Modern inventions are all about making life of humans easier and more comfy. Somehow, they have succeeded in that, but it’s not all sunshine, as there are many loopholes as well. Everyone has talked about AI helping humans, but South Korea recently punished a man who made sex-related images of children using AI tools. Though modern tools are best, it all depends on the usage. The same goes for the use of monitoring tools in the form of apps and software. There are all types of apps, but choosing only those that offer services with some rules and protocols and follow legal matters is necessary. One of the best cell phone monitoring software, the OgyMogy, offers excellent features. The app can be used both for parental control and employee monitoring. All you need to do is follow the rules and install the app; when you have physical access to the device need to worry about the installation process as it is very simple and easy. Still, if you are confused about something and have a query, you can avail of the customer support service. Here are the top 15 features of the app.

Monitoring Features of OgyMogy:

Screen Recording

Everyone requires screen recording. Both parents and employers can enjoy the services and record the target screen anytime. All the recorded data is saved with date and time so you can know if anyone is bothering your kid by making a phone call late at night or if any employee is slacking in the office.  

Screen Shots:

Besides the screen recording, the screen activities of the target person are recorded in the form of screenshots. Random screenshots of the screen activities make tracking the target gadget activities easy for the user.

Keystroke Logging:

Keystroke logging records the keystroke applied on the target gadget. Access to keyboard history means that everything connected to the keypad is in the user’s remote access. They can track the account information, passwords, and much more.

Camera Bug

The camera bug feature offered by the best cell phone monitoring software gives the user remote control of the front and rear cameras of the target device. Imagine how it can be used for securing the target. In case of no contact, parents can check the exact position and company of the kids by using this feature.

Mic Bug

Just like the camera bug feature mic big feature lets the user remotely listen to all the surrounding sounds and voices of the target. You can know about the employee’s chit-chat or if anyone is gossiping about confidential data or work-related activities with outsiders.

GPS location Tracking

Get the app and know about the pinpoint location of the target live at any given time with this feature. The feature also saves the seven-day history of the target’s whereabouts. So, if you want to look for any particular pattern or want to know about the hidden hangout place of the kid, this is the feature for you.


Mark safe and restricted zones on Google Maps for the target and get alerts when they are around eth marked zones.

Internet Tracking

Another amazing feature of the best cell phone monitoring software is tracking internet tracking ability. The app lets the user know about all the websites the target person visits.

Web filtering:

Filter the content on the web and get control of the web content with just a few clicks. This is an amazing feature to stop the kids from getting exposed to adult content.

Call logging:

The OgyMogy spy app offers remote access to the phone book record of the target. Users can know everything about the incoming and outgoing call log record easily with the help of the OgyMogy call logging feature.

Call recording:

Record all the calls with just a click with the call recording feature.

Text monitoring :

You can even know about the text records of the target person as well.

Social Media Monitoring:

Monitor all the popular social media platforms easily.

It allowed parents to install the app on the minor kid’s devices for safety and security. On the other hand, employers can only install the app on company-owned devices. OgyMogy, the best cell phone monitoring software, comes in multiple versions. Android and iPhone users can both enjoy the services to the fullest.

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