Tip of the Week: Improve Your Privacy When Using LinkedIn

Tip of the Week: Improve Your Privacy When Using LinkedIn

Many professionals use LinkedIn to network and advance their careers. LinkedIn provides an amazing platform to connect and build professional connections, but it can also be an invasion of your privacy. In order to make sure you have full control over what information you share with other LinkedIn users and the public, here are some tips on how to improve your privacy when using LinkedIn:

Check Your Privacy Settings

It’s important to regularly check your privacy settings because they can change without your knowledge. Use the privacy center to view and manage your data and personalize what others can see. You can also control access to your profile picture, profile information and activity, and network updates.

Adjust Your Profile Visibility

Your profile can be public or private, and you can also adjust your profile visibility settings. Make sure to customize your profile information so people can only see the information you want them to.

Be Careful With Your Posts

Be aware of the information you are sharing in your public posts. Anything you post on your profile or in any public group can be seen by other users. If you don’t want something to be shown to the public, then don’t post it.

Streamline and Monitor Connections

If you don’t know someone, don’t connect with them. It’s important to be careful who you add as a connection, so you can control who has access to your profile information. Additionally, you should regularly review your connections list to make sure only the people you trust have access to your information.

Be Aware of Off-Platform Behavior

Be mindful of the messages you are sharing or websites you are visiting off-platform, as this could put your personal data at risk. Make sure to never share sensitive information in group messages or over email and only visit secured, verified websites.

Following these tips will help to ensure that you’re taking full control of your privacy when using LinkedIn. Stay informed and stay safe!

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