The Ultimate Review on Scuba Diving Hoodie & Sweatshirt

The Scuba Hoodie has always been one of the first choices of women as an athletic apparel. This hoodie has been offered by major brands for the last 10 or more years and women have loyally worn this apparel.

This review covers the key features of a scuba hoodie and sweatshirt, and what makes it so popular, including some of the finer details of this apparel.

Top Features of Scuba Hoodie

The Scuba diving hoodie is relatively, athleisure wear. The scuba hoodie is basically a reinvention of your average, baggy cotton-based hoody, re-designed into a dashing, form-fitting yet comfy hoodie that is brimming with fashion and will last you many years. As today various brands offer several variations of their Scuba hoodies, the hoodie featured in this review is the classic full zip scuba hoodie. You may spot half-zip and oversize versions, as well.

The top features that make this hoodie stand out and make it a piece of clothing to rave about are:

  • High zip, ‘scuba’ neck that reaches up to the chin when zipped up.
  • A large hood means you can fit even the largest bun/updo under this hood.
  • Cushy thumb holes in the cuffs.
  • A hip-length, slim-fit hoodie that is fancy and curves below the bust.
  • Fleece-lined arms and posterior area.
  • Cozy front pockets. The right pocket features another inside pocket where you can keep your mobile phone or mp3 player, along with a pass-through hole for headphone leads.

A Stylish Look and Feel

The Scuba Hoodie is curvaceously assembled to fit a woman’s curves. You will particularly like the hip length and the shape of the neck area, while zipped up. You will also love to see the same thumb holes in your long-sleeve sweaters as this one has. It offers a handy way to keep your hands warm while keeping all the functions intact such as holding onto your phone, dog’s leash, coffee, etc. Since it is intrinsically designed so arms are longer than you may find on an ordinary hoody.

The fabric used to make these scuba diving clothes is cotton-blend fleece fabric. It walks a fine line between being plump, warm, and cushy while being funky and good-looking. As should be expected from such a cozy top, when you’re not wearing it, it’s pretty rotund. Means, it’s advised to wear it when you don’t expect to want to peel off the layers and end up carrying it around with you.

If you desire a thinner, more lightweight hoodie, do browse through the hooded version of scuba diving sweatshirts, which are assembled from a thinner, stretchy material, and would be an option worth exploring. The fleece blend augments the heat retention properties adding to the warmth. However, it resembles cotton hoodie diving shirts and does not cling to dirt and pet hair as normal fleeces can.

Having said that, after owning a black Scuba Hoodie, you’ll never want to part with it, and love wearing it even when not diving; like going to the market to buy groceries, or to pick up kids from school etc.

When washing like all scuba diving gear, machine wash your hoodies (as recommended by the manufacturer) on cold. Then hang them out to dry. Don’t try to tumble dry them since this can damage the product’s fibers and elasticity and in turn its shape and function.

Apart from the classic greys and blacks, some other color options are also available for scuba diving hoodies. So, if you find one you like, buy it immediately before they run out of that color. The hot favorites of most women are the camo hoodies and deeper bolds like green and blue.

The Size and Fit of Hoodie

This style of zip hoodie fits true to size. For example, if you are normally a US size 8, and the hoodie you’ll be wearing will also be a US size 8. There is a little bit of space underneath the hoodie that can accommodate a couple of thin layers of clothing. This means you can throw in one standard-thickness t-shirt under this hoodie.

If you’re a special size in other tops and sweatshirts, you will find that the same size works for you here as well. If you would rather like a looser fit or intend to wear long-sleeve layers underneath, then it is recommended to consider getting a size up.

The Nutshell

You can wear the scuba diving hoodie shirts anywhere and make as much use of the clothing as you want, and it will still look new. As with all scuba apparel, it’s well-designed, with quality zippers, materials, and stitching. It’s awesome for pre-workout warm-ups, cold morning dog walks with Kepler, post-run colling down, running routine errands, along working from home and traveling. This apparel is especially recommended for air travel.

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