Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Android App Bundles in USA

Did you know that the Android App Bundle has become the benchmark for releasing apps through Google Play? Learn more about its advantages.

When I first heard of the new format for uploads, referred to by the App Bundle, I was extremely excited! The issues we as developers had to overcome – such as creating different devices, API versions, as well as other issues have been transferred onto Google Play.

Beginning today, developers will have the ability to utilize Dynamic Delivery to develop optimized applications that meet the demands of devices that users use and will be delivered at the moment of the runtime to install.

This is all happening by using all this is done through Android app bundle distribution format. In this article, we will explore what Android’s official publishing format is about.

What’s it? What is the Google App Bundle?

Android introduced a brand new official publishing format, known as Android App Bundles (.aab), which gives you a quicker way to develop and publish your application. Additionally, it allows you to create a user-friendly experience within a tiny app that, in turn, enhances the rate of success and decreases loss rates.

Android App Bundles is Google’s suggested method for building publishing, publishing, and disseminating apps across multiple devices with different configurations.

Did you be aware that the Android app development services has evolved into the standard to publish on Google Play? The app bundle has more than 600,000. Currently utilize the app bundle, which accounts for more than 50% of the apps and games published available on Google Play, including Netflix.

Let’s explore the advantages of bundles of apps right now.

Benefits Of Using Google Android App Bundle

1. Size Reduction App

Size Reduction App bundles assist in reducing a substantial amount of app size! On average, app developers have experienced a 20% reduction compared to APK. Visit the latest reports on app size on Google Play’s Google Play console to see the amount your app can be able to save.

Do you realize that through the development of app bundles, Adobe reduced the size of Adobe Acrobat Reader by 20 percent? This is not all. However, certain of the size reductions made from the first users of app bundles have astonishing results. This is what makes Android app bundles an excellent option to develop Android Go applications.

2. Greater efficiency

App bundle development for Android lets you create one single artifact that contains everything you have collected from your application’s codes, resources, as well as native libraries. This means that you’re not required to create the app, sign it, upload it, and maintain version codes for a variety of APKs. Thus, your efficiency will be improved when you install an Android application bundle onto your device.

3. Faster downloads

The app you download can be easily tailored for any device using Google Play, which means that downloading and installing the application becomes more efficient.

4. Codes integrated into the system

By using the Android Studio app bundle, you are able to prepare your app for 64-bit requirements without increasing the dimension of your application. This means that Play delivers the correct native code for every device.

In Android app development, a number of tasks can be automated. After the app is developed, the link will be uploaded to a designated Slack channel in a way that is automatic. There is no manual intervention required.

5. Dynamic delivery enables

App bundles are introducing users to a brand new idea called dynamic delivery. It is possible to deliver certain features during installation based on factors like features on the device (e.g., AR/VR, for instance), the country of the user, or the device’s version. The users also have the option of installing features on demand instead of waiting for an installation. Users can also uninstall features that they no longer require.

It will allow users to tailor their experience to the requirements of their users. This can also be useful when you don’t wish to scale up the dimensions of your application in the long run. Furthermore, it allows us to keep the size of the application less hefty and offer additional features to only those who are likely to utilize these features.

How to Build and Launch Android Bundles of Apps?

As opposed to APKs and app bundles, App Bundles are a type of publishing that contains all your application’s codes. Therefore, they cannot be downloaded directly to devices. Through the Android Studio, creating the project into an official app bundle is a couple of steps and a few clicks away!

To create bundles for apps, you must comply with these instructions:

Step 1: Download Google Studio 3.2 or later. It’s the most straightforward method of building apps in bundles.

Second step2: Implement Support for the Play feature delivery by adding a base module, creating code and resources to the configuration of APKs, and alternatively, incorporating feature modules.

Step 3: Next, begin building your Android Application Bundle by using Android Studio. You may also install the app onto any device connected to the app bundle with a modification of your run/debug configuration as well as choosing the ‘deploy aPK using app bundle.

Step 4. The testing and publishing of your app bundle is going to be the last stage.

Test Your App Bundle

When you’ve created your Android bundle of apps, it is important to test how Google Play will use it to create APKs as well as how these APKs will behave after being placed on devices. There are a few ways to check the same:

  • You can test your app locally using the tool for bundles. The tool can generate APKs from the app bundle and distribute the APKs to any device connected.
  • Make sure to share your app via a URL. It’s the fastest way to upload your app package and share your app’s URL as a Google Play Store link with the testers you have chosen to be.
  • Create an open, closed, or internal testing. It is a different method of testing different delivery methods, such as downloading features of apps at the moment of need.


iTechnolabs future holds a lot to offer all of us. And it is our job to stay on top of the pace! In no way do I doubt it, but I’m here to inform you that Android app bundles are the way to go. As a leading Android App Development company, we will aid you to stay ahead in the market.


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