Sundry Wedding Colour Palettes In Indian Bridal Dresses

ndian weddings are colourful and a celebration which lasts for days. In Indian weddings, attire is given much importance, apart from food and decoration. Therefore, all different kinds of outfits in different colours are worn in an Indian wedding. These Indian wedding dresses which people wear in a wedding represent the rich culture and heritage of the country. These outfits depict the unity in diversity that the country is known for and also narrate the history of a place within the country and why a particular wedding outfit is famous in that region. Indian brides wear a wide range of Indian outfits in their wedding, such as, a lehenga, a wedding saree and so on. But one thing which remains common is the colour. Red is the most common colour for an Indian bride, however in some regions of the country, either white or white in combination with some other colours, yellow and so on are also preferred. However, the time has changed and contemporary Indian brides are choosing some unique colours for their wedding attires.
In this article we shall be looking at some of the colours which are getting popular in Indian weddings.

Apart from red, pastel colours are on trend among the Indian brides, a trend started by the famous bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. Recently Parineeti Chopra, another Indian film actress also got married wearing a beige pearl wedding lehenga. Although it is true that contemporary Indian brides are mostly choosing lehengas with pastel hues, however, there are some brides who are still choosing the bright shades for their D day. In short, there is no restriction to colours when it comes to wedding attires and you can choose any colour of your choice. You get different types of wedding outfits, such as, an Indian lehenga, a wedding saree, a bridal Anarkali dress and so on from different websites as well. Like A Diva is an online store in the UK where you will get a wide range of bridal and party wear outfits.

Let us now have a look at different colour palettes in Indian bridal attires.

Red, the most preferred colour

As already mentioned, red is the most common colour in Indian weddings. If a bride opts for a red wedding outfit, either a lehenga or a saree, it is considered auspicious for the couple and their married life. Red is considered to bring good luck in the life of the couple and it also symbolises love, commitment and eternal bonding between the bride and the groom. Therefore, most Indian brides choose the colour red for their wedding. If they are choosing a saree in the colour red, it is mostly the Banarasi silk saree which is heavy and comes with intricate designs and full embellishment on the body which gives the bride a majestic look. Women living in the eastern part of the country, such as West Bengal and Odisha, prefer to wear a Banarasi silk saree for their wedding day. When it comes to lehenga in the colour red, fabrics, such as velvet, organza silk and so on are chosen.

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Golden, to get the glamour

Who says only the colour red is meant for brides? Ever thought about the colour golden? Well, when pastel hues are on trend, and red is the most common colour for a bride, at that place, golden is playing its glamorous game! Yes, you read that right. If you are a bride to be and want to be a trendsetter, then try out something out of the box and the golden colour will help you in that. If the jewellery in an Indian wedding can be of gold, then a golden colour bridal outfit can be welcomed with open arms. However, do not wear gold jewellery with a golden colour wedding attire, as it will not match with the attire. Rather go for some diamond or ruby sets or any pieces of jewellery in different colourful gemstones. Whether it is an Indian lehenga or a saree, make sure that your wedding attire is intricately designed from top to bottom with embroidery work, cut work, stone work and so on. Choose the best wedding attire in the colour gold and be the most glamorous bride of the year.

Lilac to get that feminine vibe

There are some colours that ooze out the feminine vibe in you and the colour lilac is one of them. When speaking about the wedding colour palettes, lilac is a colour which you can consider as your wedding attire. Unique and grand in its own way, it is something which not many brides might have thought of. In the words of the great American poet, Robert Frost, sometimes it is better to choose the road less travelled. In the world, where red and pastel hues, such as, white, ivory, pastel pink, pastel green and so on are becoming a trend, every bride is following that, be a bride different from others, and choose a colour which no one might have thought of. Of course, there are many designer sarees in the colour lilac, but there are less wedding attires in this colour. You have to do a little bit of hard work, but at the end of the day it will be worth it.

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