as well as the exam format. This also provides an overview of the scoring system. 

Another advantage of this practice is that you will be able to manage your time effectively. When you practice answering questions, you get more familiar with essential exam topics and can focus more on them. Additionally, you can learn different methods to solve the questions by reducing the complexity of large calculations. 

Create study notes

Making notes is the best advice to pass any government exam- toppers say. This is because notes will not only assist you with revision but also facilitate retaining the information for a longer period. Moreover, you can make short notes for important formulas, concepts, tricks etc. These notes will actively engage your attention, arrange your facts, and eventually provide a consolidated piece of information to recall and update. Moreover, this will help you a lot before the last minute of the exam to go through the important key points, instead of reading the whole book. 

Relaxing is also a part of the preparation

Every aspirant feels exam pressure as the competition gets tougher by the day. However, you may easily manage exam tension and anxiety by practising mind-relaxing techniques. Such as practising mindful meditation, listening to relaxing music, and socializing with friends and family. Further,  taking short breaks in your preparation on a regular basis, makes your brain relaxed. Remember that taking small breaks does not interfere with your preparation, but failing to take them will.

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Wrapping Up

To sum up, the obeying the above-mentioned strategies for preparation, you will be able to make remarkable results on the exam like toppers.

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