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I am 50 years outdated for one particular far more month, and I am perplexed about how I truly feel about it. On the working day of my birthday final June, I was enthusiastic I had assumed I would be disappointed by getting 50, but I wasn’t. The day was a celebration of a lifestyle I was deeply grateful for. How awesome it is, I reasoned, that I had been equipped to be alive for this very long.

This lifestyle of so a lot natural beauty and goodness. This daily life of so a great deal rebel and mastering the hard way.

My lifestyle so much has been a person very long wrestling match with God. Am I all right? Sure. Am I plenty of? Indeed. Do You see me? Yes. Am I liked?

My mother instructed me many years ago, on her birthday, that getting old was odd in that she feels, within, like she is the exact person that she has often been—and nevertheless, with each and every birthday, she feels even further absent from that individual, far too. It is not only our bodies aging that mess with our self-perception—the aches and pains of them not performing like they made use of to when we were being young it is also how life’s issues influence our resilience and faith. Can I however be pleasure-crammed when my circumstances sense way too much to bear? Can I still rejoice with hope amidst struggling and self-doubt and fatigue?

As we age, do we expand additional resilient—and then appreciative of existence with all of its goodness and strife? Or do we mature extra fatigued, the longing for heaven intensifying each individual day? Growing older messes with one’s id, for absolutely sure.

Who am I now? Who was I then? Presented the truth of who I am, I can only examine by means of my distorted self how do my age, life activities, and wisdom have an affect on my interpretation of my truly worth?

Finding older is these types of a perplexing business—one I really don’t have at all figured out.

Listed here are some of the issues I have offered currently to God:

Am I still the exact same particular person you cherished when I was young, Father?

With all of my lifestyle experiences—and as I age—I sense a bit disoriented—distant from the individual I was, and unfamiliar with who I am now. Am I battling with disgrace towards my growing older? Am I idolizing youth?

I consider I am wrestling with growing old currently being a single of people issues I simply cannot control. I simply cannot quit it, and that tends to make me frightened. Deep down, I sense like I am really worth much less each individual yr I mature older—like the issues 1 does when they are young have more bodyweight and well worth than something just one accomplishes at 50.

Writing a book at age 20 vs . age 50. Running a marathon. Climbing a mountain. Getting care of a liked one. Creating artwork. Almost everything I do now, at age 50, I desire I did then. This is mainly because it feels like what I do now, at this age, is worthy of fewer than it would have been worthy of at age 20 or 30, or 40.

It is not that I am incredibly dissatisfied that my body, deal with, pores and skin, and hair—all of my physical appearance—are worn and more mature, even although my entire body aches far more than it made use of to. But I do not like that I really feel at odds with who I am. I really feel disorientated sometimes—unfamiliar, in a way, with my present self.

I acknowledge that our entire world does not assist me enjoy my age. With the message that “younger is far better,” I truly feel like I am in a frequent fight of telling myself that “everything is fine you are ok.”

Perhaps this act of wrestling and confusion provides us nearer to God, for as we expand older, we may have a larger understanding—and appreciation for—all that we don’t fully grasp.

May perhaps we be calmed by the Just one who produced us. May God’s really like define for us what is new and lovely and good. Amen.

Of class, you know I simply cannot stop it here: I have figured out better—for isn’t this just just one facet of a dialogue? And really do not we come to feel better—after we have accomplished our best to be open and vulnerable with our hearts—when we now pay attention for what God would like to say to us in response?

Oh, Father, we know you have an feeling here . . .

Sister, as He speaks to you, what do you hear Him say?

It’s amusing how our subconscious wrestles with issues long just before we may acknowledge them–and give them the honor they are entitled to. This morning, as I prayed, I opened my journal to a poem I had created three months in the past and forgotten about. I experienced titled it “My Everyday living,” which caught my focus, and it felt like a letter from myself to myself–an observation, an attempt to interact with the language of my have heart. I have shared the poem with you below.

It is value listening to our hearts, really don’t you feel?

So, here is my query to you nowadays: Would you like to proceed crafting poetry with me–not for the reason that we aspire to be the most astounding poets (even though you just may well be just that!)–but due to the fact writing poetry or journaling (with phrases or with artwork) may be impressive resources to access–and honor–our hearts?

Certainly? Are you in? Permit me know by leaving a comment under.

And, if you’d like to do some crafting with me this working day, how about considering this question–an idea to ponder via both creating to oneself in your journal–or composing a poem:

And would you want to share your poem as a comment right here?

Eventually, stay tuned for yet another location I’m setting up for journaling and poetry enthusiasts, a spot where by we get to share our coronary heart wrestling (writing) together!

Really like,

This Lifestyle

We stress if we amount to anything
–when does a gesture of kindness land,
or a reward, a sacrifice of the coronary heart?
Does its value equal what the recipient decides,
–or you, what about you?
For my coronary heart is troubled,
vacant arms requiring belief
feel susceptible, ill-geared up to discern
what sort of lifestyle is additional right than an additional
but who decides? Who knows?

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